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Chapter 1

What the fuck…?!

Harry sat, legs crossed, on his bed staring down at a letter. He could not believe what he had just read, it was impossible! It just couldn't be right. What he had just read couldn't have been the truth? He stared down at the letter and started to read it again.

My dear sweet son, if you are reading this then it means that your father and I are both dead and that you are old enough to read this. I'm sorry that we couldn't stay with you longer than we did, I don't know how many years we will get together, but know that I will always love you. Right now you are lying here next to me, in your crib, clutching a red and yellow snitch plushy. James is working on making you into the perfect Gryffindor. I wish him luck… I think you'll be a Slytherin, but I won't tell James, he would probably have a heart attack...

You are really the cutest baby a mother can wish for and I can only imagine how handsome you must look now. I could go on and on and fill this letter with other funny stuff, but I fear that time is running out. What I'm about to tell you dear Harry is very important.

Do not trust Dumbledore. You see, when I was young, only a couple of months old, I was kidnapped from my home by that old goat and taken here, to Britain. I was raised in a muggle home, without knowing about my true inheritance, and when I was eleven I went to Hogwarts. I was happy and lived a good life. I had wonderful parents, trustworthy friends and I met James and fell in love. When I was seventeen James and I made a potion, a potion that was going to show us our family trees. Just for fun, because a girl in our grade suspected that James and I were related and the "rumor" spread and- oh well back to the story. As I said we did the potion and then tested it on our self. And you can imagine that I was chocked when my family tree suddenly started to show names I wasn't familiar with. After some research I realized that I was adopted. I talked to my parents who told me everything. How Dumbledore came to them with me, wanting them to "protect" and "hide" me from some evil people. If you have a family tree you should go and look at it, because I think that it might have changed. I didn't want Dumbledore to know that I had found out about my adoption so I placed spells on the Potter family tree, I asked the goblins to fix their papers… I did everything so he wouldn't suspect a thing.

As I said, I was adopted. When we did the potion my real name was revealed. It was Calalith, daughter of Celeborn, Lord of the Golden Wood, and Galadriel, lady of the Light. They are noble elves living in Lothlórien. Yes that's right, elves. You read right. You are an elf too.

In this letter you will find a portkey which has been programmed to take you to your grandparents. I'm telling you this because I know about Dumbledore, Voldemort and the entire thing revolving around them. I overheard Dumbledore talking to Minister Fudge about this one day at the hospital, you were just a couple of days old, and they were talking about making you into a weapon. They want to use you as a sacrifice so that they won't have to soil their hands and then take all your belongings to rule the wizard world. I know that Dumbledore has a sick plan were you fight Voldemort and die and that's why I hope that the portkey will help you flee. I never, ever wanted you to partake in this war that's raging. I know that Dumbledore want to use you as a weapon, but I won't allow it. I want you to live happily and carefree. I want you to be able to grow old with a girl, or boy, that you love. I'm running out of time, I can hear that senile old man downstairs, but one last detail. When you go, keep the portkey. When you get to Lothlórien you have to tap it with your wand, or just channel some magic into it and some handy spells will activate to help you with your new life. I love you Harry and I hope that you will get a good life.

Lots of love, Lily (and James, because I know he loves you very much)

Harry stared at the letter and then down at the portkey. It was a simple quill, in a vibrant red color. He fell back onto the bed and sighed. Him, an elf? It all felt so unreal, but at the same time it explained so much. On the day he turned eighteen he had woken up with perfect sight and this… glow around him. His skin had improved and he suspected that he had grown a few inches. His magic had changed too. It felt… gentler and he had started, subconsciouslyat first, to do wandless spells. When he noticed he started to practice and could now do some pretty remarkable spells, even those that McGonagall had trouble with and she is one of the greatest witches alive.

