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Shinobi Of Old

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I don't view Danzo as to bad of a guy, sure he did some fucked up shit, but hey, their ninja. Fucked up shit is their way of life. Most of what he did, he did because he felt it would benefit Konoha… He felt his way was right and knew that if anyone with his way of thinking was going to be Hokage, it would have to be him. On top of that, he also understood his limits, he knew he was old and he wasn't going to allow time to dictate his power.

Chapter 1


One hour after sealing of Kyubbi

"This is some sort of joke right, Bird?"

The newly reinstated Kage was looking at the Head of the Anbu Medical Department like she grew a second head. She wore the standard Anbu armor with a small red cross under her Anbu tattoo. The veins around her eyes, popping out, and visible, despite her mask, giving away her status as a Hyuuga.

Speaking in the same emotionless tone that most Anbu and Hyuuga develop she replies.

"I'm afraid not Hokage-sama."

Shaking his head, the Hokage spoke again.

"Explain it to me again, I want to make sure I understand this. Remember Bird, I am a killer, not a healer."

The last statement seemed odd since he was smiling grandfatherly as he said it.

'For a ninja known as The Professor he sure can be dense.'

She never allowed her thoughts be shown on her face.

"Basically, we take a normal baby boy with undeveloped chakra coils and basically, force the Nine-Tailed Chakra Battery into him. However, the seal was designed to not let anything out, or in. Basically, all the chakra from the beast had to enter somewhere, where do you think it did?"

Sarutobi Hiruzen looked confused, something that looked rather funny on the intelligent old man.

In a questionable tone, Sarutobi answered.

"His chakra points?"

The medic gave a nod of confirmation.

"But that is impossible, a newborn baby doesn't have chakra points."

Bird sighed and shook her head.

"No, that is a common misconception. They have chakra points. However, the coils have yet to join the points. Basically, he has chakra and chakra points, but no pathways to reach outside and control it."

Sarutobi sighed sadly.

"What will happen to him?"

"I foresee a possibility of two outcomes. One, boosts his ninja potential untold amounts. The other, turns him into a weak civilian. We won't know until he is older."

Sarutobi nodded.

"Explain in more detail what could happen. I need to have something to tell the council."

Nodding in understanding, she continued.

"Well, the good one, is that since his chakra has no pathways, it is merely floating around his body. As you may know, it is common practice for Taijutsu practitioners to channel chakra to their muscles to increase performance. They do this, by 'bleeding' chakra from their pathways into their muscles. Naruto's chakra will always be in his muscles, bones, skin, organs, senses… He may turn out to be a tank… You have seen what Maito Gai can do when do when he channels charka…Just imagine if he did it all the time, and his chakra was a potent as the Nine-Tailed Fox's."

Sarutobi's eyes went wide at the possibilities.

'Gai has taken the Eight Gates to levels never before seen, if young Naruto is able to take what Gai has accomplished and bring it even further…'

"What was the other possibility?"

Bird sighs.

"Basically, his organs and muscles can't take the chakra, and the effect will be opposite, instead of dense bones, a mere flick could turn them to dust, lifting a book, would tear every muscle in his arm… You get the idea."

The reality of the situation came crashing down on Sarutobi once again.

"Is their any way for us to influence the outcome?"

"We could, but there is no way for us to know what outcome we would be influencing. Our best bet would be to wait until the results become obvious. That should be around two-three years old, if I'm correct that is about how long it will take for either muscle deterioration or strengthen."

Sarutobi nodded.

"Thank you Bird."

Sarutobi gathered the child and left Anbu headquarters to inform the council.

As Sarutobi walked towards his tower, he couldn't help but think about what everyone's reactions would be... He thought back to when young Anko had returned to the village. They treat her as if she was the Snake-traitor himself.

As soon as he entered to chambers, he could almost taste the tension, apparently so could young Naruto as he began to cry.

In a rare show of affection, Tsume Inuzuka was the first by his side and was able to quiet him down quite easily, came with experience of being a mother of two.

With Naruto firmly in the Inuzuka matriarch's hands, Sarutobi began the meeting.

Danzo spoke first.

"So, I assume you had the vessel's health and seal checked."

Sarutobi was saddened slightly by that.



