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Chapter 3

The Ninja Life

Danzo was standing in a tree, looking down at his students, they stood in a tight triangle formation, each warding off the attacks of either Fu or Torune.

To be honest, he was very impressed, he had expected to have to set aside an entire month to teamwork. However, Naruto and Tenten, each knew each other's abilities so well, that they knew what the other would do, and when they would do it. It was fairly easy for them to add Sai into the formation.

"Stand down."

As if a switch was flipped, Fu and Torune dropped and bowed to Danzo while Team Root, merely took a slightly more relaxed stance, they learned quickly not to let their guards down.

"As per the Hokage's orders, I have taken the time to train you in teamwork. I must say that you reached a satisfactory level quicker than I believed you would."

Naruto and Tenten beamed at the thinly veiled complement, while Sai was his usual stoic self.

"Now, we will begin working on your individual strengths. Naruto, you will go with Fu, he will teach you stealth as well as various assassination Jutsu."

Naruto nodded, happy to be learning something new.

"Sai, you will go with Torune, you will be working on your chakra reserves as well as combat tactics and your personal Jutsu."

Sai nodded…

"Tenten, I will be working with you. There are several Jutsu I believe would be very beneficial to your fighting style."

Tenten nodded with barely restrained glee.

Fu gestured for Naruto to follow and took to the trees, Naruto following, Torune did likewise with Sai following in the opposite direction.

Danzo continued to stare at Tenten blankly. If she was honest with herself, it was beginning to unnerve her slightly.

"Tenten, channel chakra into this."

Danzo merely handed her a small rectangle of paper, not much bigger than a business card. However, she had seen many of them and knew what it was. Her father sold them in the store. Despite all that, her eyes were wide.

"B-but Danzo-sensei, Konoha protocol states that Genin are forbidden from being taught elemental manipulation."

Danzo merely stood there, his face unchanging for nearly a minute before speaking.

"As a student of mine, you will quickly come to realize that it is ok to break certain rules, as long as it is for the betterment of Konoha."

Still unsure, Tenten nodded.

"Now, channel your chakra."

When she did, the paper slowly split cleanly down the center.

Danzo had to repress a frown of disappointment in order to not discourage the girl.

However, Tenten was unable to keep the frown from her face.

"Do you know what that means?"

"Hai, my father explained it to me… The paper splitting down the center means wind…the speed it cuts is the strength of the affinity. Mine traveled very slowly. My affinity is weak."

"Correct. However, you are young, your affinity will grow as you use it. Now, you will not need much of an affinity for what I have in mind to teach you."

*With Naruto

Naruto stood in a field, very few trees around, but he still was unable to find his emotionless sensei. He could smell him and he could hear him, however he could not distinguish where the source was.

Naruto was surprised when his sensei's voice came from right behind him.

"I see, Danzo-sama was right. While your disease has in fact improved your senses, you have yet to truly train them. That is the first thing we shall rectify. In this field I have placed seven scent scrolls around the area. You are to find them, here are their counterparts."

Naruto was slightly confused.

"Scent scrolls?"

If Fu was annoyed by his question, he didn't show it.

"They are two part seals that give off the same scent, the Inuzuka clan had them commissioned to train both their Ninja-dogs and themselves. Now, move."

Without a second delay, Naruto grabbed the top scent scroll and inhaled deeply, attempting to imbed the smell into his memory.

*With Sai

Sai sat in a meditative, seated position, wisps of chakra coming off him like an aura. Torune just watched impassively as the boy in front of him poured out more chakra than many Jonin possess.

*Six Months Later, Training ground 2

Sarutobi stared at his long-time rival, searching for any deceit.

"So, you believe they are ready for a mission outside of Konoha?"

A nod was his only answer.

"You remember our agreement?"

Danzo's disposition never changed.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

Sarutobi couldn't hold in the smirk.

'As shrewd as ever.'

"Now, my only test will be for Fu and Torune to at the very least, fight evenly with Kakashi."

Danzo stood, staring at Sarutobi, Kakashi was to the Hokage's side, waiting for instructions.


Danzo merely picked his cane up before hitting the ground, because of the grassy field, no noise was made, but his soldiers got the message.

It was only Kakashi's honed instincts that allowed the man to jump backwards and avoid the tanto wielded by an orange haired man with amber eyes. The blade passed so close to his face, that had it had a tip, he would have received a scratch.

Sarutobi didn't even bother to move, feeling no nerves at the high level battle that was about to take place, mere feet from him.

Kakashi was staring at his opponent, analyzing everything about him.

'He certainly moves like an Anbu, used to fighting in the shadows, making quick kills before retreating. He doesn't appear to have much experience in open combat, perhaps I can use that against him.'