But didn't elves have pointed ears? He quickly stood up and walked to a mirror hanging on the wall. He pulled his hair back and turned his head to the side. No pointed ears. He frowned but then shrugged and got back to the bed where the letter and the quill lay and laid down and closed his eyes. His thoughts turned to his friends. Could he just leave them? Some of them never really recovered from the war. Poor Molly and Arthur had lost not only Fredbut also Ron when he protected Hermione from Nagini. Neville had been killed after he had beheaded Voldemort's familiar, taken down by a nameless death-eater. Luna had followed him after she alone had taken down both Lestrange-twins. But the hardest loss had been Remus and Tonks, leaving behind an almost newborn Teddy Lupin. In their will they had named Harry to be Teddy's godfather and he was the only reason why Harry was still a saneman.

Sure, he visited the Weasley's,hungout with Hermioneand could often be seen in town taking a cup of tea with McGonagall or even Draco Malfoy, but he still didn't really feel like he belonged. People were still chasing the Boy-who-lived-twice around, demanding that he marry them or waving around a toddler and statingthat it was his. Others wanted his money and a few had tried to kill him a couple of times.

Harry sighed but then smiled when he heard silent footsteps coming towards him. He heard someone fiddlewith the door handle and then a quiet voice called out:


Harry looked up and smiled when he was met with brown eyes and dark brown hair. Teddy Lupin-Potter was now almost two years and hadstarted to talk a couple of months ago so his pronunciation was not the best. Harry quickly stood up and lifted his godson up.

"Why hello champ, to what do I own the pleasure of you seeking me out?"

Those brown eyes grew bigger as he giggled and shouted out his demand. "Ungry!"

Harry chuckled and carried him down to the kitchen while he let Teddy play with his hair. After the war Harry had taken residence in one of the smaller Potter estates, not much more than a cottage really, to get away from reporters and crazy fans. Soon they reached the kitchen and Harry sat the boy down in his high chair and walked towards the fridge.

"So your Highness, what do you want to eat?" Teddy giggled while Harry spun around, did a mock bow and opened the fridge.


"It's called banana Teddy, ba-na-na."


Harry sighed and only shook his head with a fond smile while Teddy babbled on about Bana's and Nana's. Soon he was done chopping the banana in small pieces and handed it to Teddy on a plate together with a light sandwich without crusts. The boy squealed and started to munch on his treat while Harry quickly fixed himself some cereals and a cup of tea. He then sat down and watched as Teddy wolfed down his food, ignoring that he was eating with his fingers and smearing more bits of banana around his mouth than putting them in it.

Soon Teddy was done and reached his sticky hands out towards Harry, silently demanding to be cuddled. Harry smiled and did a quick cleaning spell and then picked the small boy up. Teddy happily snuggled closer and placed his arms around Harry's neck and put his head on his shoulder. Harry heard a content sigh and made his way to the living room and lit up the fireplace. He sat down on one of the couches and leaned back. His thoughts turned to the quill and letter once again.

I wonder if I'll be able to take Teddy with me. If I'm holding him while activating the portkey I should be able to take him with me. I hope that I won't fall or drop him. Wait, if I'm an elf, shouldn't I be immortal? What will happen to Teddy then? Will he… die before me?

He glanced down at Teddy and pulled him closer. Leaving Teddy here wasn't an option. Teddy was his everything. He had to take him with him. But how? He then sat up straight and smiled.

I can do a blood adoption! That will give him my blood and should let him keep his looks and also make him part elf. I'm pretty sure that Hermione wouldn't say no to that kind of challenge.

Harry looked down at a sleeping Teddy and smiled tenderly. He gave the boy a gentle squeeze and stood up and made his way up the stairs to Teddy's room. He tucked the boy in and then started to make preparations. He had lot of things to do.

Hermione Granger was usually a very patient person, but right now she was getting more and more irritated by the second. Here she was, sitting in a small café in muggle London, waiting for Harry, and he was now 17 minutes and 43 seconds late. And hehad been the one that demanded that she was there 2 pm. She sighed and let a hand run through her hair with her eyes closed and then opened them when she heard an amused snort. Sitting across from her was one of her most trusted and beloved friends, Harry Potter. Next to him was a beaming Teddy and he waved with his small hands, making Hermione smile.

