Thanks to AshNox whose reviews got me thinking about how to contuie the story.

Time skip 1 month

It took Harry a while to get used to the idea of magic. He go used to it though, and Peter, the Proffessor, Suzan, Edmund, Lucy, and the Animals were all very nice. But, Lucy was his best friend. She was very kind and he felt he could tell her anything. Excatly a month after harry showed up a many with a giant beard, boots, moon glasses, and robes showed up. Lucy took him to Peter, and harry followed, there was something off about the man. the man told peter, " I am Albus Dumbledore," At that all the animals who were there freaked out, Screaming, "HE KNEW THE WHITE WITCH HE WILL HURT US ALL!" Edmund asked him, "Is this true?" Dumbledore, said, "Who do you mean? Jadis?" The animals screamed, "Do not speak her name!" Albus was puzzled, "She started the school I am headmaster of, what is wrong with her?" "She was evil and wanted to kill all humans." Lucy answered. Harry then spoke up, "I have a feeling you are like her, and we should kick you out." Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Suzan, and the animals nodded. "Goodbye dumbeldore." They all said, then a horse dragged him to the wardrobe and threw him trough.

Hope you all enjoy!