Chapter 2

"Please sit down Harry." Galadriel motioned towards a comfy looking chairwhile she and Celeborn sat down on a couch opposite from him. While they had walked there Harry had noticed that most houses seemed to be up in the trees, with a few one down on the ground. Hanging bridges connected the houses with each other, making up a whole society up in the trees. He had been a little unsure about climbing up, but thankfully this tree had a hidden staircase inside the tree trunk that they used. The room looked somewhat the same as the outside had done. It was simple, with most things made of wood. Everything was either brown or green, no doubt so it would melt in with the environment. He sat in one of the chairs opposite from his grandparents who were sitting on a couch with the three elves that had found him standing behind them. To their left was a wall filled with bookcases and books. Harry's hand itched to walk over there and let his finger trace the book's spines. He blamed Hermione and her obsession with books… He glanced to his right and saw that the whole wall was one big window.

Teddy squirmed in his lap and kept repeating the word downso Harry gently sat him down and let him tumble around the room to explore. The five wood-elves were watching the elfling with fond faces.

"It's been so long since we last saw such a young elfling." Galadriel said and sighed sadly. "I believe that your mother and another female elf called Arwen were the two youngest."


"Your mother, as you know, was taken from me and Arwen gave up on her immortality to be with a human she fell in love with." Harry nodded in understanding and then leaned forward in his chair.

"What happened when my mom was taken?"

Galadriel's and Celeborn's faces grew dark and Harry could see one of the elves behind them clench his fist.

"We were visiting Elrond, Lord of Rivendell, to celebrate. You see, long before Calalith was born I gave birth to another daughter and her name was Celebrían and she and Elrond had just gotten a daughter, Arwen. And I had surprisingly fallen pregnant again, giving birth to Calalith. I never thought I would be able to get pregnant after Celebrían. Calalith was a true blessing. We were celebrating them both, because elflings are a very rare gift. We had left them both for a nap and then we heard a crash and the babies started to wail. Haldir-" here she pointed at the blond elf that had been clenching his fists. "was the first one there, closely followed by my husband and Elrond. They saw a man, a human, who looked like he was in his sixties holding Calalith and they tried to attack him." Galadriel started to sob so Celeborn slid and arm around her to comfort her and then continued on the story.

"But we couldn't even attack him. He held a sword against my daughter's throat. He had this crazy glint in his eyes that I will never forget. He was reaching for Arwen when my beloved and Celebrían burst through the door together with some of our friends. The man suddenly tensed, we stared at each other and suddenly that crazy man was gone, together with Calalith. We never heard from him again. We searched for both of them for a long time but then we lost faith. Not even beloved's mirrorcould find them. After so many years we had lost hope to ever hear from her again."

Harry nodded and then he frowned when he thought back to what Celeborn had said.

"How long has she been missing…?"

Celeborn sighed and silently answered.

"Almost three thousand years ago."

Harry felt his moth drop and stared at them in disbelief.

"That… can't be right. I'm only eighteen. I have been living as a human; I just came into my heritage a couple of months ago." Now the others were staring at him in disbelief. Celeborn was the first to recover and frowned.


"Yes. I can only guess that Dumbledore was the one to take my mother from you. Time passes different here than back home I guess. My mom grew up with humans and was then told she was a witch and went to Hogwarts and met my dad, James Potter. Then, eighteen years ago, she gave birth to me. At that time it lived a madman called Voldemort who had some crazy ideas about humans and wizards. My mom and dad were fighting against him and were therefore killed. I was about one year old." Galadriel gasped and her hands flew up to cover her mouth. Harry gave her a sad smile and then continued with his story. He told them about his life growing up with his awful relatives, when ge got the letter on his eleventh birthday and his years at Hogwarts. He told them about Voldemort and the prophecy. He told them about magic and how the two worlds co-existed next to each other without the muggles knowing. He told them about Sirius and Remus, Sirius death and the pain it brought. About watching who he thought was a trusted man getting killed and hiding from Voldemort while trying to destroy the horcruxes. And when he finally killed the Dark Lord and got custody of Teddy and about the letter from his mother and then the blood adoption. When he was done the five elves were staring at him in shock, anger, compassion and love. He gave them a sad smile but was distracted by someone shouting his name.