With a sigh, Kakashi's hand moved to his head band.

"I was really hoping I wouldn't have to use this."

The instant the Sharingan eye was exposed, its ability to capture every detail became crucial.

In the light of his opponent's eyes, Kakashi saw movement and instantly hit the deck, his foot lashing out, catching his attacker in the jaw, sending the man skidding backwards.

"Well, now, I think we're going to have fun here."

For the first time since the day begun, Kakashi dropped into his stance, a kunai in each hand.

With a single hand seal, Fu disappeared into the ground.

Just as Kakashi was going to intercept him, he was forced to block a slash that would have severed a hamstring.

From the sidelines, Danzo watched as his two strongest subordinates coordinated their strikes and skills to make light of Konoha's strongest Jonin.

Sarutobi watched the same fight, and could not help but notice the exact same thing. He immediately identified both men, Fu Yamanaka and Torune Aburame. Both were orphans in their respective clans and the former clan heads volunteered their services to Root. It quickly became apparent that unless something big happened, Danzo's men would win this fight.

Kakashi panted as he stared down the two men in front of him, Fu was sneaky and more skilled with Underground Fish Projection Jutsu than anyone he had ever met, he seemed to know exactly when and how to emerge from the ground to land a sure strike. Then Torune, the man's attacks were relentless, his Sharingan had instantly identified him as an Aburame, he had used his knowledge of the clan to plan an attack, but everything was wrong. He had never met an Aburame that was particularly skilled in Taijutsu, he sure as hell can't say that any more.

'Well, this fight is almost over, might as well go out with a bang.'

Kakashi assumed an upright stance, his arms curled up slightly.

"First Gate: Gate of Opening: Release!"

Both Danzo and Sarutobi were slightly shocked that Kakashi would resort to opening even one of the gates.

Kakashi's already impressive speed increased 5x as he charged the duo. Luckily for them, their emotional training reduced any shock they would have felt.

Even their training under Danzo didn't prepare them for this and Fu was unable to react when Kakashi appeared, punching him in the face and sending him flying. Luckily for the auburn haired ninja, Kakashi had already focused his attention onto Torune and missed the hand seal Fu made. He also failed to notice that Fu hit the ground the same way someone would hit water.

Upon sinking into the ground, Fu began to set up his plan.

Kakashi swung punch after punch at the Aburame and the man was having difficulty avoiding the blows, he had learned quickly that blocking was not nearly as effective when the man's strength was now 5x greater than before.

Kakashi finally found his opening and landed a heel kick to Torune's chest, sending the man flying backwards.

The sound of something coming from the ground behind him had Kakashi turning, his arm already cocked. By the time he could see his target, it was already too late. Kakashi's punch nailed the strange puppet flying backwards, it landed in a heap as Kakashi stumbled.

Torune stood, having recovered from Kakashi's kick. He calmly walked towards Kakashi and the two stood side by side before walking over to both, Danzo and the Hokage and dropped to a knee.

"Danzo-sama, your orders have been carried out."

Sarutobi didn't know what to say, he thought they would have challenged Kakashi, but to have actually beaten him… He was a borderline S-ranked ninja. Danzo kept talented company indeed.

Danzo stood, no emotion on his face, but even with the visible emotion, to have been able to beat Sarutobi at something was liberating.

"Fu, release the Jutsu and return Kakashi to his body."

Fu/Kakashi nodded before falling to the ground. He didn't stay down long as Kakashi returned to his own skin.

"Wow, what an out of body experience…"

Kakashi couldn't help but laugh at his own pun.

Danzo turned to Sarutobi without acknowledging Kakashi's joke.

"Are we in agreement?"

Sarutobi nodded.

"Make sure they know that they are to keep that team safe."

*With Team Danzo later that day

The three members of Team Danzo/Team Root sat down in a clearing and ate lunch.

As they ate, Danzo spoke.

"Now, I want to inform you, that you will not be attending the upcoming Chunin exams in Kumo."

All three were surprised and thinking the same thing.

'Danzo-sensei seemed very excited about us winning the exams in Kumo, why did he change his mind.'

The three knew better than to question Danzo, but he told them anyways.

"After speaking with the Hokage, we have both decided to delay you until next year. The exams next year will be ones for the ages."

Seeing his students' curious look, he decided to sate their desire for knowledge.

"Next year, we hold the exams. However, on top of that, Maito Gai's team, the one with the Hyuga prodigy is waiting. Plus the last Uchiha, along with the clan heirs to nearly every clan in Konoha will graduate this year and likely participate next year."

All of their eyes settled on understanding.