"Aun Ione!"

"Seems like at least one of you are in a good mood." Hermione gave Harry a gentle smile while she talked which he returned. A waiter walked up to them with two menus and handed them out while asking for their drinks.

Hermione smiled up at the waiter and ordered both her drink and food since this was a regular place she and Harry went too when they wanted privacy. She turned her focus to Harry and smiled. He was holding the menu up for Teddy who was pointing and squealing at the pictures while Harry was discussion their order.

"So champ, how about that plate with pasta? No? Then what do you think about a ham and cheese sandwich? I know you like to sneak some cheese from me. What, you want fish n' chips? Nah, you can't eat that stuff Teddy, sorry." Hermione laughed and the waiter smiled and waited patiently for Harry, and Teddy, to order. In the end Teddy got some milk and a plate with pieces of banana and pancakes while Harry ordered a pasta dish.

"So Harry, why did you suddenly want to meet? Not that I mind but..." Harry smiled in amusement when Hermione started to stutter but then turned serious.

"I got this letter from my mom yesterday." He didn't say anymore and just gave her the letter and settled back while she read it. Her expression went from shock to amusement to anger and in the end she was clenching the letter so tightly that Harry thought that she might rip it in half. The waiter came with their order right then and could immediately sense the tension at the table. He quickly sat the plates down along with the drinks and scurried away not wanting to get yelled at.


"Calm down Hermione. We can't do anything to change it. Dumbledore is dead. Voldemort is dead. And the war is since long ago over."

Hermione could only stare at Harry in disbelief as he spoke.

"What do you mean Harry? The world has to know about this!"

"What is it to know? That Dumbledore wasn't as light as people thought? Hermione, the war is over and I have done my duty so now I just want to enjoy life and relax. And think about it Hermione, I will get away from those money-crazy, marriage-obsessed vultures and Teddy and I get to meet some of my relatives, my real grandparents."

Hermione could only sit and stare as Harry's face lit up the more he talked and she slowly came to the conclusion that in a near future she might lose a very dear friend, but she also knew that it wasn't fair of her to be selfish. Unlike Harry she had been woken up on her birthdays by her singing parents. Every time she fell of her bike her mom would be there with a band-aid and her dad would cheer her on to get back up on the bike. Every Christmas her grandparents and cousins would come over and they would exchange gifts, eat homemade food and simply enjoy each other's company. She smiled at Harry and leaned over towards him and gently clasped his hand and squeezed it. Harry stopped his rambling about elves and looked up at Hermione. When he saw that smile he let one lit up on his face and he squeezed her hand back. Teddy, as the very spoiled boy he was, frowned when attention wasn't on him and threw a small piece of banana at Harry which made Hermione laugh when it got stuck on his cheek. Harry gave Teddy a glare but the small boy only giggled and smacked his hands down onto his plate, making food splash all over the table. Harry sighed and then gave the boy a smile while Hermione tried to stop her tears from falling while she laughed.

For three weeks Harry and Hermione worked almost nonstop with preparing for the trip. While Hermione researched the blood adoption Harry packed all his belongings in trunks before shrinking them. He wanted to take as much as he could carry, which would be a lot because of weight-reducing charms and shrinking spells. They had also looked up spells that would be useful for Harry to know, one of them being a translation spell which would help him understand any language that he heard. He also started to write personal letters to everyone that he thought deserved them. He didn't want to tell anyone that he was going because he knew that they would try and stop him. Some might not even understand why he would want to leave and therefore he decided to write letters that Hermione would deliver later.

