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Chapter 4

Elves tried very hard to not let the disbelief show on their faces; others were unable to stop their expressions. When Saedrim started to clap his hands others quickly followed. Galadriel smiled gently at her suddenly bashful grandson who seemed uncomfortable with all the praise. Celeborn walked up to his grandson and gave his shoulder a firm clap.

Other elves started to walk forward, some stared in awe at the sword while other eagerly started to shout out demands of duels. But a gasp made them turn towards Orophin who was down on his knees, clutching his shoulder. Galadriel was already there and was gently ripping the shirt open and gasped when she saw the wound. Celeborn frowned and walked up to the two.

"What is wrong belov-" Celeborn's breath hitched as he stared at the gash who's edges had started to turn black. They watched as the black spread out from the wound out on the skin. Harry walked up to them and pulled out a bottle with a clear fluid in it. He opened it and carefully tipped it over. The elves surrounding the two stared in awe as a couple of drops fell from the bottle and landed on the wound, making it start to sew itself together. Soon only some smudges of blood were left and Harry gently wiped them away. He then turned towards the elves surrounding him. Haldir felt Harry's unease and quickly, but quietly, ushered most elves away, leaving only their Lord and Lady, Saedrim, Orophin and Rumil.

"My sword is very special. It was forged a long time ago by a Goblin King, but later came to belong to a great wizard named Godric Gryffindor. That man is a legend back where I come from. I used this sword fighting the Basilisk I told you about. I didn't see it for a few years until a dear friend of mine pulled it out and used it to kill the last Horcrux. The sword was given to me after the war and it has stayed with me since then. I learned that the Basilisk's deadly venom had been imbued by the sword and I knew that the only thing that can counter the venom is a Phoenix's tears."

Galadriel and Celeborn eyed the bottle with the clear liquid while Orophin and Rumil seemed lost in thought. It was Saedrim that asked the question on their minds.

"So those tears, what else can they heal?" Harry looked down at the bottle.

"Well I haven't tried it out that much, but it is said to heal even the most sever wounds, and even when the person is on the brink of death the tears can bring that person back, fully healed. So I guess it can cure pretty much everything."

"And that's all you've got?" Harry looked up at his grandmother and nodded.

"Yes, you see Phoenixes are a rare creature, I have met one and that was only because he stayed at the school I went too. Fawkes, as the Phoenix was named, disappeared when his master died, but after the last war he came back to me and gave me these tears as a parting gift before he disappeared. I don't know where he went, but I hope he is very happy."

Harry stared down at the bottle with a fond smile which got bigger when Teddy wobbled over to him. The elfling reached his hands up and Harry picked him up, pocketing the bottle first.

"I'm sorry I used the sword on you Orophin but it is what I'm most comfortable fighting with. And you deserved a little punishment for trying to trick me."

Harry glared at Orophin who was looking a little sheepish, while both Rumil and Haldir was smirking at his discomfort.

"Young one, may I take a closer look at that sword?" Harry looked up at his grandfather and handed Teddy over to his grandmother and then started to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of the sword with his grandfather. Galadriel smiled while her beloved talked with Harry. She glanced to the side and saw a few lingering elves, both males and females, and couldn't help but squeal in her head.

"Well Teddy, it looks like more elves are taking interest in your father. We'll have to keep an eye open for a good partner, okay?" Teddy grinned up at his great-grandmother and hugged her neck tightly.

"Grandmother?" Galadriel looked up and saw the other elves watching her. She smiled and walked up to her grandson and handed the elfling back to Harry. She then smirked at Orophin.

"Seems like you're only the third strongest elf living in Lothlórien now Orophin. Maybe you should ask Harry to teach you some new tricks?"

Orophin glared at his smirking brothers while Harry was chuckling into Teddy's hair. Saedrim stepped forward and smiled at the group.

"I believe that My Lady and I wanted to speak with young Harry here. The rest of you can perhaps take care of Teddy for a while?" Celeborn gladly took Teddy from Harry and walked away with the others, leaving Harry with Saedrim and his grandmother.

