Chapter 3

"Harry no no!"

Harry chuckled evilly while he held the squirming child an inch above the water.

"No can do Champ, if you're dirty you have to take a bath, that's the rule."

Teddy whined and squirmed but Harry lowered him slowly into the warm water. The water barely came up to Teddy's waist, with a fine layer of bubbles. When Teddy was sitting on the bottom of the tub he seemed to realize that how fun bathing was and started to splash at the bubbles while Harry leaned away to pull out some of the toys he had gathered from their cottage back homeand put them in the water. He tapped the duck with his finger and it shook its wings and gave a quack before it started to paddle around in the water. Teddy stopped splashing the water and his eyes followed the duck swimming around in the tub. He then gave something akin to a battle cry and jumped the poor duck. It gave a protesting quack as it was grabbed but Teddy only squealed and started to splash the poor bird in the water. Harry laughed and tapped some more figures. A small steamboat started to life; with smoke coming from one of the chimneys, and a six inch crocodile which quickly dived down under the water to evade Teddy's grabbing hands. He also put a small hippo into the water. It floated with just its head over the water and gave a lazy yawn before it started to slowly swim around. Teddy gave another pleased squeal and reached for the hippo. Harry sat at the side of the tub with his arms folded on the edge and his head on top of them. With a smile on his face he watched as Teddy entertained himself with his toys.

It gave him time to think about the hours that had passed since they arrived. He didn't think he of all people would be so lucky to land in the right place. Just the thought of having to search through a whole world for this place made him shudder. Yes he wanted to discover and explore, but not before finding his grandparents. He felt a piece of his red hair fall over his shoulder and quickly caught it. He would have to ask his grandmother about that since he had only seen elves with fair hair so far. He could only imagine how similar to his mother that he looked now.

"Harry!" Harry startled and blinked his eyes before focusing on Teddy who was sitting and staring at him.

"Yes Champ?"

"Cold." Harry frowned and reached down to feel the water and was surprised to find it cooled down. He quickly grabbed a towel and hauled Teddy up, wrapping him in the fluffy towel.

Teddy happily snuggled closer to Harry while Harry dried him up. He walked out of the bathroom and sat Teddy down on the bed, still wrapped up in the towel. While Harry enlarged a trunk and started to rummage through it Teddy lay down and pulled the towel up to his chin. Harry turned around, with clothes in his hands, and smiled at the cute scene. He walked over to Teddy and held up two sweaters, one green and one red, and looked at him.

"Well Champ, which one would you like to wear?" Teddy stared at Harry and then sat up. He quickly reached out towards the green sweater and gave Harry firm look. Harry sighed and then shook his head.

"I swear that you spent too much time with Uncle Draco… Luckily we left before he could corrupt you much more." Teddy only squealed and held his arms up towards Harry so the sweater was quickly put on. The older elf then grabbed the black pants and slipped them on Teddy's legs. He put some socks and shoes on and then lifted Teddy up. He ran his hand through Teddy's wet hair and smiled when it stood out in every single direction. He started to run his hand over the hair to smooth it down but a knock on the door made Harry stop and he called for the person to come in.

Haldir heard Harry call and opened the door. He couldn't help the small, almost not there, smile that crept up on his face when he saw Harry stand there with Teddy in his arms.

"You look very good with him." He complimented and Harry smiled. Haldir motioned with his hand for Harry to follow him and they started to walk outside. Teddy squirmed in Harry's arms, turning around to stare and point at all the different things they saw. Haldir smiled down at the young elf.

"I'd forgotten how curious young children could be."

"It's really been a long time since you've had kids around. How come?" Haldir sighed and Harry could suddenly see how old the other elf really was.

"Being practically immortal is both a blessing and a curse. You can live for thousands of years with your family and your beloved, but it comes with a price. Since we live so long we would have overpopulated this world a long time ago. If we did, humans and other creatures would start to fear us. Your grandmother once saw in her mirror how mankind a long, long time ago turned against us because we were starting to outnumber them. They started to hunt us down, killing our mates and children. Then the wars came and none dared to give birth to any elflings. Now elflings are something rare and far in between the births." (1)

Harry stared at him and then gently laid one of his hands on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze. Haldir smiled sadly and gave him a short nod.