"Harry! Look!" Harry turned to the side and almost fainted when Teddy came running, dragging a sword behind himself.

"Teddy!" Harry flew up and ripped the sword away from the young boy.

"What the, that's mine!" Everyone, including Teddy, turned to stare at Orophin who had called out and swiftly walked up to them and took the sword from Harry. The younger elf then picked Teddy up, who started to squirm and held his hands out, shouting mine over and overand pointing at the sword.

"Wow brother. You're getting old if a small elfling can grab your sword without you noticing…" Orophin turned and glared at Rumil.

"Says the elf who has never beaten this old elf in a sword-fight before." Rumil's eyebrow twitched but otherwise he kept silent. Meanwhile Harry was scolding a pouting Teddy.

"Teddy! What have I told you about sharp things? You know very well that those are no-no's!" Teddy kept pouting but nodded and then gave Harry a hug, mumbling sorry. Harry sighed and returned the hug, missing Teddy's mischievous smile.

But Haldir, Orophin nor Rumil missed it and gave each other amused glances.

"Well it's been a long day and some interesting events; shall I show you to your room Harry so you can rest?" Celeborn had gotten up and drawn the attention to him and then held an arm out for Harry to take. The young man linked his arm with his grandfather's, while his other hand rested around Teddy who was sitting on his hip, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Galadriel had also gotten up and gave her grandson and great-grandson each a kiss on the cheek, Teddy giggling all the time and giving Galadriel a shy glance. Celeborn then led Harry away and Teddy waved goodbye over Harry's shoulder, which the other elves returned. When they were out of the room Galadriel collapsed in the couch and Haldir was quickly in front of her asking if she was okay.

"Yes I'm fine, but my poor child. And my grandchild, the poor boy. Can you just imagine what he has had to experience? Oh, my poor baby." Haldir tried, rather unsuccessfully, to comfort his queen while Orophin and Rumil looked on with sympathy in their eyes.

"My queen I might sound harshwhen I say this but what is done is done. Now we have to give them love, and a good life. They are elves, they are immortal, and will stay with us for a long time from now on. You heard him; those bad people are dead so we don't have to worry of him being taken from us."

Galadriel smiled while her tears kept on falling, but she furiously wiped them away and then stood up. "You're right Haldir, bless your intelligence." Haldir smiled smugly at that while Orophin and Rumil rolled their eyes.

"I guess that I should tell the other elves about this so they won't ask any difficult questions. You three should rest, you've also had a long day." The three males heard the dismissal in that voice and Haldir smiled when his normal Lady and Queen showed herself again. They bowed and left through the same door as Celeborn, Harry and Teddy had gone. Galadriel took out a napkin and quickly wiped her face off, took a couple of calming breaths to calm down and then made her way out to call together the council. They had some discussing to do.

"Pretty!" Harry smiled at Teddy's excitement and gently put the elfling down so the impatient child could explore the room.

"That door to your left leads to a bathroom and behind the door to your right is a big closet. You have a balcony, with a high railingso I know that Teddy won't be able to fall over by himself." While Celeborn was explaining the designHarry was looking around the room in awe. It was spacious and simple, with an enormous bed to the left and a small round table to the right, surrounded by four chairs. The wall furthest away from them consistedof only windows, reaching from the floor up to the ceiling. Teddy was currently standing at the bed and tried, rather unsuccessfully, to climb onto it.Harry chuckled and helped the small boy up onto the big king sized bed and Teddy tried to jump around on it but Harry quickly stopped him. Celeborn smiled in amusement.

"Well, I will leave you two for the evening. Someone will come and wake you up tomorrow. Sleep well." Before he could close the door he heard feet shuffling towards him. He turned and was given a kiss on each cheek and light laughter from the two younger elves. Teddy waved while he said bye, and Harry gave a quiet goodnightbefore the door closed. Celeborn smiled and then turned and made his way towards the meeting room. He had a nagging feeling that his dearly beloved was calling to a meeting with the council right now.

