I will NOT be abandoning LOSM. I will NOT.

I just got distracted with this and wanted to try it out.

It's the Harry 100 challenge posted by dancingwithrainbows. 100 drabbles, 100 prompts, 100 words or less. I'm doing it on the easy level, for those of you who have seen it.


Prompt 1: Beauty

Word count: 99

Warnings: None

She sat alone on the balcony, alone with her thoughts. The moonlight made her brown hair glisten silver. It turned the tear on her cheek to a sparkling diamond. She heard footsteps and knew he was behind her, but she didn't feel like talking to him right now.

He reached out tenderly, brushing her cheek slightly, and caught the diamond on the tip of his finger.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said curtly.

"He said he was sorry, you know."

She turned away.

"He called me ugly, Harry. An ugly mudblood."

"But you're not!" he said. "You're beautiful!"