True curage

Alion king Fanfiction

Chapter 1: Bullying

"Oh look who's here. If it isn't the princess of the Pridelands."

Simba took a step back.

The group of cubs that had sourounded him was led by a cub named kuhicha.

He had Orange furr and a white hair tuft on his head.

He was laughing demeaningly at simba. " She's probably gonna dance like a ballerina this time "

Simba was slightly embarrassed but even more then that he was angry.

"Shut the f+*# up you, a#+! " He yelled, hoping that perhaps this would indimidate them .

The group of cubs just laughted. "Oh bother, she cursed. But i doubt daddy and especially yer mummy would like that."

They kept on advancing. The circle grew tighter. Simba was out of ideas.

" Leave me alone" He said. Kuhicha just giggled. "Or what ?"

"Or i tell your mummy about it, Kuhicha "

A feminime voice sliced it's way though the circle.

Simba cringed. He knew ho'd just come to save him.

"No , not nala" He said.

It was always humiliating when she had to save him from these situations.

The gang was entirely comprised of male cubs and none of them wanted to get in trouble for hitting a girl.

They also knew that nala wasn't above telling an adult.

Being called a pansy for telling someone was actually one of Simbas fears.

That was also the precise reason why the gang had been harrassing him for the last four weeks without any consequences.

If they hurt him, he would simply tell his mother or father that he fell down a hill or something like that.

The trouble had started when the other cubs found out about Simbas "unmannly" hobbies.

He liked to dance and sing and even to hunt.

"Come on guys, we'll find something else to do. These two girly girls can play ring around the rosy by themselfs."

Said Kuhicha as he led his gang elsewere.

"F+#* you " Simba muttered under his breath.

"Good god ,Simba, you really can't swallow your pride, can you ?" Nala asked him.

"It's not about pride" Simba rebuted.

"Then tell your dad, the king of the Pride Lands, about it."

Simba scoffed at that idea.

" Seriously ?" Nala said, annoyed.

"Boys can be so stubborn." The two of them made their way towards pride rock.

End of chapter 1

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