Chapter 20

Hey Jessie what will happen to us asks Luke. Nothing I will be gone for a while but you will always be mine but we finally got rid of Connie and tony I thought we would be together forever we will Luke don't worry when I get back I will take out for a romantic date ok Jessie also you can call me anytime ok. OK Jessie your taxi is here says Christina well goodbye Jessie goodbye Luke Luke giving Jessie a hug. Jessie heads down stairs and says goodbye to everyone else well Jessie we going to miss you while you are gone says Christina I am going to miss you guys too. Oh and Emma call me anytime ok Jessie I will. Well goodbye everyone goodbye Jessie says Ravi Zuri Emma and Christina. Hey Jess where are you going I have to go back to Texas tony my dad is sick I need to be there with him he could die any now. Omg I so sorry Jessie well goodbye tony goodbye Jessie. Jessie climbs into the taxi and looks behind to see Luke standing there hey pull over for a sec says Jessie. Hey Luke what's up before Jessie can finish her sentence Luke gives Jessie a kiss and hug I wanted to kiss you earlier but my mom was there and gives Jessie a gift what's this its something I have been working on Riley has been helping me with this I want you to open it when you get on the plane ok Luke goodbye Luke goodbye Jessie. Jessie climbs into the taxi looks back to see Luke waving goodbye. Later on the plane finally I can open Luke gift I can't wait to see what it is Jessie opens it to find a DVD and a letter from Luke. Dear Jessie This is a gift I have been working on with the help of Riley I was going to give it to you tonight before bed but your gone now so put this in the DVD player and push play I love you lots and will miss you terribly and hope you can come back to new York soon. these last few years with you have been great I will never forget them and no girl will ever take your place I will be waiting for your return to new York. XOXO love Luke PS don't forget about me and call when ever you want. Jessie puts the DVD in and hits play. Omg it's a video with photos of us before we were together and after we started dating and there's music Jessie watches it and starts to cry because she has no idea when she will be able to come back to new York to see Luke or any of the Ross kids. After Jessie finishes the video and wiping her tears begins to fall asleep for the rest of the ride.