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The Starting point

One week after Pein's attack on the village, Naruto had woken up and wanted to leave the hospital in a hurry. "I wonder how everyone is doing." Naruto wondered as he finished putting on his pants. He was about to put on his shirt but he was no fast enough as Hinata burst through the hospital door in tears.

"N-N-N-NARUTO-KUN!" She screamed as she jumped onto his chest. She jumped off and started pressing her fingers together as she stared at Naruto's chest, turning a shade of red that could match a rose.

"Hey Hinata, how are you?" He asked as calmly as he could while trying not to stare at the two watermelon ninjas that were hiding in Hinata's jacket.

"B-Better after the Doctors took care of me." She said as she calmed down causing he stutter to go away. "Umm Naruto, do you happen to remember what happened in that fight?" She said as she fidgeted nervously.

"Of course I do Hinata!" He exclaimed causing her to almost faint with anticipation. "The way you jumped in the fight to help me was so awesome!" A look of disappointment spread across her face but was replaced almost instantly with a deep red blush as Naruto hugged her. He noticed that she had winced a little when he had hugged her."Hinata are you still hurt!?" He asked before he ripped open her jacket to see that her stomach was still bandaged. "Hinata, why are you out of the hospital?" he asked very sternly.

"B-B-B-Because I wanted t-to see you N-N-Naruto-kun." He stared at her wondering why she was stuttering and why she was blushing, to find that he had pushed her onto the bed when he had ripped her jacket open.

"SORRY HINATA!" he yelled as he grabbed his sage cloak and jumped out the window. Hinata was left there wondering what had happened and how in that time did he managed to put his jacket onto her.

Five minutes later outside of the hospital

"Hinata must hate me now that I looked like I was about to rape her. She must never want to talk to me again." Naruto thought as he walked down the street to the Hokage Mansion since Tsunade wanted to see him.

"Well I wouldn't say that exactly kit, it looked like she wanted you to pluck the stem off that apple."
Kyuubi as he pulled Naruto into his mindscape.

"What the- Kyuubi why did you bring me here?" Naruto asked crossing his arms.

"Look before that you mind changing the setting in here?"He sighed, tired of sitting in a collection of 16 years of bile.

"Umm how do I do that?" Naruto asked sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

"JUST THINK OF SOMETHING BESIDES THIS SEWER! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TAKING IN ALL THE HORMONES OF A TEENAGER?!" Kyuubi screamed at his host; as Naruto looked down to notice a massive pile of white coating the cell floor.

"You've been what?" He asked puzzled. "Here let me try this, better?" Suddenly the cell was replaced by an almost exact replica of Konohagakure if the entire city were sent to hell, and the residents turned into demons.

"Much better, so what did you want to know?" Kyuubi asked as he sat down on a burning plain.

"Why did you call me into here, I know that it can't just be about the scenery."

"Well kit it wasn't me it was- ARRGGGGHHHHH!" Kyuubi yelled out in pain as he suddenly dropped to the ground.

"What's wrong?" asked Naruto as a familiar person walked from behind Kyuubi."Dad!? What are you doing here?" He asked clearly confused as to why his dad was here.

Minato smiled at his son. "Well Naruto I called you here to tell you something very urgent." He said suddenly having his happy expression turn into a serious one.

"WHAT IS IT, IS THE AKASTUKI HERE AGAIN?!" Naruto asked jumping to conclusions as usual.

"No, it's worse." He said dramatically causing his son to gasp. "I'm letting you have the other half of the Kyuubi's chakra."

"ALL RIGHT" Naruto said jumping for joy thinking that he could now beat anyone, completely forgetting that this was supposed to be bad news.

"WAIT WHAT? That means that-"Kyuubi stopped as Minato held up his hand getting both their attentions.

"Just because I enjoy a difficult challenge, Naruto you are going to play a 'game', and Kyuubi you are going to have a challenge with yourself." Minato said with a sly smirk.

"What kind of challenge?" Kyuubi asked not liking where this was going.

