There are emerald eyes staring into his and a wicked smirk on her lips. It hurts Gilbert to see her, to see that smile, to know that she is not his. And then she blinks and the emerald becomes jade and the grin melts into a meek smile. But before Gilbert can think anything of it, blaring sirens jolt him awake, eyes wide, breathing wild. Five-thirty in the morning, Gilbert growls at his alarm clock, only holding to those emerald eyes from his dream, the latter girl fading into reverie. Sighing to himself, he slowly sits up, running a hand through his silver locks.

Falling in a rather unglamorous manner (though Gilbert would deny it) from his queen-sized bed, taking the ebony sheets with him, he hits the carpet with a thump. Lying on his bedroom floor, tangled in the sheets, he groans in discomfort but makes no desire to move.

"Gilbert?" sounds the voice of his younger brother and though Gilbert cannot see him, he knows the blonde to be leaning in his doorway, most likely staring at him with that typical, characteristic exasperated frown slightly pulling down at the corners of his lips.

"Lutzy. Life sucks." Gilbert moans into the blankets.

"Gilbert." The albino can practically see his younger brother rolling his eyes.

"Don't ever fall in love."

"Gilbert, get up."

"I don't wanna." Gilbert pouts, puffing his cheeks in protest, burying his face into the black sheets.

"You'll regret it."


"Your so called 'German Confederation' meetings start today and- "

Gilbert springs up from the floor, throwing the convers on the bed even before Ludwig can finish his sentence. His scarlet eyes are blazing, his usual smirk present once more. It almost brings a smile to Ludwig's face. The albino throws on the standard blue plaid trousers and slips the white dress shirt on. Sliding into the crimson blazer, he hops to his shoes resting by his dresser. He loosely knots a tie around his neck, slinging his messenger bag over one shoulder. "Let's go, Lutzy!"

Ludwig chuckles softy, shaking his head in affectionate annoyance before following his brother out of the house. True to tell, his attention deficit dork of a brother could not dwell on any depression for long. But his ADD swings both ways and all it would take to pivot around into deplorable sadness once more could be a mere glimpse at either Elizaveta or Roderich. And dealing with the latter is more probable.

Gilbert had forgotten that the Austrian will undoubtedly be present as the "German Confederation" assembly.

"Antonio, Francis, we are no longer friends. You abandoned a man in his darkest hour for Italians and wine and this is so against the bro code. And more than that, you dishonored the pact of the Bad Touch Trio. You've soiled our awesomeness and tarnished- "

"Gilbert! How many times do we have to say that we're sorry?" Francis rolls his azure eyes, trying to fight back and frustrated smile.

"How many times have you apologized so far?"

"Thirty-seven times." Antonio sighs.

"At least one thousand, nine hundred, and forty-seven more times."

"Gilbert!" Antonio protests, tugging on the German's sleeve.

"Fine, fine. You've won my awesome forgiveness. That BTT is back and awesome once more!" Gilbert snickers, placing his hands on his hips and flashing a toothy grin.

"But really, Gilbert. From what Antonio tells me, he seems to think that you might've not had so much of a bad time." Francis winks, elbowing his albino friend. When Gilbert sends him a confused glared, the Frenchman continues. "You tell me you don't remember the cute little Deutsch-speaker you chanced upon?"

"I… I think I remember green eyes, blonde braids, but geesh, not really." Gilbert shakes his head and frowns. "I was hung over guys, totally wasted. I mean, any situation I got into with a girl wouldn't have meant much, what with Lizzy on the mind… but oh. Oh crap." Gilbert's eyes go wide and he pales, if possible. "No, no, no. I didn't-I didn't-did I?"
"Oh, no!" Antonio laughs. "But her Australian friend assumed that your intentions were to."

"I didn't… I didn't, okay. Okay. Because, crap, I was drunk, guys. And, oh." Gilbert shakes his head, cackling as he waves a hand. "Then I don't care! Who cares who this girl is? As long as I didn't get into any trouble, then I'm fine." Antonio shoots a glance at Francis who just shrugs in response as Gilbert recollects his thoughts. "Let's… let's get out of here. Class and junk."

