Hey people! I decided to do a different Phantom story, cause bascilly I found the last one to far fetched! Well, this story maybe some what far fetched but it'll make more sense quicker or what not. Anyway I know the OFC names might be a cliche` and what not, but it just shows you how possive Erik can get when he labels something 'His'. Well if you like it R&R, if you don't... MAY YOUR STORIES BE CURSED FOR A THOUSAND MOONS!

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Chapter One

The Female of the Species.

A young girl was curled up in a ball as her care taker counted the money he made off of her tonight; she was a gypise side show attraction know as 'Daughter of a Thousand Demons'. The man had beaten her for resisting to take the bag off her head and laughed as she cried for him to stop. But tonight she had enough. Over the few months Juliet- the girl- had collected some chemicals she use to make a sedative that would make the man slowly die over a period of weeks. It would be a horrd death. Juliet smiled underneath the sack she used to cover her face. The man was drooling over the extra francs which made this all to easy.

She quietly snuck up upon him getting the needle ready and jabbed him in the neck. The man howled in pain, but soon dropped like dead weight twitching. Juliet smiled at her work but heard a gasp. When she turned a ballerina no more then 13 with long wavy dirty blond hair and big brown eye looked at her. But to Juliet's surprise she open the cage and snatched her out. It was easy for the ballet dancer to do so because Juliet was only nine and had been under feed. "Murder!" A man shouted as they escape from the grounds. "Find the beast!"

The ballerina took the child to a old cottage not far from the city of Paris. Once they were safely inside the ballerina went to work on helping her wounds. "I'm Evalen." She spoke softly. "I saw your show to night...I thought it was terrible! Only a monster could do such a thing to a child." Juliet felt her chest filled with pride, for once someone took her side over those damn gypsies. "What is your name, child?"

"Juliet." She whispered nervously.

Evalen smiled and patted her head. "And what a lovely name you have my dear." Evalen slowly took the mask off, but the child stopped her. "Juliet," she chuckled. "I've seen your face. I promise I won't scream." But she continued to shake her head no. The other girl sighed. "Fine, but if I find a infected scratch on your face and will take it off young lady."

Juilet crossed her arms over her chested and huffed. "You're not my Mama."

"You are right cherie. But consider me a older sister." Juliet nodded. "Did you know your parents?" There was a long pause. Evalen knew she struck a nerve. "I'm sorry. You don't need to talk about it."

All and all, they got along pretty well. Evalen soon discovered that Juliet had talents in music and in the arts. She was able to turn her voice from a lovely soprano then to a passionate alto in a snap, also her skills continued to the violin and piano. Juliet was a very good artists, not professional but with the time and energy she put into her pieces it made her look like a Michelangelo. The only thing Juliet couldn't do was dance if her life depended on it.

"Dancing is dumb anyway." She would mutter when she couldn't copy what Evalen was doing. It always made her smile when she would see Juliet continued to get her feet to follow what the other was doing.

They live together for a month at the most when Evalen annoced she was to audition at the Opera Popularie. Juliet was happy for Evalen, but when she found out she was coming to it made her want to crawl into a hole. "No one while hurt you Mon ange," Evalen comfort her after another nightmare. "Anyone who dares to touch you will lose their manhood...or pretty face." She added quickly.

The day came all to quickly for Juliet, she perfumed the small cottage to the great opera house. She admitted being in the opera made her feel like she was at the home she always wanted, but still...Her face. Juliet always thought that her face was to ugly for a place of such beauty. Hell, she believed her own name was to good for her! (A/N: A sign of low self asteam. I know the feeling.)

No one understands me. She thought bitterly as she followed Evalen to the theatre for the auditions.

A boy about ten watched from the roof as a young girl about a year younger then him enter his opera with a sack over her head. "Does the insolent thing mock me?" He snarled.

Erik was still getting use to people in his opera house and hated people that wore masks, it was like he was mocking him. But this...This pushed it. Yes he had replace the sack with a white porcelain mask, but it brought back memories of those damn gypsies. "I'm going to find out why you have that on. Even if it's the last thing I do!"

"Stay here." Evalen ordered. Juliet nodded and took a seat in a box so no one could see her. Box 5, to be spacfic.

Juliet watched them dance for a while and began to hum along to the song, then uncoustiusly sing along. She sang quietly but someone heard her.

Erik stalked to his box and then heard a voice. It was a soft quiet one, but it was a beautiful voice. He looked through the peeping hole he made and saw the girl in his box. "Women." Erik muttered. He smoothed back his wig and fixed his mask, Erik was ready to scare her out this place for the rest of her natural life. Erik quietly stepped through the secret passage way and stalked up from behind her.

But to his dismay Juliet heard him from behind the wall, so when he whispered in her ear: "Why are you here?!" She didn't leap up and scream. But his voice dripped with anger which scared her a bit.

Erik was not pleased with her reactions, so he grabbed her arm and shoved her against the wall. "Answer me!" He snapped at her.

Juliet glared at him. "I would ask you the same." She snarled back.

Then Erik lost it, he slammed her head back and knocked her out in the process, then he ripped of her sack only to see something startling. The left side of her face was like his right, covered in ugly scars. Her left eye was sunken in a bit like his and you could see some of her skull, at least she had real hair to cover it up unlike him.

Suddenly his heart filled with guilt and happiness. Happiness, because he had a female of his species as he put it. Guilt, because he harmed a female of his species.

Okay Erik, think! If you leave her here she could end up as a side show attraction and you blow one of few chances to have someone who understands you. Or, bring her to your home, force her to stay there and have a semi-normal relationship with a chance of either killing her or she attempts to kill you...I PICK TWO!

The young Phantom picked up the female counter part with ease and walked through the underground maze with ease up to the lake. Once he set her down in the gondola she began to wake up. "Evalen? Where am I?..."

"Shhhh." Erik spoke softly running his fingers through her hair in a attempt to get her to fall back asleep. "I'm here to take you from that God for saken world. Just close your eye, Mon ange."

Juliet idly nodded, believing she died and went to sleep. Erik allowed a sigh of relief before he pushed of towards his...Their home.