"Well champ, this is better than our last room right?" Harry smiled down at Teddy and carried him to the bathroom. It was simple, with a sink and a bathtub and a toilet. In a corner lay a heap of firewood and Harry frowned at it. At a small window Harry could see a bucket attached to a rope. He frowned and walked up to the window. Down below he could see a small stream floating by.

I guess it's a step back in the evolution. Oh well, some magic can help here. Harry waved his hand and the sink was filled with water. He grinned in victory andwent back to the main room. He opened his rucksack and pulled out a small, green trunk and carried it with him back to the bathroom. He enlarged it and pulled out two toothbrushes and some baby-approvedtoothpaste. Teddy squirmed and turned; trying to avoid the brushing but Harry was used to it and gently brushed the toddler's teeth. He then changed his nappy and put him down on the floor, he had closed the door earlier so he wasn't afraid of him running of somewhere. He quickly brushed his teeth and used the toilet before opening the door. Teddy tumbled into the room and ran towards the bed. He stopped just at it and then turned towards Harry. The older elf helped him onto the bed and the child quickly slid under the covers, his hair the only thing sticking out. Harry smiled and pulled the covers away, revealing a giggling Teddy.

"So, no story?"

"Story!" Teddy insisted with a very determinedexpression.

Harry smiled and pulled out a book from the green trunk and then settled down next to Teddy who quickly cuddled up to his side.

"There once was a…"

Celeborn smiled in amusement at his irritated wife who was standing before the council, arms crossed and one finger tapping against her arm. The councilmember's were all staring at her in shock for a second before they all exploded.

"Your grandson?!"

"An elfling?!"

"Is your grandson the father of the elfling?!"

"Have you lost your mind?! There hasn't been an elfling born since Calalith and Arwen!"

Galadriel felt her eyebrow twitch and Celeborn took a couple of steps back, since he was used to his wife's temper.

"Everyone please sit down. Now."

All the elves quickly closed their mouths and sat down, each one of them sensing their queen's irritation.

"Do you think that I'm a liar?"

All the elves quickly shook their heads.

"Do you think that I'mcrazy?"

Again they shook their heads.

"Well then, if so then I must be telling the truth right?"

The members of the council all nodded their heads.

"Well then. Right now I believe that the rumor about my grandson and his charge has spread through our city, but I want all of us to try and keep their lives a secret. If word got out that we harbor not only a young elf but an elfling other elves will travel here to see them. But they might also come here for an eventual courtship. Harry is a young elf, and a very handsome one at that." Here several members rolled their eyes when their queen got a dreamy expression on her face.

"And young Teddy will also be a sought after elf. As a young elfling some might want to take him so they can raise him as their own. Harry is a young elf that's been through a lot. If someone were to take Teddy away from him I don't know what he would do."

"Why is that my Lady?" A brave member asked, getting approving looks from his colleagues. Galadriel then started to explain about Harry, Voldemort and his heritage. The longer she talked, the more determined the old elves looked. When she finished in tears one of the oldest members of the council, named Saedrim, stood up and all heads turned to him.

"My Lady and Lord, we will all fight for you and your grandson. Nobody will take either of them from us. We will all stand by your side." All the other members nodded fiercely and then they all stood up and bowed to their King and Queen.

Galadriel felt more tears fall and was thankful for her husband's arms coming to circle around her. She leaned into him and let herself relax as Celeborn tightened his grip on her.

Celeborn's eyes met with Haldir's and he smiled when he saw Haldir's unwavering gaze hold his. He knew that at least one of them would fight to death before he let any of the young elves be taken.

When Harry awoke it was to light shining in his eyes. He rubbed a hand over his eyes while he yawned and then looked down when he felt something shift next to him. He smiled when he saw Teddy lying next to him on his back, both arms thrown upwards and resting on a pillow while his head lay just under the pillow. He was drooling slightly and snoring, but Harry still thought that he was the most adorable boy he had ever seen.

A knock made him sit up, turn to the door and smile when he saw that it was his grandmother at the door. She gave him a gentle smile and walked up to the two on the bed. She sat down carefully on the side, reaching out a hand to run across Harry's cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into the touch, making Galadriel smile. She gave him a quick kiss on his forehead and then stood up.