"The seal is perfect and working exactly how it should. However, the boy's health is the issue."

All the shinobi frowned at that. They all knew what would happen if the child were to die…the demon would be free to try again.

"What issue?"

The question came from the ever-cold Hiashi Hyuga.

"You see, the design of the seal had one minor flaw…Minato was worried that if something was to happen to the seal… Not to say that it would, but lets say a Juuken strike to the abdomen, there would be a chance of causing damage to the seal. Minato designed the seal to keep anything from entering and tampering with the seal, as well as keep the beast locked inside."

Tsume's impatient voice broke the silence.


Her yell woke Naruto up slightly, something she was quick to fix before returning her attention to the Hokage.

"Unfortunately, that includes the chakra of the beast. Think of the seal as a house with no door. There was no way for the chakra to enter. However, the pull was so strong that it had to enter. It went through the windows… the child's chakra points, effectively frying them. It was too much chakra for the undeveloped network and destroyed his internal network. However, his chakra points still work, so he will be able water walk and such, but that is about it."

Now the shinobi had a very bad feeling. While Konoha did not actively pursue Jinchuuriki, the fact that they were forced to create one was good news. Their military might had been slowly decreasing since the end of the war and the Jinchuuriki of the strongest tailed beast would have helped bring it back up, especially with the loss of Konoha's Yellow Flash.

Danzo however, was the most upset.

"What does this mean Sarutobi?"

Sarutobi gave Danzo an aggravated glare.

"First of all, it's Hokage-sama, second of all, one of two possibilities. One with Naruto having Taijutsu potential that makes Maito Gai look like a Genjutsu specialist, the other being where Naruto has the physical endurance of a donut…"

Everyone rose an eyebrow at that. It was Hiashi that spoke.

"A donut, sir?"

Sarutobi shrugged.

"It has been a long day and that is what came to my head first."

The civilian council head looked outraged that the child was allowed to live while the shinobi council looked disturbed by the possibilities.

"When is the earliest we would be able to learn which it is?"

Shikaku looked bored and intrigued at the same time.

"According the Anbu Head of Medicine, approximately two to three years is when his body structure will either strengthen or deteriorate… The subject will not be brought up until then."

Danzo's mind was working a mile a minute.

'A good Taijutsu specialist is just what I need to partner with young Sai, 50% is a good enough chance for me… Together, they would be a force to be reckoned with. Konoha very well may, get it's weapon. Plus, if the child is anything but spectacular, that will allow me to re-seal the beast into a host of my choosing.'


Danzo's distaste was not missed by any of the ninja in the room.

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at his once-friend as he waited for him to speak.

"Where will the boy stay? He will need constant medical surveillance as well as a competent seal master nearby in case his health or the seal were to be endangered. As you know, my residence in Anbu HQ can provide both, perhaps the child would be best in my care."

Sarutobi immediately knew where he was going, however, he already had a plan.

"I apologize, but I have already decided that the child shall stay with me until he is slightly older…"

However, several clan heads did not like that.

"The Uchiha clan will not stand for that. That is putting too much political power into the hands of the Sarutobi Clan."

The Hyuga and Aburame clan heads agreed while the others didn't care that much.

"Well, that is good and all, but you're forgetting who is in charge here."

That statement reminded all present, just who they were dealing with.

The God of Shinobi, was not a man you wanted as an enemy.

"However, your fears of the balance of power are unfounded. Seeing as young Naruto's Jinchuuriki status is not to leave this room."

Most of the council's eyes widened slightly. Though, it was Inoichi that spoke up first.

"Why Hokage-sama, a public Jinchuuriki would be a great deterrent for war, especially if it is the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki."

"A Jinchuuriki doesn't help us if he hates his village. Look at Iwa, they have both the Four-tails and Five-tails, however, Han, the Five-tails Jinchuuriki never even participated in the last war, Roshi, the Four-tails Jinchuuriki was only seen participating in one battle, and he turned on his own shinobi and slaughtered half of them before the battle even began. All because of the hate and scorn the villagers put on them. It is human nature to fear what is unknown, it is also human nature to hate fear. No, it will be kept a secret and if we get put in a situation that leaking his status would be beneficial, then we will address the matter then."