The day almost seems to blur, teachers' words and lessons taught ignored (typical) in favor of a Hungarian girl who sat only two chairs away from him (typical- and saddening). He can't stop looking at her, he can't stop thinking of the too many chances he's had to make her his, and he can't stop the heartache that ensues. What has happened to his happy-go-lucky attitude that was present only this morning? What has this girl done to him? And why iss he still head over heels for someone that blatantly told him that it would never work?

These thoughts flood his mind as Gilbert is ushered to an empty classroom by his younger brother because he's pretty sure that school is over, but he didn't hear the bell ring and it's time for the Confederation, isn't it? He shakes his head and straightens his shoulder, grinning up at Ludwig as he collects his stray thoughts. Come on, he tells himself. This is what he's been waiting for all school year! To get down and start planning for the best month of the year. Nothing can bring down his spirits.

But indigo eyes greet his as Gilbert enters the vacant classroom and anger boils over. This is different than the sorrow that usually washes over him when he spots Elizaveta. But this rage stems from the same place; a broken and shattered heart. It dawns on Gilbert that Roderich is too meant to be here, his cousin from Austria, but it had escaped him this morning and is it a rude awakening to see the pompous brat here.

Nevertheless, Gilbert takes his place at the head of the class room as the rest of attendants sit at the empty tables. There's his brother, posture perfect, behind the first desk joined by Roderich. And there's the blonde Swiss boy sitting on a desk who Gilbert's seen before around campus and has been coming from to these meeting for the last couple of years, but Gilbert can only ever remember his first name. Vash, that was it, wasn't it? Gilbert clears his throat.

"The awesome me, Gilbert Beilschmidt, bearer of awesome Prussian blood, descendent of the Awesome Teutonic Knights-"


"Call the German Confederation to meeting." Gilbert slurs his words together, rushing the sentence as he throws a glare to Ludwig, shoulders slumping with a pout.

"The German Confederation dissembled ages ago, you idiot."

"Nobody asked you, Roderich." Gilbert spits, avoiding the mauve gaze of the Austrian. But annoyance pricks at him and he clutches the hem of his shirt in anger. "In fact, no one asked you to be here! No one wants you here. What are you even doing here?" He hisses icily, scowling at the tile floor.

"Be an adult, Gilbert. Please do not allow your childish crush on Elizaveta and contempt towards me to disrupt this meeting. We all know that you're just- ACK!"

Gilbert growls and tackled Roderich to the floor, punching his shoulder as the Austrian squirms underneath him. "Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" Gilbert yells, blinded by anger, moving his hands to grab his cousin's neck.

"Gilbert! Gilbert, that's enough!" Ludwig barks, locking his arms around the albino's torso and heaving him from off the hyperventilating Roderich. Gilbert thrashes in retaliation, but he knows it's no use; Ludwig's grip is too strong. Vash helps Roderich off the floor who's coughing but not before throwing the Austrian a frown.

"No class whatsoever." Roderich wheezes, massaging his shoulder. "It's no wonder as to why Elizaveta turned you down." Gilbert screams and begins thrashing once more, but Ludwig holds him close, not allowing his brother the chance to strangle his cousin. When the albino calms, Ludwig finally gives him a bit of slack, but does not release him from his grip.

"I'm out." Gilbert spits before pushing his way from Ludwig and storming out the classroom. He stuffs his balled hands in pockets as he stomps down the halls. There's no one there, his footsteps echoing in the silence and when he hears another's pair he whips around. "What?!"

He peers down at the short blonde in front of him and suddenly those glossy jade eyes seem so familiar. "I'm sorry." Vash frowns. "I know that Roderich has a way of ruining happy relationships. I just wanted to let you know that I think that you're at no fault."

"Er. Thanks." Gilbert smiles sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He doesn't expect this from the usually frowning Swiss. "Oh. Hey. What's your surname again?"

"Zwingli." Vash nods stiffly, honey hair swaying.