"We will soon have breakfast so why don't you wake your son up and get ready? I'll have someone wait outside your door and take you to the right room." Harry nodded and then turned to Teddy while Galadriel smiled and walked out of the room.

"Champ?" Harry gently gave the small boy a shake, but the elfling stubbornly turned his back on Harry and snuggled deeper into the sheets. Harry smiled and leaned down and started to blow some air into Teddy's ear. The young boy giggled and started to wiggle around but eventually he turned towards Harry and gave him a beaming smile.


"Hello and good morning little champ. Ready for a new day?"

The boy smiled and gave a giggle while Harry only smiled and got out of bed. Teddy quickly crawled over to the edge and then held his arms out towards the older elf. Harry smiled and lifted Teddy up, chuckling when the boy snuggled closer to him. Harry walked over to the bathroom and gently sat Teddy down on the toilet while he quickly washed his face. He then helped Teddy "potty" and then they walked back to their room. Harry pulled out some simple clothes, a dark green sweater and dark slacks for him and a blue t-shirt and blue sweatpants for Teddy. They were plain but comfortable and Teddy had a tendency to get them dirty, especially with mud. Harry then lifted Teddy up again and opened the door out. An older elf was standing outside and smiled gently at him.

"Um…" The other elf smiled at his confused expression.

"I am Saedrim young one, one of the council members and a good friend to your grandmother and grandfather." Harry smiled and held his hand out which the elf gently took. Saedrim then linked his arm with Harry's and started to lead him through the corridor. They made some small talk about his mother and grandparents. When Harry asked about the history of Lothlórien Saedrim eagerly started to tell him about it. All too soon, in Harry's opinion, they stopped outside a big, double wooden door.

"I would love to talk to you more often Harry, I find it refreshing with a new elf around." Harry gave the older elf a gentle smile and nodded.

"I would like that very much Saedrim. It's been fascinating to listen to you"

The older elf smiled at him and then pushed one of the doors open, and then gently led Harry inside. They entered a big room containing only two long tables. At one end he could see his grandparents sitting and each long side was filled with elves. He waved shyly at them and most smiled back happily. Celeborn stood up and indicated for them to sit down on two free spots next to them, on the long side. Harry gave Saedrim a final goodbye and then made his way over towards his grandparents, walking past many elves. He then sat down and glanced downward towards Teddy who had been hiding his face in Harry's neck. He gently coaxed the small boy to look up and smiled in amusement when Teddy's eyes grew impossible big, which made him look like an owl, and chuckled when the boy noticed Galadriel. He squealed and started to squirm in Harry's arm, demanding to be put down. Harry chuckled, but obligated and sat Teddy on his feet, and he instantly made a beeline towards the pretty lady and started to climb into her lap. Galadriel seemed a little dazed when she helped the young elfling up and Teddy started to pet her hair, very content on his great-grandmother's lap while the others around the table smiled tenderly at the sight. Galadriel snap out of her chock and gave Teddy a gentle smile.

"Have you slept well this night Teddy?" The boy didn't answer, because he was busy petting her hair and instead held out a lock of hairand smiled up at her.


"Why thank you Teddy, you are a true gentleman." The boy giggled and clapped his hands but turned his attention to Harry, who had quietly called his name.

"Come here Teddy, time to eat." Teddy, with some help from Galadriel, climbed down from her lap and ran over to Harry who swiftly picked him up. Harry then turned the child around and together they started to pick out their breakfast. The other elves went back to their food and conversations were started. Galadriel and Celeborn smiled at their grandson and watched as he coaxed the child in his lap to try different kinds of foods. If Teddy spit it out Harry would move on to the next and if Teddy squealed in delight he would put some of it on their plate, making Teddy clap his hands in delight.

"He is very good with that child." Celeborn commented to his wife, who smiled in response.

"Yes, he is a wonderful father, even though he's so young." Galadriel took a hold of her gobletand drank some water while she watched other elves stare at Harry and Teddy.