"I see you understand, while Kumo is probably the current strongest nation, their lack of visitors cause a lot of business to go elsewhere, it also means that nobody would be able to witness the exams. You would simply be showing off for Kumo and the other hidden villages. You would be merely painting a bulls-eye on your back…However, Konoha allows Daimyos, wealthy merchants and many other important people to watch, the people who actually request missions. To have as many talented Genin in one exam will likely increase Konoha's mission requests by approximately 20%."

The Genin nodded. They learned quickly that the only thing Danzo felt any true passion towards, was helping Konoha.

"Ok, I would like to inform you, that today, your probationary period of six months is over, and you are now allowed to take missions outside of the village. I already received your mission from the Hokage. There is a caravan traveling from the Fire Capitol to several nearby villages and back. However, they ran into some bandit trouble during their last trip and wish to be cautious. You will guard them for the duration of their trip. Any questions?"

Both Tenten and Naruto turned to Sai, he was their tactician and would know the questions to ask.

"Yes, how large is the caravan, how many people, how many stops, what villages are we stopping in, what are the caravans selling and are there going to be any other guards?"

"Good questions, however, I do not have the answers. You will be meeting up with the two that made it in exactly two hours at the Northern Gate. Fu and Torune will accompany you on this mission. They have orders to stay in the shadows unless your lives are in a danger you are unable to handle."

All three nodded in sync.

"Prepare for two months out of the village, dismissed."

The three Genin disappeared in a blur, each towards their home to prepare.

Naruto stood in front of his bed, all the equipment he was going to bring was laid out…

2 Wakizashi

6 Sets of clothes

10 foot length of chain with a barbed kunai attached at one end

100 feet of ninja wire

36 kunai

57 shuriken

4 pepper bombs

12 smoke bombs

1 dark green hood(for stealth to cover hair)

1 food pill(Naruto shuddered slightly, thinking about what happens when he takes them)

2 weeks' worth of ration bars

Inspecting all his gear one more time, Naruto nodded and began preparing everything, storing most of his items into his backpack and items he could need at a moment's notice in his kunai pouch on his right thigh and tool pouch at his left hip.

Tenten looked at the pile of scrolls, each one loaded with enough weapons to supply a small army. She just finished sealing the different weapons she would need into twelve different scrolls, she stored enough weapons for any one battle in each scroll, but had enough scrolls so she wouldn't have to take the time during the mission and perform her self-designed sealing method which took a lot of time and chakra.

She re-counted her exploding tags and confirmed that she only had 499 and not the 500 she desired.

So with a sigh of frustration, she pulled out her ink brush and a blank note and began to draw, careful to add the correct amount of chakra to each section of the basic seal.

After inspecting every aspect of the seal, she nodded and applied the chakra to instantly dry the ink, she placed it on the pile and put twenty into her kunai pouch and sealed the rest into a single scroll.

She grabbed all the scrolls and put them in the right spot on her clothes. She long ago made special shirts and pants with scroll pockets.

As she walked towards the front door, she heard her father chuckle a little, the chuckle turned into a laugh, and finally, the laugh turned into full blown howling.

Tenten just stared at her father like he was insane.

"What's wrong dad?"

Trying and failing to stifle his laughter, Kenju just let it out, his slightly graying brown hair waving as he shook his head in an attempt to calm himself.

After nearly ten minutes and a hard punch to the top of the head, Kenju calmed down.

"I-I just don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed."

"About what dad?"

Kenju's giggles came back but he got them under control.

"You see, a common problem for a new sensei's first mission out of the village, is that they usually don't bring the right equipment."

With wide eyes Tenten ran her hands over every scroll in a manner that would have given any boy her age a nosebleed.

"No, I have everything…12 weapons scrolls, 1 seal scroll with exploding and flash tags, and my ready to use equipment."

Kenju's giggles came back once again, with a sigh, Tenten just began to head towards the door, her father was obviously joking.

"I think you forgot clothes sweetheart."

That froze the 13 year old girl on the spot.

She didn't forget clothes, she couldn't have…She wouldn't. That's just not something someone forgets…Right.

However, much to her embarrassment, she had put an extra weapons scroll in its place.

Tenten made the walk of shame back up to her room to grab her clothes with Kenju talking out loud about how he couldn't wait to tell Naruto-kun.

Sai was in his bleak apartment in the village. Since he was joining the standard ninja ranks instead of Root, he needed a standard residence.

Sai had long since had his gear packed, checked and re-checked.

He simply sat on his bed and drew.

Danzo understood his need for drawing. He was placed through more emotional conditioning than most; however, he was never forced to close off all ties, in actuality that almost made it worse for the pale young man. He had emotions, but just didn't understand them. However, Naruto and Tenten were slowly getting him to open up a bit.

