Chapter 1

It has been two years sense i started taking care of the ross kids. I love my job i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Saying jessie as see gets ready for bed. Emma, Ravi, Luke, Zuri Time to wake up breakfast will be ready 10 minutes. Good morning Jessie what's for breakfast says Emma walking Into the Kitchen. Eggs and bacon where's Luke, Ravi and Zuri asked Jessie. They will be down in a minute after they finish getting ready for the day. Beep beep I wonder who is texting me this early oh it's tony. Hey Jessie bear I'm free tonight if you want to do something. Jessie Thinking of what to write back types ok how about we go see a movie. Just as she finishes Luke, Ravi and Zuri walk in. Hey guys Bertram will be watching you guys tonight while I go to the movies with tony says Jessie. Luke had look of anger when Jessie told them the news but quickly changed it. Luke thinking to himself I know she four years older then me but I love her I can't stop hiding how I feel about Jessie it has been a year sense I showed any feeling towards jessie. After breakfast Ravi goes up Stairs to hang out with mr Kipling. Zuri goes to her room to get chubby the bear. Luke heading to his room to get his computer. Hey Emma could you help me later i need help finding a outfit for my date with tony asks jessie. Sure I will help you jessie just let me know when your ready says Emma as she leave the room. Ha ha this video is so funny knock knock who is it says Luke. It's Emma can i come In please sure says Luke turning off his computer. What do you need Emma I saw the look you gave when Jessie said she had a date tonight Emma telling Luke. What look Emma says luke. you still like jessie don't you Emma asking Luke. no way I am over her besides I with Connie now and I am happy as could be. Ya right you can say what you want but I know you still love Jessie It's ok if you do I won't tell her Luke. Ok fine maybe I still love her a little but she's with tony now and theres nothing I can do About it Says Luke. Emma turning to leave the room when Luke says promise you wont tell Emma. I promise telling Luke as she leaves the room. Emma I am ready for your help ok I will be there in a sec Emma yelling to Jessie. Ok Emma what do you think of my outfit. It's ok Emma telling Jessie I think tony will love it Everyone was watching tv when they heard the sound of Jessie coming down the stairs Wow you look great Jessie says Ravi, Emma and Zuri. What do you think Luke you look amaze you look alright Jess. Oh says Jessie heading into the elevator.