Hanyou Jean

Chapter Two

Hanyou Jean

Chapter Two

"Your grumbling is beginning to get on my nerves InuYasha ! We weren't about to let Miroku carry the girl, and she more than likely has a very good reason for calling us her grandparents." Kagome growled.

"I don't see the reason why I couldn't have carried the girl!" Miroku stated, fending hurt.

"You know perfectly well why we wouldn't let you monk!" Sango snapped as they entered Kaede's hut.

"Ye are back. May I know the name of the young maiden that ye carry." Kaede inquired as she quickly set out a futon for the unconscious girl.

"We don't know Kaede. All we know is that Kagome and InuYasha found her in the well." Sango answered.

"More llike Kagome screamed and I brought up the the bottom of the well." InuYasha scoffed. He cringed as he noticed "I'll sit you if you open your mouth again."

"Yes, and the fact that Lady Kagome and InuYasha are grandparents of this young maiden." Miroku smirked, earning a giggle from Shippo and Sango.

"Shut up monk." InuYasha snarled.

"What ails the child?" Kaede asked as she came close to the young girl as InuYasha laid the young girl down.

"She made comments of denial and then fainted Kaede. By the looks of her clothes, she comes from my era...or just after." Kagome replied, studying the young girl.

"I wonder what happened to the child to make her act this way." Kaede replied, mostly speaking out loud to herself.

"Just before she fainted, I sensed a whole range of emotions rolling off of her. Other than smelling of smoke, sweat and soil." InuYasha grumbled roughly, sitting in his usual corner of the hut.

"I will need your help to tend to the child's wounds Kagome. It seems as if she has been in a fight." Kaede replied as she gathered some herbs and a clean cloth.

"Alright Kaede. You men will have to leave the hut so we can check her out for further injuries." Kagome replied as she set a bowl of water down beside her. 'Why is she so worried about Souta being mad at her? I know no one is supposed to go near the well, but it looks like she didn't have any other choice.'

"If I'm right, it looks like this girl came out the victor of the fight. She only has a number of cuts and bruises." Sango as she pulled off the top. "She's obviously been well trained.

"Kagome, do you have a clean shirt in your bag?" This top is need of mending a good clean." Kaede asked as she put salve on the last cut.

"I think I do. Let me check." Kagome replied as she went over to her bag. A moment later, she came back with an orangy-brown colored t-shirt that seemed to match the girl's hair perfectly. As she laid the girl back down and covered her up, the young hanyou girl started to moan.

"W-where am I." the young girl moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. Then she remembered seeing a younger version of her grandparents...in a grassing meadow? She suddenly sat up and collided with Kagome. Subconsciously, the girl inhaled Kagome's scent and relaxed. The school girl noticed this and smiled, backing up a little.

"It's alright, you're safe. Before we go any further, could you tell us your name please?" Kagome smiled.

"It's Jean Higurashi gra...I mean Kagome-san." Jean answered politely. I'm sorry if I seemed rude earlier. I hadn't realized that I was in the feudal era.

"That quite alright Jean. You were confused at the time." Kagome answered

"What kind of pathetic pathetic name is Jean!" InuYasha scoffed.

"InuYasha! Sit...grampa!" Kagome commanded, but couldn't help but giggle at her own joke.