The blood adoption was something that Harry would never use again. They had to get a small bowl full of blood from both Harry and Teddy. The emptying of Harry's blood had been easy, but Teddy had whimpered and cried through it, making both Hermione and Harry cringe. But in the end they had been able to get the bowl full and Hermione had proceeded with mixing the both bloods together with some ingredients' that Harry didn't want to name. Then came the second hardest thing, to get Teddy to drink the potion. Teddy at first had stubbornly refused but Harry coaxed it down little by little and they got him to swallow it all. After that Hermione had chanted a spell while Harry cut both his and Teddy's right thumb and pressed them together. A light had surrounded the two males and then it was over. There hadn't been any big differences on Teddy. His hair had gotten a little darker and his eyes played between green and brown, depending on the light. But Hermione pointed out that his mother had been a metamorphmagus and that he might start showing those abilities too.



"Are you sure about this?"

Harry sighed but gave Hermione a smile and a nod. He was standing in a clearing with Teddy on his hip, secured with an attachment spell so he wouldn't get lost from Harry when they used the portkey. On his back was a small backpack, also with an attachment spell on it, which contained all of their belongings, even Harry's wand.

He stepped closer to Hermione and gave her a hug, squeezing her tightly. Hermione returned the hug and choked back a sob. A tiny hand patted her on her cheek and she looked down at Teddy who was staring at her. She gave the boy a smile and kissed him, making him giggle while Harry watched with a fond smile. Harry then leaned down and gave Hermione a quick kiss and said a softly goodbye and then stepped away. They stared at each other for some time, they didn't know for how long, and then Harry raised the quill. He whispered something to Teddy who giggled and then started to wave his small hands fanatically.

"By Aun Hermione!"

With that they were gone, leaving a stunned Hermione behind. She felt how tears started to roll down her cheeks and she slowly let the sobs escape her mouth. Yet she couldn't help but smile while the tears fell.

That was the first time he said my name right.

Harry landed with a thud on the ground, thankfully on his back. He felt the backpack dig into his back and sat up before he started to soothe Teddy who was wailing in distress since this had been his first time using a portkey.

"Shhh little champ, it can't have been that bad?" Harry tried to soothe an upset Teddy while he cautiously looked around. They were in what appeared to be a meadow with a thick forest surrounding them. The meadow was filled with grass and flowers which would almost reach his knees if he was standing. He felt the grass moving and looked down when he heard Teddy coo. Next to him sat a small, grey hare, almost completely hidden in the tall grass. Teddy's eyes were big as saucers and he hesitantly reached a hand out and gave the hare a pet on the head, his distress completely forgotten. The animal stayed still and even leaned into the touch, clearly enjoying the attention. Teddy squealed and started to squirm so Harry cancelled the attachment spell and let Teddy tumble down onto the grass. He cooed at the hare and started to pet it, while the hare slowly slipped closer, obviously seeing the benefits of being petted.

Harry smiled and stood up and tried to dust himself off while he once again looked around.

He heard something approach him and spun around, hand held out and ready for using a spell but froze when he met dark, intelligent eyes. He flinched a little when the big animal took a step closer towards him and he realized that it was a big stag. He was tall and muscular with dark brown coat and what looked like very sharp antlers. The stag reached his neck out and his nose butted gently against Harry's chest while he took a sniff. Harry smiled and gently stroked the stags' neck, feeling the muscles tense under his hand. He hushed the stag and kept on petting it and felt the animal slowly relax under his hand. The stag started to nibble on Harry's hair and pulled a twig out, making Harry laugh. He looked up when he heard the grass rustle and saw some more dears slowly inching themselves closer. Teddy who had been busy with the hare looked up, squealed and latched onto Harry's leg, tugging on it and in his own way demanding to be lifted. Harry scooped the boy up and they both kept petting the stag while his herd crept closer to them, all unaware of three pairs of eyes watching them.

Haldir and his brothers Orophin and Rumilhad been patrolling the borders of Lothlórienwhen their sensitive ears picked up a child crying. They all froze and then turned to look at each other.

"Do you hear that Rumil?"

"I do Orophin. If all our ears aren't deceiving us."