Ten minutes till time, and all three arrived at the gate at the same time, each with a determined expression on their faces.

They met up with two men, one was rather tall, about 6' 4" with brown hair and green eyes, he had a neatly trimmed goatee and wore a rather nice kimono, he was obviously a businessman, he looked like he wanted to sell them something.

The other man was shorter, about 5'5", dirty blonde colored hair, and pale blue eyes, he was clean shaven and had a decent kimono on, not as high end as his partner, but still nice. However, he seemed like he just wanted to be everyone's friend, however, being trained ninja, all three could sense the ulterior motive, he was simply a charismatic salesman.

The tall, snooty looking one turned towards the three kids who had stopped in front of them.

"There must be some mistake, I paid for ninja, not children."

Danzo had long-since drilled emotional training into them all. They didn't even react to the man's insult.

This alone made him pause.

Sai spoke first.

"Now, if you are done, there is some information we will be needing before we depart."

Now the taller man scowled.

"Can't we answer your questions on the way; I want to get this over with."

"I'm afraid not, you see, we were given very little details on what this mission entails. We must be certain we have the needed supplies to perform our duties."

The taller man just began grumbling. However, the shorter one spoke up in a well-rehearsed very sincere appearing smile.

"Don't mind Saito, he always thinks with his wallet. Now, why don't you ask your questions and we can get going."

Sai nodded.

"How many men will be in this caravan?"

"Just us"

"How many carriages?"

"Just one"

"What hostilities do you predict?"

The man shrugged.

"I don't know, we have been making this run for about 10 years and our families have been doing it for four generations. We usually hire a few mercenaries in the Fire Capital for guards, however, last month, we were attacked by a large group of bandits, they killed the mercenaries like they were nothing and stole the carriage, after taking the cash we had, however, they just knocked us out. We fear they may have learned our route and timeframe and left us alive so they can do it again."

All three seemed to be in thought. It was Naruto that spoke up.

"Seems logical. They have a potential money source, why end it. Have you considered changing your route?"

The short man nodded.

"Yeah, we had a different route planned, but that storm a few weeks back washed out the Southern bridge to Tazaku Gai."

Sai nodded and turned to the two men.

"Before we continue, may we have your names? I am Sai, this is Naruto and Tenten."

Though the taller one just kept looking at the time, the shorter one smiled and stuck his hand out and shook all three.

"It's great to meet you, my name is Sori Kyota, and the big guy is Saito Mobashi."

"Well Sori, Saito, it is a two day walk at a civilian's pace to the Fire Capitol, I suggest we get moving."

That finally seemed to catch the taller one's attention.

"I simply ask that you two stay together to make it easier to guard you both."

Then Sori nodded and walked beside Saito. He saw that Tenten was slightly in front of him and to his left, while Sai was in front of Saito and to his right. Glancing back, he noticed Naruto was centered between them in the rear.

"So, uh, why are they together and you are by yourself?"

It was Tenten that spoke up, since Naruto was too embarrassed to.

"In a straight up fight, he is the strongest, no doubt about it."

"So, he could beat both of you together?"

Tenten just shrugged, not wanting to give anything away.

*Four Days Later*

It was a quick in-out at the Fire Capitol, the clients had everything prepared. Now, they are approaching the first village on their list of stops. It was Tanzuka Gai, a well-known tourist attraction. It was decided that Naruto would stick close to the clients while Tenten and Sai took to the rooftops to watch for threats and hopefully eliminate them before they could attack.

*Two Days Later*

Having spent the last hour packing all the gear, the three ninja and two salesmen were preparing to leave. So far, there had been no threats.

*18 Days Later*

That was how the last eighteen days went, travel to a town for two days, wait for clients to sell their wares, move on, apparently, the clients owned a very rich diamond mine and sold the freshly cut diamonds to various jewelry makers. Finally, they were done, they just left the final town it was at the border of The Land of Rivers but still in The Land of Fire. It was known as Weeping Willow Village. It was surrounded by the large trees that make up its name. It was a nice, small village with average tourist traffic.

They had left the village about two hours ago, and Naruto thought he could hear someone following them. It unnerved him quite a bit. However, the noise disappeared altogether, and that scared him even more. He signed to his teammates what he heard.

A slightly rustle of clothing was all he heard before the shout.

"Wind Release: Devastation!"

A giant gust of wind shot towards the ninja and their clients.

Sai's quick thinking saved the clients when a large bird picked them up and retreated to the sky.

Tenten was able to apply chakra to her feet and stay in place while guarding her face with her arms.