No one questioned their Hokage…He was a wise man after all.

"Before you go home, and 'secretly' tell your families, and friends, I want you to be aware. Nobody outside of this room is aware of his status. Anybody who is discovered to know, or even suspected of knowing… Will be interrogated for the person who told them, and then both will be executed. Is that understood?"

Everyone's eyes became saucers.

Sarutobi Hiruzen had always been a fair man. The fact that he was willing to kill an innocent individual, just to keep this quiet, told them exactly how serious he was.

The clan heads nodded in understanding, and the meeting was adjourned, they left the room, many with concerned thoughts.

Tsume handed baby Naruto to Sarutobi on her way out… When he was sure he was alone, Sarutobi turned to Naruto who returned his stare.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that, I just wouldn't be able to deal with the possibility of you being hurt."

Naruto didn't seem to care as he was already sleeping peacefully in the old Kage's arms.

Three years later

Sarutobi Hiruzen looked down at the blonde haired boy with a sad look in his eyes. The boy's skin was pale and ashy, his once bright blues eyes were dull, and unresponsive. His spiky, golden blonde hair now was matted to his skull. The monitors attached to the boy were not giving good news.

Soon, a middle aged woman with brown hair and white eyes walked into the room, and waited for the Hokage to acknowledge her.

"What is his condition?"

The woman sighed.

"Not good sir, his kidneys are failing and his blood pressure is way to low to support his own life. His bone density has decreased by 77% and his brain function has all but ceased. I'm sorry to say sir, but in my opinion, he won't make it through the night."

It was only his years of emotional training that allowed the old Kage to suppress the tears that were threatening to spill.

'I-I told myself I wouldn't get attached just in case this happened…But the kid just has a magic about him. I couldn't resist…It seems I will be burying Naruto Uzumaki-Sarutobi…An honorary member of the Sarutobi Clan.'

That was to much for even The Professor. His tears fell, and he didn't try to stop them.

"Will he feel any pain?"

The doctor looked at the child in sadness, she had been the boy's personal doctor since she did the initial scan on him those years ago, and she really came to care for the boy.

"No, between the pain medication we have him on, and his lack of brain function, he probably doesn't even know anything is wrong. He probably thinks he is sleeping."

Sarutobi nodded slowly.

"In that case, I will allow him to go as god intended…If his condition worsens before I return, please alert me."

Surprised by the Hokage's suddenly cold voice, the doctor just nodded. However, her all seeing eyes could easily tell that it was taking everything Sarutobi had, not to break down in tears. But that wouldn't help anyone.

Sarutobi walked out of the hospital with a hard look in his eyes.

As he was making his way towards the Hokage tower, he called to one of his body guards.


In a flash, two Anbu were at his feet, one Cat and one Boar.

"You are to gather the clan heads, tell them I will be starting the meeting in fifteen minutes, with or without them."

"Understood, Hokage-sama."

The Anbu disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Ten minutes later, the Hokage walked into the council chambers and was pleased to find everyone in attendance. Most, however, looked rather upset, and disheveled. Obviously, pulled from other duties to attend the meeting.

None looked more upset than Hiashi Hyuuga, who was dripping wet with soap in his hair. He still wore his elegant Hyuga Clan kimono, but it clung to his body because of the water. He obviously was in the shower, when the Anbu showed up.

Even with his state of dress, the man still looked regal, but furious.

"Hokage-sama, what was the meaning of this?"

Sarutobi sighed sadly,

"What we feared three years ago, has in fact occurred."

Everyone looked confused.

"Naruto's body is failing. His doctor doesn't believe he will survive the night."

Tsume, Shikaku, Inoichi, and Choza all looked saddened by the news. Though it was tough to see, Hiashi and Shibi also shifted uncomfortably.

They had all taken a liking to the boy his strong will and natural charisma just attracted people to him like a magnet. He would often spend time in the Hokage's office, just hanging out, nearly every ninja in the village knew him, and every Kunoichi thought he was the cutest kid. There wasn't a soul around that could resist little Naruto, sitting on the corner of the Hokage's desk, with the man's hat and robes way to big on his body. His megawatt grin never faltering.

Tsume spoke up.

"What about a better doctor. There has to be something that could be done."

