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As Naruto and Hinata stared at each other, blushing as red as possible it seemed as if time were moving in slow-motion. Neither wanted to leave nor try to go any further by chance of scaring the other one off.

"Umm Hinata, you do know you are in my lap?"Naruto asked trying not to get her mad at him.

"Y-y-yes i-is i-it bothering you?" She asked very timidly hoping he was all right with this, because if it was up to her she would have stayed like that all day. 'I really hope Naruto-kun doesn't mind. He is so warm and... is that a kunai poking me in the back?' She thought before she remembered what .she had read in the Icha-Icha series. Her thought were uninterrupted while Naruto got up quickly and tried to hide the tent in his pants from being so close to what Jiraya called 'The Forbidden Valley',but he thought that meant something bad so he tried to keep away.

"W-well it was nice talking to you Hinata." He said before he turned to make his escape, But the residents in his head had a different idea.

In Naruto's Mind

"Ubi, make them do something its getting boring." Kyu said as she started to roll around on Ubi's back, doing everything she could to speed things up.

"Use a Jutsu on the alleyway so no one interrupts our little… 'Play date'." Ubi said before laughing very maniacally.

"Whatever, I just want to see my new master in action." Kyu said as she made the hand signs of the Ninjutsu, throwing in a few for her own personal amusement. "Doton Doryuheki no Jutsu" She yelled out, causing the alley to look like another wall, and trapping them inside. "Now what are we waiting for Ubi?"

"QUIT FUCKING CALLING ME THAT!" He yelled at her getting very irritated causing him to get a face full of puppy-dog eyes. "Fine I forgive you just stop that it creeps me out. Anyway now all that is left is for the hormones to take effect. By the way, what were those extra hand seals you made for?"

Kyu got a very naughty smirk as she settled in to watch the show. "Just wait and see."

In the now sealed alley

Naruto was about to back out of the alley to flee from Hinata, until he felt his body start to move on its own."Hinata, I need to tell you something."He said as he cupped her chin in his hand.

"Y-y-yes N-N-Naruto-kun?" She said hoping this was going to end how she hoped.

"Hinata I've always loved you, even in the academy." He said bringing their lips extremely close. However this set off an alarm in Hinata's head causing her to jyuuken Naruto's neck stopping him from moving.

"Who are you, and what did you do with Naruto?" She asked, although she wanted to know a lot more those were the most important questions.

"So you found out, well I can say that is a lot better than that stupid slut Sakura, I am Naruto's … let's just say protector." He said, causing Hinata to look at his eyes and jump back from staring into the dark red eyes in fear.

"So besides the fact that you are going to explain that to me, what can I call you?" She asked calming down from the shock.

"Ubi!" He suddenly yelled out in a very feminine voice. "Look that is not important right, just know that Naruto wants to do the dirty with you, but he thinks you hate him."

"Why would he think that?" Hinata said almost crying.

"He thinks he almost rape you in the hospital."

'I only thought it was rape if you didn't want it?' Hinata thought very confused.

"Look all you need to do is get him started and then, I swear you won't be able to move at all without feeling sore. So get me unparalyzed so you two can get started." As soon as she did his eyes suddenly changed back to cerulean blue.

"N-Naruto-kun, are you there?" Hinata asked ready to strike, if it was a trick.

"Of course Hinata where else would I be?" He said with a big smile, but he quickly turned red as Hinata glomped onto him. "H-Hinata y-your boobs are pressing against me!" Naruto said while fighting the two residents in his mind over if his penis should get hard or not.

"Naruto-kun, do you want to fuck me." Hinata said very uncharacteristically, unaware her succubus side was testing him.

"Hinata! Well I mean if y-you are ok with i-it I mean I g-g-guess we c-c-could." He said sounding a lot like Hinata, which made her giggle.

"If you want to fuck me I want to hear you say it clearly."


"Fine, but I want you to promise even if you met other girls I will always be the most important girl." She said as her eyes started to glow purple.

"I promise that you will be the most important girl to me." He said in a trance like state. Hinata eyes stopped glowing as she became normal again.

"S-s-so c-can we still d-do it?" She asked very shyly, pressing her fingers together.

"Oh course we can Hinata, I just have one question." He said very seriously.

"W-what is it?" She asked very scared at the sudden change in his attitude.

"It can wait until the end." He said with a very foxy grin.

"T-the end of w-what?" Hinata said nervously.

"This." He said as he leant in and kissed her, as time stopped.

In Naruto's mind

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?" Naruto yelled at the two, who were smiling mischievously.

"Hi Master, how are you?" Kyu asked as if it were an everyday thing.

"Fine Kyu, now tell me what I am doing here," Naruto said as his words seethed with anger.

"Ubi said he wanted to give you some powers, so you can fuck Ms. Big and Busty unconscious." She stated a little too happily.

He turned to the giant fox sitting behind Kyu. "You mind hurrying up I was about to lose my virginity, so its kind of important."

"Shut the fuck up kit!" Ubi yelled getting Naruto's attention. "Now what i am going to give you will help you, along with what your father gave you, but in exchange I want to be able to walk around this town."

"Why?" Naruto asked completely censoring out the part about his dad.


"Hmmm, all right we have a deal."

"Good." Ubi then began to shrink until he looked the size of a large wolf. "Since you already have some of my chakra-"

"Our chakra." Stated Kyu.

"Our chakra... you can use these abilities whenever you want, and unlock more as you level up more. But for now here are three of them. 1) you can pour chakra to your cock and make it vibrate. 2)You can coat your body parts with my chakra and heat them up. 3)You can attach a string of chakra to their head and find out what makes them tick sexually."

"Ok so all I have to do is-"

"Sorry kit I got Bitches to fuck." That was all Naruto saw before he saw Ubi disappear into the female only village.

"Master, Why did you make the village female only?" Kyu asked wondering why the only males she saw were her brother and her master.

"Remember when we first met?" He asked, and continued when he received a nod. "This is insurance to make sure that i'm your first." He then disappeared into the real world.

"Master is so mean." She said pouting until a look of horror came upon her face. "I forgot to give him the book." She said sounding scared, the various noises of sex coming from the village not even disturbing her.

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