Chapter Twenty-Three


Juliet: Why are we having an emrgancy intermission?!


Nadir*Slaps him acrossed the face.*: Get a hold of yourself man!

Nick: Tell us before I killl these crazy fictional chracters that live in our basment!

Erik: We're in a basement?

Nadir: No wonder you two feel right at home.


Me: Wow, dude chill. Anyways we are having an emrgancy intermission becasue some dumb stage hand dropped a sand bag on my creative writing jar! *We all look up and see Joshep Buqet."

Joshep: Sorry, Ms. Crazy Person! It was an accadent!

Erik: Heeeey! Didn't I kill you?

Me: Acident me ass! Get out of my theater that is convenitly over my basement!

Joshep: but-

Me: ERIIIK! *Then Erik kills the ass whole-which is not my brother sadly. Nick: I thought we were cool! Me: HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY DISCRIBING BUBBLES ?! THIS IS MY DOMAIN! Then I kick him out.*

Christine: Whats a creative writing jar?

Me: Oh. Mt. Monkeyjelly! She has no idea what a creative writing jar is!

Erik: None of us do.

Nadir: Not even me and I'm her lawyer/secraty.

Juliet: I don't and I'm from her imgiantion!

Me: None of you guy know what my creative writing jar is?! HAS THE WROLD GONE MAD?!

Juliet: Weeelll...Your world maybe.


Erik: Hey, thats my thing!

Nick: Her creatving writing jar is like the place where all her ideas come from. Like the imgiantion but since she couldn't keep it in her brain she stuffed it into a jar. Since her imgaintion is flying all over the place now, Crazy has...


Everyone: *Gasp!*

Lady M. Raoul: But that means the story is on hold?!

Nick: Untill we can get Her imagination back!


Erik: There is only one thing to do in a time like this!

Juliet: Runaway and become mas murders by killing Colletta?

Me: I beat ya to that honey...

Erik: NO! We have to go...*Dramtic close up on Erik's face.* Imagintion hunting!

Nadir: LETS DO IT!

Juliet: What does her imagiontion look like?

Nick: ahhhh...Something like the thing thats caring the Opera Trash away. *Everyone turns and see Alphaba from Wicked picking up the Opera Trash and carring her away.*


Lady M. Raoul: I'm coming for you my stright lover!

Nadir: Why is the Wicked Witch of the West in your imgiantion?

Me: It's a idea for the squeal...

Juliet: YES! SQUEAL WITH MY BEST BUDDY! *Then Erik slaps her.*

Erik: No time for that my love! We must stop this before it reaches Crazy's day dreams of Jack the Ripper!

Nick: Why do you day dream about him?

Me: I'm trying to figure out who the hell he is! Duh!

After a period of alot of catching my imgiontion we got it all into a trash bag but...


Nick*Opening a covert with a bunch of glas jars but they all fall out and break!: WE DON"T HAVE ANY!

Erik: The bag isn't gonna hold on much longer!

Juliet: Like two hours at the most.

Me: Then we must travel the world in two hours!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Nadir: They barely did it in 90-somthing days!

Me: Yes! But we have my almighty arouther powers! To the MONSTER TRUCK! *Then we do this weird spinny thing like you see in movies and we're all in a MONSTER TRUCK!*



Juliet: What are we doing anyway?

Nick: Going in surch of the worls only un-brakable glass jar!

Me: Get ya Indiana Jones capes on, cause we're goin' on a road trip to the jungles of Antartcia!

Erik: But Antartic doesn't have a jungle!

Nadir: Listen to him Crazy. He's a genius!

Me: Be still my Persina secraty/lawyer, for my heart belongs to the hobo's which bind the univrse of the glaxy rock candy to the milkey way glaxy...JAZ HANDS! *Everyone is like O_o. * ...Yeeeeaaah, never let me drink coffee before we do something that might kill us.

Nick: I suggest we start praying to God-

Me: NO TIME FOR THAT MY MALE COUNTER PART! *I step on the gase with everyone screaming for mercy...And Erik is vommiting everywhere, Juliet is flopping like a fish, Nadir has turned into the pope and smashing head agianst the widow...And Me and nick are just singins along to "Chattochee" by Alan Jackson." We're are here!

Erik: Land! Sweet, sweet frozen land!

Me: Drama king!

Juliet: Since when did Anartica have a Jungle?

Nadir: And why is it frozen.

Me: Well if there are Tropical Rain Forest, then there is Frozen Snow Forest. Makes perfect sense!

Juliet: In your world.

Me: Well sadly you are all in MY world, so suck it up magotts! *We all go into the forest and for twenty minutes we make our way to Mountine Abott and Costello. You'll see why soon.* EVERYONE STOP! Don't. Move... A...Muscale.

Nadir: Why?

Nick: There's a Polar Zebra!

We all look to see a Polar bear herd with zebra strips...And yes they do exist.

Me: Shhhh! *We start to tiptoe but then a safe falls out of now where with Wiley Coytoe in it. The Bear/Zebras notice us and we are running for our lives untill...*

Lady M. Raoul: Hop on my little Monsters! Hehehe! *We all hop into the sled which is being pulled by the Opera Trash and Elivs.* Mush my fine asses lovers!

Everyone in the sled: ._o...CRE-to the -Pee.

Soon we arive at Mnt. Abott and Costello which has their faces carved into the side of the mountine.

Nick: why are the faces of two awsome comedains craved on the side of a mountine?

Erik: Same reason why four predaints faces where carved into the Black Hills.

So we all go into the mountine and dodge some traps which I cannot tell due to the fact it may offend Christine fans...Note to self do a Intermission for the Opera Trashes funral.

Christine: I'm...OKAY!

Me*On the phone with a undertaker.*: Sorry Bill, but it turns out the dead whore is still alive. *Closes the Phone on the pissed off dude.*

Nadir: LOOK! *Cue Halljuha music! We see the worlds un-breakable glass. Carfully we force Christine to take it. We watch as she takes it with no traps going off.*

Christine: I'm alive! I'm a-*Gets cuts off as a gaint bloder squashes her and I take the un-harmed glass jar from her twitching hands.*

Me: BACK TO AMERICA! *Agian weird swirly thing.*

Erik: that was fast.

Me: Only way to travel my dear Phantom. *After shoving my omgaintion back into the jar and learning Christine is still alive but no one cares we all sit back to watch t.v. Erik and Juliet are making out with each other like no tommorrow, while Lady M. Raoul makes out with Elivs and Nadir being the prev. he is , is video tapping the event. Me and Nick are watching "Call of the Wild Man", and Chrsitine is dragging her limp body back to America from Antartica.* Hope ya'll like our adventure! Review if you like it, if you hate it I'll send a herd of Polar Zebras on ya! See ya on the flip page. PEACE-age!