"At least Teddy will like all the attention. He loves to attract attention to himself." Haldir chuckled when Teddy at the same time whined and pulled gently on Harry's hair to get some of that attention. Harry smiled down at his son and ruffled his hair, earning a lot of giggles.

"Yes, I believe that young Teddy will be a very spoiled elfling."

Harry laughed and nodded, smiling down at Teddy who was suddenly staring at an elf walking past them. He waved enthusiastically and the female waved back with a big smile on her face.

"And if I ever want a babysitter I think that everyone here will fall over themselves to babysit this monster." Harry nodded and smiled at the female, making her blush, and then turned towards Haldir. The older elf chuckled and nodded.

As they made their way outside Harry had to stop and stare in awe. Under the short time he had been here Harry hadn't had the time to explore their home, he hadn't even been out on the balcony. Now he stared in amazement at the big tree-houses that he could see up in the tree crowns. Some houses were lower down on the trunks, but they were still high up.

"How did I not notice?"

"Notice what?"

"Notice that we stayed up in a tree."

"All our homes are not up in the trees, this tree here is usually were we let our guests stay so it's not connected to the other trees and you've stayed pretty low down. When nighttime falls you can't see our homes up there if we don't want you to see them. But soon you'll get your own home up there."

Harry kept staring up in amazement while Haldir talked but then frowned.

"Won't Teddy be in danger up there?"

"No, he'll be fine. Most homes are secure for children to live in. The dangerous part is climbing up and down but he is too young to do that by his own so he will be safe."

Harry wasn't convinced but he didn't argue. He could always cast a sticking charm on Teddy when they climbed. Haldir started to walk while he enlightened Harry about Lothlórien and their ways of living. Harry was amazed by the enormous trees and all the green as far as the eye could see. The great river which provided them with water and fish and where the elves usually went to bath made his eyes widen. Teddy squirmed and as soon as he was let down toddled to the riverbank and flopped down. He then smacked his hand down in the water and giggled when water splashed up. Harry laughed and picked the elfling up, who protested wildly. Suddenly they heard a low growl and Haldir pulled his bow and an arrow out. When Haldir heard a giggle he turned around and saw Teddy patting at Harry's stomach while Harry only looked slightly embarrassed.

"Guess we've been out for a while."

Haldir chuckled and nodded, staring up at the sun.

"Yes. We better find you some food before your grandmother strikes me down for making her grandson starve."

Harry laughed and they made their way towards the trees again. At some time Orophin stepped out from a tree and joined them. Teddy squealed and reached his hands out towards the older elf who took the elfling in his arms, after getting a nod from Harry. Teddy squirmed and whined and tried to lean down, and Orophin frowned in confusion. When Haldir chuckled he looked up at his brother.

"He wants your sword, dear brother, he seems rather attached to it." Orophin looked down and sure enough, Teddy was reaching down towards the hilt of his sword. He quickly raised the boy higher up and, much to Haldir's and Harry's amusement, lifted Teddy up until he could look the boy in the eyes.

"No swords until you're at least thirty years old. You have to be longer than the sword to be able to swing it naturally." Orophin smirked while Teddy pouted.

"Now!" Orophin reared back as Teddy shouted out his demand, and then frowned at the child who immediately frowned back. Harry started to laugh and quickly picked his elfling from the older elf's arms.

"I'm sorry Orophin, I'm afraid he's rather spoiled."

"And I think he will continue being spoilt." Orophin chuckled at Haldir's comment, while Harry glared at him. Then something hit Harry and he turned towards Orophin.

"Why did you say that he would have to wait until he's thirty? How old is that in human years?"

"Well it depends, usually when we turn fifty we start our physical puberty and we also reaches our adult height. Elves ages slower in terms of our bodies, but our minds develop quickly. By our first year we can speak almost accurate and walk. Young elves always seem much older than they really are. But our bodies grow much slower than humans do, so by Teddy's thirtieth birthday, he will look like an eight or nine year old human boy would."

Harry stared in amazement at Orophin and then down at Teddy.