Seems like my grandson might become a popular elf. Teddy doesn't even seem to scare them, more like pulling them in more. After all, elflings are rare, and should have two parents while they grow up. Oh Harry will be a sought after elf. I can't wait until they start to court him!She gave a quiet squeal, making Celeborn turn towards her in question, but she only smiled behind her cup.

Harry was startled when a hand nudged his. He looked up and met grey eyes and a smiling face.

"Good morning Harry. I don't know if I properly introduced myself yesterday, but I am Haldir of Lórien, head guard and Commander of Lothlórien's army." While he talked his hand had reached out and grasped Harry's, bringing it to his lips. He gave the hand a gentle kiss and smirked when Harry blushed. Teddy stared up at Haldir with big eyes and then laughed and grabbed Harry's other hand, giving it a sloppy kiss. Several elves that had been watching chuckled at the cute scene while Haldir smiled down at the elfling.

"You're a very smart one, aren't you?" Teddy beamed at the attention and squealed in delight, making both Harry and Haldir chuckle.

"Yes, he is very much like his father thank god. I am not famous for being smart… I hope that he will not become like me." Haldir smiled and gave a hum of agreement when he thought appropriate, just listening to Harry talk about Teddy. The dark haired elf's whole face lit up when he started to retell a story of Teddy, a birthday-cake and a camera. Haldir didn't understand half of it, but the flushed cheeks and smile Harry got from talking made the younger elf look breathtaking. He glanced over to the end were his Lady and Lordsat and almost flinched when he saw twin smirks. He felt a bead of sweat travel down his neck and gave a shudder.

"Haldir, are you alright?" Haldir looked up and saw Harry's concerned gaze rest on him. He smiled reassuringly and nodded.

"I'm alright young one. Would you like to take a walk in the gardens? I believe that little Teddy seems a bit… restless." Harry blinked and then looked down and almost groaned when he saw teddy playing with his food, using both hands and face to dive into the mush that he had proudly created. Several other elves snickered at the sight while Teddy laughed in pure delight.

"It's been a long time since I last heard child laughter." Galadriel turned towards the Saedrim that had spoken and smiled gently.

"Yes, I believe Calalithwas the last one in this home." Saedrim looked sadly at his Queen but then turned his attention to the young child that was currently trying to wipe his face in his father's chest, while said father tried desperately to hold the child away from him.

"I have a feeling that this won't be the last one." Galadriel stared at Saedrim in shock but then smiled and nodded.

"I surely hope so." Galadriel turned towards her grandson and tried to stifle a giggle when she saw him standing with Teddy in his arms, stretched out far from his body. His entire front was covered by some sort of… mush and he was scowling at a giggling Teddy while other elves watched on in amusement.

"I guess that we will have to take that walk later Haldir, someone needs a bath." At the word bath Teddy stopped giggling and instead started to shake his head and flapping his arms.

"No! Play, play!" Harry chuckled and pulled Teddy closer.

"Sorry champ, if you make a mess you have to get cleaned. Say bye bye to granny and grandfather." With that he gave a respective nod to the end of the table and smiled at the other elves seated before he started to walk towards the door, carrying a complaining and whimpering elflingwhile leavinga room full of amused elves.

Galadriel watched with fond eyes and then turned to her husband but she frowned when she saw that Celeborn's eyes were boring into Haldir, who was staring after Harry. She looked between the two and then smirked. She gently places a hand on Celeborn's knee, making him turn towards her.

"Beloved, you can't play overprotective grandfather just yet." She ignored his confused expression and instead kept on talking. "Let some more elves get into this game before you do anything. If I know Haldir right he won't try anything until Harry has settled in and become comfortable. And if more elves join Haldir you can play with more than one elf. I promise that you'll get to play with them, even give them and Harry "the talk" so that you're really sure that they know what they are doing."

Celeborn smirked at his wife and leaned in and gave her a quick, but loving kiss.

"You are truly a genius my love. What would I do without you?"

Galadriel smiled and leaned onto her husband.

"You wouldn't be anything, only some spoiled prince living somewhere."

Celeborn snorted but said nothing, making Galadriel smirk. She stood up and excused herself before she pulled Celeborn with her, the male-elf just smirking and giving the other elves an amused look.