"No I can hear it too; it's coming from the south, just inside the border. Who would take a child here?"

Haldir, the third man of their patrolling group and the only one who had stayed silent, started to slowly move towards the south and the other two followed him. Haldir suddenly stopped and frowned; making the other two stop and look at him.

"My question is; how did humans get so deep into the forest without us noticing?" They quickened their pace and quietly made their way towards the sound. Suddenly a gentle voice reached their ears.

"Shhh little champ, it can't have been that bad?"

Haldir and his two companions froze in place. This human was speaking using elvish! Haldir had only met one human who could speak it fluently, and that had been Elrond's adopted son, the currentKing of Gondor, Estel. Or as he was now called King Elessar Telcontar.

They slowly crept closer and came upon a meadow. They cautiously stepped just outside of it and moved a couple of branches. Haldir felt his breath hitch, and the other two couldn't really believe what they were seeing. Standing with his back against them was a tall elf with long, dark hair, with red tinted in it, flowing in the wind. An elf that was not scrawny but also not muscular, indicating that he was an elf used to labor, but not really hard work. But it was what the elf was holding that startled the elves. An elfling, looking no more than twenty years old! The youngest elf currently living had been Arwen, but she had given up on her immortality to be able to live with Estel, and she had been well over two thousand years old then.

The young elf had dark, ruffled brown hair and dark eyes. The youngling giggled when one of the dears surrounding him started to lick his face and neither of the soldiers could hold back a quiet chuckle. For Haldir it had been thousands of years since he last heard an elfling laugh.

"Who's there?" The three men looked as the elf in the meadow slowly turned around, facing them, searching the edge of the forest with dark green eyes. Haldir had never seen eyes that green and he knew that his brothers felt the same. Haldir slowly stood up; hands up as a sign of peace, and was followed by Orophin and Rumil.The nameless elf tensed but didn't move as they slowly stepped closer. The stag gruntedand scraped with his hoof in agitation, but the elf quickly calmed him down. He then turned his attention to the three.

"Who are you?" Haldir frowned when the elf seemed afraid of them. Didn't he realize that they were both elves?

"We are the guards of this land of the elves, Lothlórien. Thequestion is what a nameless elf and an elfling are doing here without our permission?"

Haldir took note to the blank look he was getting when he said Lothlórien, and frowned again.


Orophin answered this time."Have you never heard of Lothlórien? It's where Galadriel, Lady of Light, and Celeborn, Lord of the Golden Wood, lives."

The elf's face lit up at those names and he suddenly started to walk closer.

"Really? They really live here? Can you take me there?"

Haldir slowly lowered his hands. The other two followed his lead and dropped their hands too. The other elf reached them and held out a hand.

"My name is Harry and this is Teddy." All the elves stared at him in shock and Harry slowly let his hand fall and crocked his head to the side. "What?"

"That's your real name?"

"Yes. What about it?"

Harry just stared at them after that and Haldir only shook his head and then pulled out two blindfolds.

"You have to wear these because our home is a secret for those we do not believe should know about it." Harry stared darkly at the blindfolds but then nodded. When Haldir walked up to them he held his hand out.

"I will put the one on Teddy, otherwise he might get scared." Haldir looked down at the elfling that was clinging to his father. Or Haldir thought he was the father. While watching them with big eyes. Haldir nodded and handed him the pieces of fabric.

"Okay champ, we're going to play a game. This blindfold has to stay on, okay? Never take it off." The child stared up at Harry and then giggled when Harry tied the blindfold around his eyes. When one of his small hands reached up to touch it Harry gently stopped him.

"No Teddy, we're playing a game. No touching." Harry then turned his attention to the three older elves.

"You'll have to hurry, I don't know for how long he will leave it alone." Haldir nodded and quickly tied the blindfold on Harry and then in one rapid motion lifted the elf up, bridal style. The elf squeaked, which made Orophin and Rumil chuckle, and glared up at where he guessed Haldir's face was.

