The Story

Blackspot looked up at the sun "dear starclan" she whispered "keep us safe". It was a week ago when two rogue cats were running through the forest and killed 4 cats all different from each clan. The cats wore said to be from an instinct clan called Lofty clan. They were tall strong horrible cats that craved kill. Her mother Littleleaf was one of the cats that died. Savannahpelt stood next to Blackspot. "I am sorry" Savannahpelt said "but what can we do". It was true there leader Lightfeather was down to her last life. "WELL ILL TELL YOU WHAT IM GOING TO DO" Blackspot screamed. "what" savannahpelt asked. "Try to stay calm" blackspot replied. "don't worry if you stay strait and pure your heart will not fall".

After the day Blackspot thought about what savannah pelt said and went to sleep without a worry in the world. And the next day the two rogue cats were found dead.