June 2014 Edit: This story was originally ended, but I decided to keep updating and to all you new readers I hope you enjoy this! Some chapters are short, others are long, some are funny, some are insane, it's a mixed bag that you're about to open up...Good luck!

November 2-

I do not see how this is supposed to help my emotions. If anything it is a self degrading practice of releasing my emotions. This is almost as embarrassing as Kankuro's dolls. When am I ever going to even need to use this? To record my daily struggles and thoughts? According to Temari it is. I am the Kazekage, not a school boy who needs to vent his feelings into an inanimate object. But if I don't, Temari is taking me to see the therapist again.

I do not want to see the therapist.



Signed from your not so loyal author of this ridiculous journal,