"This way we will be there in a couple of minutes, and you can keep the little ones hands busy. Even though he's young I don't want him to see." Harry kept glaring but then sighed and cuddled Teddy closer to him, pushing his head down onto his shoulder. Teddy whined in protest but Harry started to scratch his scalp which made him settle down.

Orophin and Rumil couldn't help but smile at the scene and then they started to jog towards Lothlórien. Harry let one arm sneak around Haldir's neck while the other held a tight grip on Teddy who had settled down and was now sleeping peacefully against Harry's shoulder. In a couple of minutes they were entering the city and Haldir slowed down to a walk. Harry squirmed a little and Haldir gently sat him down on his feet. Harry murmured a quiet thank you before hesitantly reaching up towards the blindfold. When no protests were heard he took it off and he had to close his eyes because of the light. He slowly opened them and fumbled with Teddy's blindfold. Thankfully the boy was still sleeping. He looked up at Haldir who had started to walk away. He quickly followed while he looked around. But only a couple of seconds later he heard a voice.


Harry stopped when he heard that name and turned to his left. Standing there was a beautiful, blonde female elf. Haldir quickly bowed, followed by Orophin and Rumil. Harry started to follow their lead but was engulfed in a bone crushing hug, which startled not only him but the other elves surrounding them who had been curious of this new elf. When their queen started to let out heart wrenching sobs while she hugged the red-haired elf tighter the elves around them grew even more confused. Suddenly another blond elf appeared.


The female clutching Harry only squeezed tighter and kept on sobbing. Harry caught the eyes of the elf that had just emerged and tried to tell him to help him, but then the elf slowly closed his arms around the two hugging elves.

"Calalith? Oh my dear daughter! It's been so long!" Harry heard several gasps and then the elves surrounding them started to whisper among themselves, while some ran away to tell others about their princess' return.

"I'm not Calalith. She died eighteen years ago." Harry felt the two elves tense and his heart broke when the female started to cry even harder and the male tightened his hold on the two of them.

"Dead? Our daughter is dead?" The male was resting his head on top of the females', hiding his face in her hair and Harry suspected that that he was crying too.

"Yes. I'm her son." The female wrenched herself free and stared into Harry's eyes with a look of shock, sorrow and hope.

"You're Calalith's son? Our grandson?" Harry gave her a sad smile and nodded. Galadriel suddenly started to cry again and hugged him tighter but a whine made her and the male step away. Teddy had apparently been woken up by the crying and squeezing. Harry smiled down at the boy and let his hand slide through Teddy's hair, which made the boy hum in delight.

"This is my adopted son, Teddy."

"An elfling?" Galadriel and Celeborn were staring at the young elf in shock, while others had frozen in place. Harry took notice to this and gently held Teddy tighter to himself.

"Yes, it's a long story." Not only Celeborn, but also Haldir, heard the defensive tone in the sentence and Celeborn was quick to reassure his grandson by laying an arm around his shoulders.

"Well then, you can come with us and tell us that story." Harry nodded and Celeborn turned around and started to walk away and Harry followed. But Galadriel seemed nervous about something. Harry stopped, as did Celeborn, and the younger male could see her staring at Teddy, her hands clenching and unclenching, and he gave her a smile.

"Do you want to hold him?" Galadriel startled and looked up but then smiled a sad smile and held her hands out. Harry slowly held Teddy out who was twisting and turning and staring at everything now that he was awake. When he noticed that he had switched armshe turned towards the one holding him. His eyes grew big and he grabbed a fistful of blonde hair.

"Pretty!" He exclaimed and started to pet that blonde hair, while Galadriel smiled fondly. She gave Harry a grateful glanceand then started to gush over Teddy who always loved attention.

"Haldir, Orophin, Rumil." The three elves quickly looked up from their bowing and met the Lord of The Golden Wood's eye. The royal elf made a "come here" motion with his hand and the three elves were quick to follow their Lord and Lady.