"I got him the best doctor in Konoha right now, our only other option would be Tsunade, and Jiraiya told me two days ago that she was recently seen in the Land of Snow. He will be dead before she gets here."

Even through his hard voice, they can see the sadness in his eyes.

While he felt no sympathy for the child, Danzo was disappointed that the blonde child failed. Stealth and Taijutsu were something that Konoha was severely lacking. They weren't ninja anymore, they were more like rock stars. Big flashy Ninjutsu, Genjutsu that wasted effort and chakra because it was cooler, not to mention Taijutsu, the only real Taijutsu expert Konoha had was Maito Gai, and while he was good, it wasn't enough. However, in the interest of Konoha, there must be a Kyubbi Jinchuuriki.

Danzo spoke before anyone could interrupt him.

"Hokage-sama, what of the seal? Surely if the boy dies then the seal will be broken."

The other members of the council began to speak among themselves. They had been so saddened by the loss of Naruto, that they forgot what he contained.

"It has already been taken care of…Jiraiya was able to negotiate with the Yondaime Raikage and acquired the Iron Bull Seal. The same seal used to hold the Hachibi. He will be here tonight, to assist with the sealing."

Danzo, seeing his opportunity to strike spoke again.

"Who will it be sealed into?"

Sarutobi sighed, his surrogate grandson was on death's door and all he could do was make sure that his death didn't result in the destruction of Konoha.

"We have yet to find a suitable container. However, it will be considerably easier using this seal because it will allow the chakra to slowly mend. As long as the child is under ten, then the seal and child will be fine."

Danzo could barely hold back his smile.

"I have the perfect solution, an orphan nearly five years old, already shows a lot of potential and is very loyal to Konoha."

Normally, Sarutobi would have immediately refused anything Danzo said, but it was to perfect. He gave him a nod and Danzo left to make his preparations.

Sarutobi took one last glance at the council.

"We will have another meeting when the sealing is complete. Good day."

Sarutobi wasted no time leaving the room and heading for his office.

Sarutobi spent the next six hours mindlessly doing paperwork, not really thinking about anything but the fun he had with Naruto.

After six hours, a somber voice that still managed to sound jolly, came from his window.

"Hey, Sensei."

Sarutobi didn't turn around, he knew who was there, and why they were there.


The now identified Jiraiya spoke again, a hint of desperation in his voice.

"Are you sure there is nothing we can do sensei?"

"I'm afraid not, I knew this was a possibility but I didn't want to believe it."

Jiraiya turned his gaze to the floor.

"I-I see."

Both were startled by a knock on the door.

"Hokage-sama, Danzo Shimura is here. You said you wanted no visitors but he said you would wish to see him."

Jiraiya looked at Sarutobi in a confused manner.

"Send him in."

"Hai Hokage-sama"

The door opened and Danzo walked in, with a child about five years old walking next to him. The child had short black hair, and was wearing shinobi clothing. However, the thing that caught their eye, was the emotionless look on his face.

Jiraiya knew exactly what he was.

'One of Danzo's drones.'

However, Sarutobi's thoughts were slightly different.

'Being one of Danzo's Root, he is most certainly loyal only to him, and he is loyal to Konoha. A disloyal Jinchuuriki would be bad for Konoha. However, he is an orphan so there is no risk of his parents abandoning him, not to mention, the emotional training will help with dealing with the beast. I guess we have no choice.'

Much to Jiraiya's shock, Sarutobi gave a barely perceptible nod as he stood and they began to make their way to the hospital.

"You will not regret this Hokage-sama."

With only a slight glance, Sarutobi spoke.

"For your sake, I hope not Danzo, I hope not."

It didn't take long for them to reach the hospital, upon arriving at Naruto's room, all three adults were surprised to see half a dozen doctors running around like crazy. Yelling could be heard.

"Give him a chakra pulse…Clear!"

The room flashed green and the erratic heart monitor stabilized.

When Naruto's doctor saw the Hokage with Jiraiya and Danzo, she understood what was to be done. She was one of very few people in Konoha who knew of Naruto's burden.

With a small nod, Naruto's doctor herded everyone out of the room before leaving herself, pausing only to look at Naruto one more time.

