The one where Erica Disappears

May 6th 2010

"Come on Chandler, we don't wanna be late" Monica Bing said to her husband, Chandler through the bathroom door where he was shaving.

"I'll be out in a minute Mon" he called through the bathroom door. Today was the sixth birthday of their twins, Jack and Erica. Monica and Chandler had adopted them when they were born because they were unable to have children of their own and now they were going to celebrate their sixth birthday down at kiddie winks play centre down town. Jack had been named after Monica's late father and Erica had been named after her birth mother and she had bright blonde hair just like she did which fell past her shoulders and Jack also had blonde hair.

"Come on you two, we're leaving as soon as your daddy finishes in the bathroom" Monica called to the two children who came running out of their room, Jack wearing a blue shirt and jeans and Erica had her hair in two braids and she was wearing a yellow t-shirt with a swirly glittery pattern, a baby blue denim skirt, white leggings with a lacey pattern at the end and red sandals

"Why does daddy always take a long time in the bathroom?" Erica asked.

"I'm not sure, let mommy just see what's keeping daddy" Monica replied before walking over to the bathroom door and knocking on it again "Chandler bing are you finished in there yet?"

"Yes" Chandler replied from inside the bathroom before he emerged from the bathroom and took a look at his son and daughter "well look at you two, so grown up, it seems like yesterday since the pair of you were still in diapers." The twins giggled as Monica told them both to get in the car.

"Yes mommy" Jack replied before he ran to the car and Erica asked if she could take her stuffed Rabbit, Ronald with her. Ronald the rabbit was Erica's favourite stuffed animal and it went everywhere with her.

"Okay, but keep a very close eye on him" Monica said.

"I will mommy" Erica said before racing into her bedroom then emerging seconds later, clutching a small grey rabbit.

"Okay, now that you've got Ronald, go in the car with your brother" Monica told her. The little girl nodded and raced out to the car whilst her parents shared a moment to themselves.

"I can't believe they're six today, time sure does fly by" Chandler said.

"I know, they're growing up so fast, before we know it, they'll be graduating from high school, probably go to college, get married and have kids of their own" Monica pointed out before the pair of them went out to the car to join the twins. When they arrived at Kiddie winks play centre, they found that Ross and Rachel were there with their Daughter Emma who was now Seven, almost Eight plus they had a two year old daughter who was called Amelia-jade and Phoebe was their aswell with her husband Mike and their two month old daughter, Lilly.

"Hey look it's Uncle Ross and Auntie Rachel" Erica said in exitement before she and Jack ran over to them.

"Well look who it is" Ross said as the twins came running towards them "happy birthday you two."

"Have you bought us presents?" Erica asked, beaming.

"Erica, mind your manners young lady" Monica told her as she and Chandler came walking over towards them.

"Oh she's quite alright" Rachel pointed out " but we may have presents for you both, they might be in that huge pile of birthday presents inside." The twins giggled exictedly and raced inside the play area along with Emma to see a huge pile of presents inside.

"Mommy can we open them now, please?" Erica asked as she and Jack jumped up a down, both eager to find out what they got for their birthday.

"Not right now, once we've sang happy birthday and had some cake, then you can open the presents"Monica replied to the two six year olds.

"Can we do it now?" Jack asked.

"No because the cake hasn't arrived yet but why don't you go and play for a while" Monica suggested so the twins and Emma ran to the huge ball pool and slides to play with the other children who had also been invited to the party whilst the grownups sat down, talking.

"So, where's Joey?" Chandler asked.

"Here is he" Joey greeted as he came through the doors "sorry I'm late guys, I lost my other sock and spent the past hour trying to find it."

"You've got loads of socks" Chandler pointed out "anyway, how are things going with you and Julie?"

"Oh great, we went to movie last week and then she came back to my place and spent the night" Joey replied as Erica came running over, clutching her stuffed Rabbit.

"Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom" she said.

"Okay honey, do you want me to go with you?" Monica asked.

"No, I'm six now, that means I'm a big girl, so I want to go by myself" Erica pointed out, her voice full of confidence.

"Okay, well be quick because they're bringing out the cake soon" Monica told her. Erica nodded, planted a kiss on her mommy's cheek before racing to the toilets, ronald the rabbit tucked neatly under arm.

"She is adorable" Joey pointed out "she certainly has got your attitude Mon."

"I'm quite suprised, seeing as I'm not really her birth mother" Monica pointed out.

"yes but you raised her so she's probably pikced up on your personality" Joey pointed out.

"Well I guess your right" Monica replied. Fifteen minutes had passed by and Erica hadn't come back from the toilet and monica was begining to wonder what she was doing.

"Don't worry, she probably came back in here and you probably didn't notice"Chandler reassured her.

"Well I'm gonna go check in the ball pool just to be sure" Monica said as she got up and walked over to the ball pool where she found Jack and Emma playing, but no Erica.

"Hi Mommy" Jack said when he noticed that Monica had come to the ball pool.

"Hi Auntie Monica, what's wrong?" Emma asked.

"Have you two seen Erica anywhere, she went to the toilet but she hasn't come back yet and it's been twenty minutes" Monica told them.

"No, we haven't seen her Auntie Monica" Emma replied before she waded her way through the colourfull balls.

"Do you think she still might be in the toilets?" Jack asked.

"I'm not sure but I'm gonna go and check, see what she's up to, you know what your sister's like, she's probably playing in the sinks" Monica told the little boy before she left the play area and walked into the ladies, expecting to find Erica playing in one of the sinks, washing ronald the rabbit but there was no sign of the little girl in the toilets and Monica was now begining to panic.

"Erica, come out, come on Erica this isn't funny" Monica called out as she looked in all the cubicles and Erica was in none of them "Erica, darling, talk to me, talk to mommy baby." Monica ran out of the toilets and stopped suddenly when something caught her eye so she slolwy tunred round to see the fire exit door wide open but what she saw lying outside the open door made her heart jump up into her throat, Erica's stuffed Rabbit laying on the ground.

"I cannot believe how big Amelia-Jade is getting"Chandler said as he bounced the two year old up and down on his knee.

"Unkey chandy" Amelia-Jade squeaked, grabbing his nose.

"Yes, Unkey Chandy does have a nose" Chandler said to the toddler "but it's unkey chandy's nose and no two year old rascal is going to take it away from me." He then started tickling his youngest niece's tummy when Monica came rushing in, clutching Ronald the Rabbit.

"Mon, what's wrong?" Chanler asked as he handed Amelia-Jade back to Rachel, noticing that Monica had tears in her eyes "what's happened?"

"It's Erica" Monica sobbed "I think someone's taken her, someone has taken our little girl."