"What is it that you wish to speak with me about?"

"When you made that stone explode, what did you do?"

Harry frowned in thought but then smiled.

"I told you about magic the other day, right? Well, I used a spell to make the stone explode."

"But Gandalf had to use his staff every time he used a spell. Are you a powerful wizard?"

"I don't know, back home I suppose I was rather powerful. I mean, I wouldn't have been able to defeat Voldemort otherwise."

Galadriel and Saedrim shared a look and then turned towards the younger elf, and it was Saedrim that spoke first.

"Magical beings are not common here, especially elves, but there have been some exceptions, for example our Lady and also the Lord of Rivendell. Our Lady has her mirror, can foreseen the future and also she and the Lord Elrond can communicate telepathic with each other, something only Galadriel could do with her daughters before. There hasn't been any other born with the same ability. Lord Elrond, except a fantastic warrior, excels when it comes to healing and his knowledge is exceptional, no one else knows as much as he does. There's also Gandalf the White, he became very famous during the last war."

Harry listened and took in what the two older elves were saying.

"So this Gandalf, who is he?"

This time Galadriel opened her mouth to explain.

"He's an Istari, they are beings that resemble humans, but they have greater powers, both physical and mental, then humans."


"Humans call them wizards, but they can also go by the name Istari."

"Oh then he's like me, before I got my elf heritage?"

"Yes, you could say that. You should ask your grandfather more about that, he knows more about magic and the meaning of being Istari."

Before they could speak more they heard a shriek and turned towards the other elves. They saw Teddy stumbling around with both Haldir and Rumil chasing after him. Celeborn and Orophin stood still, smiling and laughing as the two older elves ran after the elfling. Teddy laughed and then spotted Harry, quickly changing his direction and running towards him. Harry smiled and squatted, reaching his arms out for the elfling. Teddy happily tumbled into the arms, laughing loudly. The other older elves smiled fondly at the scene while Harry stood up and better sat Teddy on his hip. Celeborn cleared his throat, gaining all the elves attention.

"Well then, shall we retreat to beloved's garden for the rest of the day?" Then with some teasing in his voice, he addressed Haldir. "Haldir, you and Rumil can play with Teddy there; it's not so muddy so you two won't get dirty while playing on the ground." Haldir and Rumil gave their Lord a fuming glance but Harry could see Haldir's lips twitch. Together they made their way to Galadriel's garden which was in full bloom . The elves sat down at a table and Harry let Teddy down as the elfling was squirming in his arms. Teddy immediately started to tumble around, staring at all the different flowers while Galadriel followed him around.

"Grandfather, can you tell me about magical beings?"

Celeborn tore his gaze away from his wife and great grandchild and turned towards his grandson.

"Magical beings, if you mean Istari or wizards, they are some of the strongest beings living here. What do you wish to know young one?"

"Earlier Saedrim and grandmother were surprised that I didn't use a staff to perform magic. They said that I had to be very powerful wizard, but I feel like there is a big difference between my magic and the Istari that lives here. What is their history, where did they come from?"

Celeborn frowned in thought and stared out over the garden. He was quiet for a couple of minutes but then began to speak.

"Wizards have existed for a long time, walking on this earth. They came from Valar, five very powerful wizards. They were called Heren Istarion, Order of Wizards. There are more wizards walking this earth, but none as powerful as the five from Valar. Gandalf was one of them, called Gandalf the Grey. Another of them, now known as Saruman, betrayed the other wizards and together with Sauron became a dark force that we fought against for many years. Elves, dwarfs, humans and even Hobbits fought together and just a few months ago we finally defeated the dark, ending a very long war."

"Who was this Sauron?"