As she was walking out the door, she heard the Hokage…

"Thank you Kai…"

She left with a slight nod.

Alone, each was thinking about the situation.

'Oh, god Naruto, how much pain must you endure. Well, if it's any consolation, your pain will end soon.'

'Minato, I hope you can't see this from the Shinigami's stomach, if you can, you are probably beating yourself up. If only you would have listened to me. I told you, you needed to create a hole to allow the chakra in…I guess it doesn't matter now.'

Due to his responsibility as Konoha's spymaster, and his the fact that he didn't believe he had anything to offer the kid, Jiraiya rarely saw Naruto. When he would stop in Konoha to deliver reports, he would hang out with his godson, but he knew it wasn't enough.

'To bad he failed, Konoha would have prospered with him as a shinobi. Oh well, young Sai here will just have to take your place.'

When the room was empty, and Jiraiya finished the chakra sensor seals and security seals, he turned to Sai.

"Kid, I need you to remove your shirt."

Without any further prompting, the boy did so.

It was nearly two hours later that Jiraiya finished.

The entire time, Danzo watched Jiraiya to assure no mistakes were made, while Sarutobi just starred at his surrogate grandson.

Jiraiya slowly approached the unconscious Naruto.

"I'm sorry Naruto…The doctors say you won't feel a thing. As soon as I finish the seal. The beast will automatically move…I'm sorry I was never there for you."

With that said, Jiraiya began to draw the transfer seal…He and Sarutobi both had tears in their eyes.

Another hour later, and there was only one more symbol, the activation key. Looking towards his sensei for guidance, he received a short nod.

With the emotion of a dead man, he placed the last bit of ink.

Instantly, a shroud of red surrounded the boy. Unsure if it was normal, all three S-class ninja were prepared for a fight.

However, the shroud seemed to just surround the boy and slowly began to leak to the unconscious raven haired boy.

Inside The Seal

The seal wasn't like most. Every seal the beast had ever known, was usually some sort of labyrinth, with a cage. While this one was a labyrinth, there was no cage. He had partial control of his surroundings. Hell, his last seal had him chained to a wall.

The giant fox growled angrily as it watched his freedom, slowly get taken from him. Suddenly, a chain errupted from the seal on the wall and wrapped around his neck, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't free himself. Before he knew it, all four legs and three tails were chained together.

The giant fox growled even more, when it felt it's chakra slowly leave him.

"I will NEVER be restrained again!"

Suddenly, the fox exploded with power, the whole tunnel system that represented not only the seal but also his container's mind, became aflame with the Kyubbi's corrosive chakra.

Even in his unconscious state, Naruto could feel more pain than he ever had before.

In Naruto's Room

Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep beepbeepbeepbeepbeep

All the adults turned quickly when Naruto's body started to shake and his heart rate skyrocketed. It lasted nearly thirty seconds before it stopped.

Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep…Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee…

Because the gateway seal was already in place, there was no risk of the Kyubbi escaping. However, Sarutobi and Jiraiya couldn't keep the tears from their eyes.

Both shared the same thoughts.

'I'm so sorry Minato, Kushina…'

However, they were beginning to get worried.

Naruto had been dead for nearly a minute, and Kyubbi's chakra stopped flowing from Naruto to Sai.

However, what Danzo saw, shocked him. The cord attached to the heart monitor, was disconnected when Naruto had begun thrashing around.

Moving quicker than any man of his age should be able to, he plugged the monitor in.

For a second all was quiet, then they heard it.

Beepbeep beepbeep…

The other two in the room were just as shocked.

"He…He's still alive."

Sarutobi ran to the door before yelling out.

"Anbu, get me Kai Hyuga immediately."

However, before they could leave, they heard her shout.

"I'm here, what's wrong."

Without saying another word, he pulled her in.

Danzo was doing what he could as far as a medical scan but he couldn't understand what he was seeing.

He quickly moved so she could do her job.

She activated her Byakugan before flashing through several hand seals. Her hands turned green and she scanned his body.

She couldn't stop the shocked whisper from leaving her lips.



All three adults shouted in unison.

"H-he'll be fine…"

The others were even more shocked than before…

"What? How? When? Huh?"