Faded memories plague Gilbert and goodness that name sounds so familiar- and why can't he remember anything but a stupid haze? He shakes his head and laughs weakly. "Kay. Thanks. Er, have a great day, Vash."

"You too." The Swizz nods and marches off down the hall leaving a very perplexed Gilbert.

A few soft-spoken words ring in the German's head, only adding to the confusion. "Vielen Dank, Gilbert."

"What is the world is going on?" Gilbert sighs, shaking his head. A smile, a meek smile, crosses his thoughts and he can't help but think about his bizarre weekend and wasn't he at a party? Yes. He was at a party. Because Antonio and Francis dragged him there in hopes to cheer him up. Gilbert slumps down, leaning on the wall as he sits in the hallway, simply trying to remember.

Yes, he was at a party. And Liz and Roderich had been there, so there was no cheering up. And then there was drinking. That part seems to fuzz and Gilbert has trouble recalling what happened after the beer. He went out back, right? And there, there was girl. A girl with blonde braids and jade eyes and a sweet smile and she was really cute, wasn't she?

Gilbert groans and pushes himself off the floor, traveling down the hallway once more. He closes his eyes, mind reeling. He stumbles back as he crashes into someone and his eyes flutter open.

"Sorry! I'm just looking for my brother! Have you seen him? Perhaps you know him, his name is Vash." A soft voice squeaks and Gilbert looks down in bewilderment. Standing before him, a petite blonde, honey hair pulled into two braids. She's looking down so Gilbert can't quite see her face, but her voice seems oh so familiar. "Excuse me, sir?" She glances up and scarlet eyes meet jade.


Her small smile drops into a perfect little 'o' and her eyebrows shoots up. Her cheeks flare red and she casts her glance down at her shoes, eyes wide. "He-Hello, Gilbert."

"Er. Hey."

"I-I'll just be on my way now." She squeaks, and shuffles past Gilbert, her head hung low all the while.

"Wait." He pleads, grabbing her sleeve. She turns back to him, eyes of a dear in the headlight. "Er. Hey." He chuckles lightly and shakes his head. "I mean, how have you been?"

"Just fine, Gilbert. Just fine. And you?" She smiles slightly, tugging on her braids.

"Great. Yeah. Great." He can't stop staring at her and it's freaking him out a bit, but he just can't tear his gaze away from her porcelain face. "Great."

"Excellent. If you don't mind, I must be looking for my brother. It was nice to see you again, Gilbert." Lili nods and her face is tainted rose. She looks away, almost reluctantly, and continues down the hallway, leaving a stunned Gilbert. When she's yards away from him, he finally seems to regain his mind.

"Oh. Hey! Uh. Bitte schön, gern geschehen, Lili."

"Excuse me?" She looks over her shoulder, blinking twice.

"I didn't get to tell you. At the party. Bitte schön, gern geschehen." Gilbert smiles, giving a toothy grin, scarlet eyes shining. He can't help but let out a hushed "kesesese".

"Auf Wiedersehen, Gilbert." She beams, giving a little laugh and that causes Gilbert's grin to widen. She looks away and walks down the hall, resuming her search for her brother.

"Ich hoffe, bald von Ihnen zu hören!" He calls after her and grins when she pauses her walk. But she continues on her way and it's getting late so Gilbert turns and heads out of the school, smirking.

Leave it to an accidental meeting of an almost forgotten girl to turn his mood around. But then again, Gilbert muses, recalling the party, Lili seems to have a way of doing just that. The German readjusts the bag on his shoulder, giving a lopsided smirk. And it strikes him how earnestly he meant it when he told her he wished to meet again. He hasn't meant anything so sincerely in what feels like forever. And he wonders, just who is this peculiar girl?

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Vielen Dank: (Deutsch) Thank you very much.

Bitte schön, gern geschehen: (Deutsch) You're welcome, my pleasure.

Auf Wiedersehen: (Deutsch) *You should really know what this means* Goodbye

Ich hoffe, bald von Ihnen zu hören: (Deutsch) I look forward to seeing you soon.

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