"Sauron was originally a Maia, a spirit descended here to Arda to help Valar shape our world, who was corrupted by a dark Lord named Morgoth. After the first war a couple of thousand years ago he disappeared but then after 500 years he came back and started to corrupt both dwarf, man and elf. My beloved did everything in her power to stop him, but many elves followed him, refusing to listen to her. Sauron made the elves forge the Rings of power and in secret forged a ring, the One Ring, to control them. But the elves sensed his treachery and hid their rings. A new war broke out and in it, the One Ring disappeared and a restless peace settled over Arda. But Sauron and Saruman never stopped searching for the Ring. They began to build up an army of foul creatures called Orcs and Uruk hai. Later the hobbit Frodo decided to take the ring to Mordor and Mount Doom, the only place where the Ring could be destroyed. A band of nine was formed, called The Fellowship of the Ring and they set out for Mordor. A lot happened but finally the Ring was destroyed. Many lives were lost over the very long time, but we finally have peace."

Harry sat stunned as Celeborn finished the story. Haldir and his brothers sat with them, all three wearing serious expressions. Harry tried to process everything that his grandfather had said, but he felt rather overwhelmed. He startled when Celeborn started talking again.

"I believe that you are very different from our wizards. You don't need a staff and you are an elf. You are the first elf being able to do this type of magic. Unfortunately Sauron was a wizard corrupted by darkness and he has made many species on Arda fear the magical beings. Even if Gandalf fought on our side there was still people that were suspicious of him, fearing him. I am afraid that people will fear you too young one, but not elves. We have lived far too long to be that judgmental, what I fear is the humans reaction. I feel no darkness in you, in fact, you feel just as pure as Gandalf did. But just to be safe, be careful and only use magic when you need to."

Harry frowned but nodded, taking the information in. He would have to talk to his grandfather some more to see if they could distinguish the differences and similarities between him and the wizards of Arda.

"Hawry!" Harry turned towards the excited yell and smiled when he saw Teddy come running towards him, only stumbling a little on the way, with a big flower in his hand, the roots and soil still sticking to it. He proudly held it out for Harry to take which the older elf did with a smile.

"Thank you Teddy, it is a very beautiful flower." The elfling grinned up at Harry and then ran back to Galadriel who was sitting down at a flower bed. She smiled as the boy came back and she gently pointed another flower out that Teddy immediately ripped up. The elfling then ran back towards the others and held the flower out for Haldir who took it, ignoring his brothers snickering. Teddy stood by him, grinning up at the older elf. Just then an elf came around a hedge; her long, blonde hair swaying behind her. She smiled gently at them and bowed.

"My Lord, My lady, lunch is soon to be served. Lord Saedrim asked me to come and remind you since he believed that you would otherwise forget."

Harry snickered behind his hand as Galadriel and Celeborn both looked rather chastised. Celeborn coughed and then stood up, sending a quick glare to the three male, blond elves who tried very hard not to laugh at their lord and lady. They followed the female, who introduced herself as Thalanil, to the same dinner hall that they had eaten their breakfast at. Harry could almost swear that there were even more elves there now then earlier today, but he chose to ignore it and sat down next to his grandparents with Teddy in his lap. As soon as everyone was seated elves came in carrying trays of food. Harry looked the different trays over, taking bits and pieces of meat and vegetables. He held a steaming vegetable out for Teddy who eagerly put it in his mouth.

"He's not a fussy elfling."

Harry startled at the new voice and looked up to his left. He smiled at Rumil and nodded.

"No he's not, thank god. He usually eats what I offer, and I don't try and force him to eat what he doesn't like."

"Sounds logical. So after this, do you want to train together?" Rumil's eyes sparkled and he looked so excited that Harry could only nod.

"Great, it's been so long since we had someone else to train with. It gets pretty boring after only fighting your brothers for a hundred years or so. And since you defeated Orophin without breaking a sweat you will be a sought after elf to fight with."

Harry felt sheepish but also proud of the praise he was getting.

"Thank you, and to tell you the truth… I did sweat a little." Rumil laughed, gaining some of the closest elves attention.

"I don't think that I will be bored for a very long time with you here Harry."

Harry grinned back.