She nearly giggled at seeing undoubtedly the three strongest men in the village turned into incoherent messes. Luckily, her Anbu and Hyuga training prevented it.

"It appears as though the Nine-tails does not wish for his host to die…Or was trying to kill him faster…"

Danzo was the first to speak.


"Well…The amount of demonic chakra in his body, rapidly increased…My first guess would be that it was attempted to escape, but no, it is simply flowing around his body, it even caused the release of The Gate of Opening…The added demonic chakra mixed with the influx of his own chakra and appears to be healing him at an incredible rate…"

"I can literally watch the muscle fibers that were practically made of glass two hours ago, form together, probably as hard as steel…"

However, all that was missed on two of the three…

"So, he'll be fine?"

Kai gave her first smile of the day.

"Yes, Naruto-kun will be fine."

Sarutobi and Jiraiya were sure they heard music going off in the background.

Mistake or not, they both owed the Nine-tailed fox a 'Thank you'.

Danzo was having difficulty suppressing his own smile.

'From what I have seen of the boy, he possesses a strong will as well as decent intelligence, not to mention, his undying loyalty to Konoha. I just need to make sure his potential isn't wasted.'

Ten minutes later, Danzo left with the unconscious Sai, had the boy opened his eyes, they would have noticed the red flakes in in his normally black eyes, before it disappeared and they returned to normal.

Sarutobi and Jiraiya remained in the boy's room nearly all night, discussing what should be done. Jiraiya wanted to take the boy with him, to train and raise him. But, after a lengthy discussion, both agreed that life on the road was not a good one for a child. So, Naruto would continue to reside in the Sarutobi compound and whenever Jiraiya dropped off his report, he would hang out with Naruto.

Two days later

Sarutobi was in a good mood, Naruto, while still unconscious, was getting better by the day.

The fact that he would live, as well as be a valuable asset to Konoha quickly silenced anyone on the council that was still against the boy, not that there were too many now-a days.

The one thing that bothered him, was that Danzo was strangely quiet during the meeting. Almost as if he supported the boy.

He knew Danzo wasn't a bad man, he was merely had a very pessimistic view on the world and was willing to do anything to insure that Konoha remained on top.

When Sarutobi heard a knock on his door, he allowed them to enter, he was rather surprised to see the object of his current thought enter the room alone. That was surprising in it's own right, since he rarely did anything without the elders, they backed him, giving him almost equal power to his own. Almost.

"What can I do for you Danzo?"

Danzo spoke bluntly.

"You know I don't like you, or your ways."

Sarutobi hid his surprise at the, usually aloof, one-eyed man's blunt words.

"I'm well aware of that."

"However, I believe we can come to an agreement on a very important matter at hand."

Sarutobi immediately knew what this was involving. No longer was he Sarutobi Hiruzen, he was The God of Shinobi, feared all across the elemental nations.

A slight inclination of his head was the only response Danzo gave. He knew that he was no longer dealing with the kind old man, but the man who fought and won two wars, the man that had killed more S-rank ninja than any other man alive. Danzo couldn't help but give a slight bow of respect to the man in front of him.

"We both know the boy has amazing potential…It must be harnessed. Konoha needs a weapon like him."

Sarutobi was about to snap but Danzo cut him off.

"Don't be a fool Sarutobi, we both know shinobi are just weapons…"

It actually calmed Sarutobi down, to know that Danzo wasn't just referring to Naruto as a weapon, but to shinobi in general.

"The only difference between me and you, is that I acknowledge that shinobi are just weapons to be wielded by their leader."

Sarutobi couldn't help but nod slightly. He knew that shinobi were weapons, he just didn't like that way of thinking.

"The only question I have now, are you going to just send him to the academy, forge him into an average quality kunai to be thrown at a random enemy and hope for a hit, or are you going to get a master blacksmith, have him turn that boy, into a sword that will shape the future of this world?"

The analogy was perfect, should Naruto become an average ninja, or a ninja of legends.

Sarutobi gave Danzo a small smirk.

"This is going to be one beautiful blade, won't it Danzo."

In a rare show of emotion towards his rival, Danzo gave his own smirk.

'One incredible blade indeed.'

Tell me what you think so far. I wanted to go through a bit of drama, give Jiraiya a reason to return before the Chunin exams…