"So then, how old is he in our terms?"

Both Haldir and Orophin got a thoughtful look on their face.

"I would say that since he's not really accurate in his speech but can walk rather well I would guess somewhere between zero and one year old. And as you told us before, he was not an elf to begin with, so that might affect him. I think you can see his blood adoption as an awakening of his elf. That would make him no more than a couple of months old. When he's one he will be able to speak accurate and walk and run."

Harry nodded to show that he had heard Orophin's explanation and the rest of the walk were spent in comfortable silence. Harry was once again amazed by his new home, staring up at the trees while Haldir and Orophin smiled in amusement. When they had gotten deeper into the city they heard a voice calling for them, making them turn to their left. Harry smiled when he recognized his grandfather.

"Hello grandfather, joining us for lunch?"

"Don't mind if I do, I have to make sure that you and the little one eat since you are far too skinny for my and Galadriel's liking." Haldir snorted quietly but Orophin laughed loudly, making Harry glare at him.

"Well you are on the thin side." Harry turned his glare towards Haldir who had been the one to comment.

"Well sorry, but not all elves have to be all big and clumsy like you guys." Both Haldir and Orophin frowned at that.

"I assure you young one, that in a fight my big and clumsy body would beat your tiny one every time." Harry smirked at Orophin's comment and leaned a little closer to the older elf.

"You sure of that? Want to prove that theory?" Orophin smirked, but Celeborn was frowning in the background. He opened his mouth to fend of this sure to be fight but a hand on his shoulder made him turn to the side, seeing Haldir shake his head.

"I know how you feel My Lord, but this could be a good chance to see how good he is at fighting. I think that you'll be surprised by his skills." Celeborn got a thoughtful look on his face and then slowly nodded.

"I guess you're right Haldir, but I don't have to like it." Haldir chuckled and nodded.

"Yes My Lord."

Meanwhile Harry and Orophin had worked out the terms of their fight.

"So if you win you want my sword? Why?"

"I think it will be a good present for Teddy when he gets older." Orophin frowned in thought and then smirked.

"Then if I win you'll be my slave for an entire day." Celeborn coughed loudly at that and Orophin turned towards his lord.

"Don't worry My Lord, it will be very innocent, maybe a backrub and cutting my meat for me at dinner." Harry, Haldir and Celeborn stared at Orophin in disbelief but then Harry snorted and nodded.

"We have a deal."

"Galadriel won't like this." Stated Celeborn desperately, to which Haldir had to bite his lip to not chuckle.

"Well My Lady isn't here right now." Orophin stated smugly.

"No, but she is walking towards us."

Orophin spun around and paled slightly when he realized that Celeborn was in fact right. Galadriel was walking towards them briskly, looking not too pleased.

"Beloved what are you doing here?" Celeborn met his wife with open arms but she stopped, crossed her arms over her chest and stared.

"Celeborn." The male winced when he heard his name and his arms fell.

"Did I not tell you to find and bring Harry and Teddy to lunch?"

"Yes you did beloved."

"So why is it that I have to wait for you? Everyone else is already sitting down, waiting for you."

Celeborn cleared his throat and glared at Haldir who was smirking at him. But he quickly lost his smirk when he noticed that Galadriel was staring at him. Harry chuckled into Teddy's hair and then walked up to his grandmother.

"Grandmother, it was my fault. Haldir showed me around Lothlórien and the day just flew away." Galadriel gave Harry a smile and linked her arm with his and started to drag him towards the dinner. The three other elves slowly followed, two glaring at each other while Orophin smirked.


"Harry! Come boy, sit over here." Harry smiled at Saedrim and gracefully sat down. He glanced at the end of the table where his grandparents and Teddy were sitting. Harry had handed Teddy to Galadriel who had immediately started cooing and gushing over the small child. Teddy giggled in delight and had refused to go back to Harry when they entered the dining room, and with a chuckle Harry left the toddler with his great grandparents. The elfling was sitting in his great grandmother's lap, munching on a boiled vegetable while Galadriel was running her hand through his hair and Celeborn was holding another vegetable out for the child.