"I am going to release you feminine side back to you, but only her mind, body, and spirit not her powers. To unlock her powers you have to help Naruto, and serve him."Minato said holding back a laugh.

"Well I guess that's not so bad, where do I sign?" Kyuubi asked as Minato pulled out a scroll.

"Stamp here, all right now Naruto sign here. All right Naruto, Kyuubi is now your slave. Oh and Kyuubi since I hate you, I am going to make a body for Kyu as she would now like to be called. "

"WHAT/ WHAT!?" Naruto and Kyuubi asked at the same time, as Minato disappeared in a cloud of smoke only to be replaced by a naked woman with waist long red hair holding a katana. As Naruto looked closer he could see that she had orange eyes, whisker marks like him, and equipped with a chest that could possibly out-do Tsunade's Legendary Boobs.

"Hi there, you must be my new master; I look forward to serving you." She bowed in Naruto's direction who, still in shock, nodded back. Naruto looked down to see why he felt so warm, only to find Kyu in front of him trying to get his clothes off as fast as possible.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Naruto yelled as he jumped away from her.

"I am trying to please you." Kyu stated as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

"KYU!" Kyuubi yelled mad at being forgotten. "A few things, first I didn't spend 16 years building up this kid's pole so you could devour it first. It is going to be by that Succubus he hangs out with."

"Wait what Su-"

"Second why can you leave outside this kid's body?"

"Cause you were in control when we ate Minato! Ubi sometimes you are such meanie!" She said sticking her tongue out at him.

"Good point, and last How come you got my powers?!" Kyuubi yelled as he felt weaker.

"I only got half Ubi." Making him growl at the use of his nickname. "Plus the reason I can go outside is because now that I'm out that makes you unable to keep Naruto's Hormones anymore."

"WAIT A SECOND!" Naruto yelled out getting both their attention. "Three questions, one why do I have Fox ears, and a tail?" he said grabbing his tail and an ear.

"My power into your chakra system gives you that and you can go into your initial form and 1-3 tailed form after you unlock them., although they will be powered down a little." She said nervously looking into his eyes hoping she didn't make her new master mad.

"That makes sense, I guess. Question two was what do I have to do to unlock these powers?" Naruto said not forgetting about the game his dad had mentioned earlier.

"I can't answer that one just look in the book and it will explain everything."

"That sounds really vague, but anyway about what you guys said earlier about the succubus, who is it?

"Well kit it is the Hu-"Ubi was stopped mid sentence however as Naruto was suddenly pulled out of his mind as he bumped into someone.

"Sorry, sorry it was an accident." Naruto said hastily as he pushed himself of the ground

"Naruto calm down its ok, I only dropped Akamaru's jacket."Hana said Naruto picked himself up off the ground.

"Umm Hana can you excuse me?" Naruto said with a blush

"Sure." Hana said getting creeped out that Naruto wasn't as loud as he usually was, until she saw that his pants were a lot tighter than usual. "Hey Naruto before you go come over here." As he walked closer Hana grabbed him and gave him a face full of her cleavage. She laughed as he ran away with blood leaking from his nose.

10 minutes later in an alley

'I wonder who was Kyuubi talking about, whose name starts with Hu?' Naruto thought to himself before he ran into another person.

"EEP!" yelled a very red Hinata who was currently holding Naruto's head hostage between her breasts, and trying not to faint.

'Hmm what is this softness, the only time I could remember softness like this would have to be the time I landed in… Tsunade's chest!" Naruto started to realize where he was, and as he tried to pull away he pulled Hinata into his lap, as they hit the ground. Neither could move until Ubi decided, it was time to put his plan into action.

"Time for my hard work to pay off kit." He said as he started to chuckle evilly, as his sister merely cocked her head to the side and questioned him.

"You actually did work? How does it pay off?" Kyu asked him innocently.

"JUST SHUT UP AND WATCH!" Ubi yelled at her, getting angry and annoyed.

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