"And I think that I will enjoy my stay here Rumil, it is very entertaining."

After the lunch Harry handed Teddy to Galadriel and Celeborn before going with Rumil. Orophin and Haldir quickly followed the two elves to the training ground. The training ground was a big field with archery boards on one side. One the other was a rack with swords, spears and daggers, most made of wood. Harry noted that several patches in the meadow had been cleared of grass, flowers and weed. Rumil walked over to the rack and grabbed two swords and then walked over to a cleared patch. Harry walked over and grabbed the sword that was held out for him. He weighted it and swung it around to test how it felt in his hand.

"These grounds have been used for a very long time to train elves, both young and old." Harry turned towards Haldir that had spoken but then focused on Rumil who was swinging his sword lazily in his hand. Harry widened his feet, bent his knees and held his sword with both hands. Rumil grinned and copied Harry's stance. They both circled each other; cautious of what the other would do, waiting for the other to make a move. It was Harry that moved first. He took two quick steps forward and swung the sword with both hands, aiming for Rumil's left arm. Rumil quickly brought his sword up and blocked Harry and then quickly backed as Harry swung again. For a couple of minutes this continued with Rumil dodging and blocking Harry's attacks while Harry laid on the offense.

"He's very good for being so young, right Haldir?"

"Yes, but I believe it is also because he fights differently from us. But I can see that he has more to learn." Orophin didn't tear his eyes away from the fighting elves, but nodded to show that he understood what Haldir had just said.

"Yes, he leaves a lot of openings, but I do not know if that is intentional or not. When we fought and I tried to hit those openings he was quick to block me, so maybe his reflexes is so fast that he doesn't have to think about guarding?"

"Perhaps. I do not think that he received proficient training; I believe it is all instinct. Maybe someone trained him, but not someone with a lot of experiences themselves."

"No I trained by myself." Both Orophin and Haldir jumped and turned towards the two fighting elves. But the elves weren't fighting anymore. They were walking towards Haldir and Orophin and both were sweating and panting.

"While I was training myself to defeat Voldemort I trained both as a wizard and a muggle. I realized that many pureblood wizards were far behind muggles in the evolution, for example wizards were still writing with feathers quills and sent owls with letters while muggles used machines, sending messages to each other in seconds. Muggles also used cars, a vehicle that could transport passengers faster than any horse. A car can also take approximately five people in it, more than a horse could carry. So I trained myself with different weapons and started to train with swords. I never used it in the final battle, but it is a skill that's been with me since then."

"Then we will help you polish those skills." Harry smiled at Haldir as the older elf then proceeded to go through some basic moves and grips on the sword while Orophin and Rumil helped as sparring partners. Harry quickly realized that Haldir was a very sadistic trainer who enjoyed seeing those he trained in pain. He was quick to correct and wouldn't be satisfied until it was perfect. After two hours of training Harry was dripping with sweat, panting heavily. He was standing with his sword, this time facing Orophin. Orophin was also sweating and panting but not as much as Harry. Suddenly Orophin leaped forward, dragging his sword in a horizontal swing across Harry's chest, but the other elf stepped backwards. Orophin quickly changed the direction of his sword, trying to hit Harry in the shoulder. Harry swiftly jumped to the side, but lost his balance and fell. Orophin stared at him with a dumbfound expression but then laughed. He held a hand out for the red head who accepted it with a smile.

"Hawry!" Harry looked up and smiled when he saw Teddy coming towards him. The elfling was walking between his great-grandparents, each holding onto one of the elflings' hands. The last couple of steps they released him and let Teddy stumbled into Harry arms. The elfling giggled in delight and snuggled his face into Harry's cheek. His giggling soon stopped though and Teddy leaned away from his guardian, making a face.

"Hawry stink." Harry laughed and leaned away from the elfling.

"Yes I do champ. Let's take a bath?" The older elves smiled as Teddy pouted.

"No." Harry laughed and with a nod to the other elves started to walk towards the tree he and Teddy stayed in.