"Seems like your son is very popular." Harry smiled and nodded, showing him that he agreed with Saedrim.

"Yes, I'm worrying that he might become too spoiled when he grows older." Saedrim chuckled and took a drink from his glass, enjoying the way his Lord and Lady was fussing over the young child.

"Don't you worry boy. Yes he might be spoiled now, but put him into military training and he will not act all high and mighty." Harry saw the sadistic glint in the elder's eyes.

"Speaking from experience Saedrim?"

"I might have sent my son away yes, but it worked." Harry chuckled and cast a glance to the head of the table. Teddy was munching on a piece of food while Galadriel and Celeborn were discussing something, their heads close together.

"Well since he has fifty years or so left it's not something that I have to decide yet, luckily." Saedrim smirked and agreed. Suddenly a hand landed on Harry's shoulder and the dark-haired elf looked up and met a grinning Orophin.

"Be ready, I'll come and get you in a while. You might want to wear more comfortable clothing." With that Orophin, followed by a smiling Rumil, left the room while Saedrim frowned at Harry.

"Young one, what was that about? I haven't seen Orophin this excited since his last sparring with Legolas Greenleaf."

"It might be because I've promised him a match." Saedrim choked on his drink while other elves nearby gasped in shock.

"What? Bu-but Orophin is one of our greatest fighters, second only to Haldir." Harry felt his smile slip from his face and then turned to glare at the door.

"He tricked me into that fight; he just wants to humiliate me. Well, we'll see who's laughing afterwards." With that Harry stood up, gave Saedrim a firm nod and walked up to his grandparents. They only had to see his expression to know that something was wrong. Harry held his arms out, and Galadriel handed the elfling over without protests.

"Please excuse me grandmother, grandfather, I have a battle to prepare for." With that said he turned and walked out with a giggling Teddy in his arms.

Celeborn sighed and places his head in one of his hands.

"Celeborn." Celeborn winced when he heard his wife's voice filled with suppressed anger.

"Yes dear?"

"Why would our grandchild have to prepare for a battle?"

"Well dear, why don't you ask Orophin since he-"

"I asked you Celeborn, which means I want an answer from you." Some of the elves sitting close to them started to snicker behind their hands while Celeborn only muttered a yes dear and started to tell her about earlier.

"So then Champ, should we go for practical or flashy?" Harry held up two shirts, one tight black t-shirt and a red one with long sleeves. He grinned when Teddy pointed at the black one, giggling and bouncing on the bed.

"I like how you think Champ, practical clothes so I can crush him like a bug. I assume that you want the pants made of dragon skin that goes well with them? Or maybe the boots?" Teddy squealed and giggled so Harry pulled those out too and quickly put the things on. He pulled out a belt and then then Godric Gryffindor's sword. The rubies glinted in the sunlight while he looked the sword over. After the last battle Hermione had walked up to him with the blooded sword, the sword Neville had pulled from the hat and had killed Nagini with, before losing his own life. Harry had taken the sword and since then it had stayed with him. He took the belt in one hand and conjured a sheath so he could fit the sword into it. He looked himself over and then turned towards Teddy.

"So Champ, how do I look?" Teddy gave something that sounded like a cheer to Harry and he chuckled as he picked the toddler up.

"Now let's go kick some elf-ass. That man will be sorry for thinking that he can humiliate me like this." Teddy squealed and hugged Harry around his neck. Harry only chuckled and cuddled the elfling closer. Opening his door he flinched when he saw his grandmother standing there with crossed arms and a frown on her face.

"Hello grandmother."

"Don't you dare young man. Explain now. Celeborn's answer did not satisfy me." Harry winced but then glared when he heard someone chuckle to his left. Saedrim and a couple of older looking elves were standing there. Some, like Saedrim, looked very amused while some were inspecting his clothes.

"Well grandmother, Orophin and I had a slight disagreement and we decided to settle it in a battle."

"And did Orophin mention how good of a fighter he is?"

