"guys, guess what I heard!"

"what?" Edmund asked annoyed he was in a chess mach with Suzan and he was winning!

"you know the boy harry correct?" They nodded "he was abused in England, only he doesn't know what that is!"

"really, how did you find out?" Suzan asked

"well, harry and Lucy were talking before they went to lunch, and Lucy asked harry what his life was like, and he told her in lived in a cuboprt under the stairs, that his parents died in a car crash when he was a baby, how he had to walk from home to school, and that his uncle whiped him!"

"that's terrible peter!" Edmund said

"how do we help him?" Suzan asked

"I don't know." peter said sadly

"maybe we could jut treat him nicely and fairly?" Edmund suggested.

"yes lets do that!" Suzan exclaimed