One enquië passed (one elven enquië, week, is the same as six human days) and Harry and Teddy slowly started to settle in. Harry's grandparents acted as guides, explaining their history and life in Lothlórien. Harry enjoyed his conversations with his grandfather, especially about his magical powers. After several discussions they had discovered several differences between Harry's magic and magic in Midgard. One of them being that most wizards in Midgard had to use tools, such as staffs, to channel their magic and to get maximal power in their spells. Harry had, after much struggle, learned to cast spells wandless. But it was quite simple spells that didn't need a lot of magic. Stronger ones, like Expelliarmus, demand more power and because of that a wand is needed. Harry had learned as a wizard grew older they would learn more and more spells wandless if they practiced.

As the day started to turn to evening Harry sat with his grandfather in a room, discussing the history of the elves, when Teddy came peaking inside. He grinned when he spotted two familiar faces and stumbled towards them. Harry gently picked him up when he reached them and Teddy made himself comfortable on the older elf's lap. Just seconds later Rumil and Orophin came rushing into the room. When they spotted the elfling they both gave sighs of relief. Celeborn chuckled and addressed the two at the door.

"Lost the little one again?"

"He is a slippery one my Lord. I believe that he will be famous for his stealth when he gets older." Harry and Celeborn chuckled at Rumil's comment, but they had to agree. Even if Teddy was only a toddler he had a tendency to suddenly sneak away from the elf that was watching him, including Harry.

"I believe that he missed his daddy." Orophin grinned as Harry glared at him. Celeborn chuckled and then gestured to the two unoccupied chairs next to them.

"Why don't you two sit down? We have enough biscuits for you too. I know how tiring looking after an elfling can be." Orophin and Rumil gratefully sat down and were soon engaged in the conversation about the elves history. Teddy was happily and contently munching on a cookie while he sat on Harry's lap. As soon as he was done Harry handed him another and he got big smile in return. As teddy was chewing on his treat Harry turned towards his grandfather.

"Grandfather, I know a lot about the history of elves from Lothlórien, but do other elves live here?" Celeborn blinked at the question and then started to explain.

"It is a very complicated history, but there are a couple of different elves. The most powerful elves living in Middle-earth are the "High Elves". But their numbers have been greatly diminished. I think that most, if not all, have sailed into the West. They are also called Noldor and beloved is of Noldor."

"Grandmother is?"

"Yes. I myself am a Sindar, a noble and loyal wood-elf. Legolas, the ruler of Mirkwood is also of Sindar. Then you have the Silvans, also known as the more common wood-elf. They exist in both Lothlórien and Mirkwood. Orophin, Rumil and Haldir are all Silvans."

"But we do not care of our origin; what matters, is that we are all elves." Harry turned towards the new voice and found his grandmother standing in the doorway. She walked forward as she spoke.

"We have, after this long war, learned to not let trivial things like different species part us. For a long time elves and dwarfs were sworn enemies but one elf and one very stubborn dwarf showed us that you can overcome hatred if you find something that you both share. That time it was the will to fight against Saruman and Sauron, to fight for peace."

Harry nodded to show that he understood while Celeborn chuckled.

"Yes that was a very stubborn dwarf, but I remember that elf. He was very willful too, especially when he was younger. It's not surprising that they got along so well." Orophin laughed and nodded.

"Yes, and their counting-game was very fascinating as well. Very unusual, but fascinating."


"Yes, they always competed against each other so when they fought together they would compete to see who could kill most Orcs. So in a battle you could hear them screaming numbers between each other. The funny thing is that a human, a companion of theirs, would always win. He would state his number after the battle, and it was always fifty or more above their numbers. After that the elf and dwarf would backtrack their way through the battle and find the Orcs that had been slain by the human." Harry stared at Orophin and then turned towards his grandfather who was watching him with an amused expression. Harry hugged Teddy tight

"They are not coming close to Teddy until he is at least a thousand years old or so." The rest of the room laughed for several minutes.