"No he did not, but don't worry grandmother. I will not fall easily." Galadriel frowned but her unease lessened when he saw the mysterious smirk on her grandson's face. She walked forward and held her arms out for Teddy, who Harry handed over with a smile. Together they started to walk outside, followed by the older elves. Nobody spoke while they walked as Galadriel led the way. When they came outside they found Rumil standing there, waiting for them. He only smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes and motioned for them to follow him. He led them through the forest and stopped just as they walked into a meadow. The grass was short, coming barely above their ankles. Orophin was already there, grinning beside Haldir. As he saw Harry his grin turned slightly sadistic and he puffed his chest out. Harry saw Galadriel walk away with Teddy and the others elves that had been following them. He noticed that more elves had joined them, spreading out around the meadow.

Seems like we're gathering a crowd. Good, then more people can laugh as I kick his ass.

Harry schooled his expression so on the outside he looked rather bored while Orophin almost vibrated on the spot, looking relatively excited.

"Haldir will act as umpire. The rules are simple; the first one to bleed loses. Any other suggestions?" Orophin pulled out his sword while he explained the fight.

Harry shook his head in negative and then widened his stance, holding one of his hands out. Orophin frowned.

"Aren't you going to pull out your sword?" He pointed to the sword he saw hanging on Harry's hip, but Harry shook his head and then leaned forward a bit.

"This is how I fight. You never said that we had to fight only using swords." Orophin nodded and grabbed his sword with both his hands, slowly inching towards Harry with cautiousness. Harry grinned and then made a come here movement with his hand. Orophin lowered his sword down towards the ground and then towards Harry. His sword sliced through air up towards the sky as Harry jumped backwards, evading the blade. Orophin quickly changed the course of his swing, making it descend downwards, while leaping at Harry. This time the dark-haired elf rolled to the left, barely avoiding the sword that smashed into the ground. Orophin jumped back while Harry rolled up on his feet. Harry then quietly whispered Reducto while pointing one finger at a rock nearby Orophin's feet. The rock exploded, which made Orophin look down, and Harry jumped. He pulled out the Gryffindor sword with his right hand and slashed Orophin over the chest. Or he would have, but thanks to years of war and fighting Orophin was able to jump back.

"He's good." Galadriel turned to Saedrim, whose gaze was fixed at Harry, following every movement.

"Yes. But that rock… Did you feel it Saedrim?" The male nodded as an answer to Galadriel's question and then finally turned to watch her.

"I did. It felt familiar, but not quite. We will have to wait and see if he does it again." Galadriel nodded. Over her lifetime she had seen many things and met many different species. Elves, humans, Uruk-hai, Orcs and Sorcerers to count a few. But while watching Harry she was conflicted. He was an elf but just before the stone exploded she felt a spike of something coming from her grandson. She had gotten the same feeling she had gotten from her first meeting with the Istari Gandalf.

Haldir was watching the fight attentively, studying how the two elves were moving around. While Orophin was indeed taller and bigger, Harry was faster and more fluent in his movements. It seemed as if he was floating above the grass, barely letting his feet touch the ground. Orophin was not going down without a fight though. His swings were powerful and Harry had to use both hands to guard against the strikes which made it harder for him to attack. Haldir could see that both elves had started to sweat, and he could hear their breathing picking up speed. He had to hide a small smile as Harry pushed forward, nicking Orophin in the shoulder, slicing through his clothes and cutting the skin. Haldir heard some elves gasp and caught his Lord's proud smile. Orophin jumped back and looked down at his shoulder, seeing the blood oozing out. His eyes met Harry's and they grinned.

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Just wanted to clear something up. I never claimed that this is a slash story, I can very well see Harry with an female elf too. But when I started to write this I realized that he was related to both Arwen and Galadriel, who are my two favorite females (and they will have big parts in this story) and I didn't want to change that since Arwen/Aragorn is also a favorite of mine and Galadriel is veery much older than Harry.

And people usually don't like OCs if it isn't an awesomely written story, and I don't think or dare hope for mine to be one of those so I'm not confident enough to write an OC that would have had such a big part of this story. And as I've only gotten slash suggestions like Haldir, Glorfindel and so on (since there aren't many female characters in the books/films I don't blame you suggesters, I can't think of many) it's leaning towards a slash-story. But it won't be a mpreg (sorry), Harry will "help" in another way.

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