Unfortunately, Naruto's condition made it so he needed a second before he could level out his chakra, meaning he couldn't stick to the ground. When he was picked up by the wind and thrown towards the river, his quick thinking saved him.

A kunai, attached to a chain, imbedded itself deep within a tree, keeping Naruto from being thrown away.

After only a few seconds, the wind died down.

"Damn brother, I thought you would have at least gotten one of them."

"Shut up idiot, you saw I almost got the blonde one, I don't think the idiot knows how to stick to surfaces! Besides! You remember the last ambush, your first attack didn't get anyone either!"

Naruto and Tenten were able to get a good look at the attackers. They looked like copies of each other, black shaggy hair, brown eyes, and average height. What surprised them were their ages. It wasn't very often that ninja made it passed twenty and they appeared to be in their thirties. The only difference was one wore a dark green tank top, and the other wore a white one. They both had a Kusa forehead protector with a slash through it.

The two continued to glare and yell at each other until they jumped apart, Sai having rained kunai and shuriken from his elevated position.

The two nin barely dodged all the weapons sent their way, Naruto and Tenten having joined in on the ranged attack.

"Damn it brother! End this!"

Both men stopped, the one in the green blocking all the weapons that would have hit the one in white.

The man in white was busy flashing through hand seals.

"Wind Release: Wind Bullet Jutsu!"

The man in green hit the ground as a bullet of compressed wind shot straight for Sai, in the air. Sai's ink bird barely dodged the man's attack.

However, all three knew what needed to be done, he needed to stay out of range of the attackers while Naruto and Tenten dealt with the two.

Sai didn't really understand it, but he truly hoped they came out of this battle ok.

Both men had several cuts littering their bodies when the stood, making sure that Sai was nowhere to be seen.

The man in green stepped forward, glaring at the two Konoha nin.

"Hmp. Now we can deal with you two. Don't worry brother, I got this. Earth Release: Earth Clone Jutsu!"

For several seconds, it felt as though the very earth itself had begun to shake, until suddenly, one by one, copies of the man in green appeared.

Soon there was a sea of clones, black hair and brown eyes as far as the eye could see.

Naruto couldn't help but whistle as he drew his swords.

"I'll take the guy with the clones you get the wind guy?"

Tenten gave the boy a nod.

"I'll clear a path…"

In a blur, the boy was gone, in his wake, pile after pile of mud and dirt.

Naruto took a slight reprieve to see how he was doing, he couldn't help but sigh.

'Damn it, this guy can make new ones just as fast as I destroy them.'

"Wind Release: Wind Bullet Jutsu!"

Naruto glanced over, and saw Tenten nimbly dodge the wind bullet, all the while, hurtling three kunai at the man.

Though the man dodged, Naruto couldn't help but smile when he saw the kunai sliced straight through solid stone as though it was butter.

With a sigh, Naruto charged back into the sea of clones, destroying them by the dozen.

As the two continued to fight, they weren't really getting anywhere against their opponents, he could fight these clones all day and not even start to get tired. However, he knew Tenten didn't have the same chakra reserves as he did. But he also knew that the man Tenten was fighting was burning through a lot of chakra, he wasn't about to leave their lives and their mission to chance.

That was when the plan came to him, he locked eyes with his longest friend as she dodged several wind bullets, in an instant the entire plan was mapped out, not a word spoken.

Tenten jumped back, getting some distance between her and the Kusa wind user.

With a smirk, she grabbed two scrolls, they may have looked the same as the others, but these ones were different…

"Stupid girl! We've already established that you can't hit me with your weapons unless you use wind chakra, we also established that you can't use wind chakra on your weapons in your scrolls, so what good will that do you?"

With a cocky smirk she set both scrolls on the ground and flipped through a few hand seals, two giant clouds of smoke erupted, giving the appearance of two dragons, intertwining with each other, their eyes giving off an eerie red glow.

"Ninja Art: Rising Twin Dragons!"

When the smoke cleared, he noticed that they were simply giant storage scrolls with thousands of weapons, he could deal with that. However, her smirk never left as she began throwing, the number of weapons blocking out the sun.

"Now Naruto!"

The man in white's eyes widened, the weapons weren't aimed for him, they were aimed for his brother!

He turned around with urgency, only to see the resolute face of his brother's blonde haired opponent, his sword less than an inch from cutting off his head.

Time seemed to stand still for both brothers as it seemed the last sight they would see would be the impalement/beheading of their brother.

High in the sky, Sai watched with an emotion he wasn't overly sure of, but he thought it might be happiness that Naruto and Tenten both won without taking any real injuries.

Following procedure for when protecting a client, Sai created another bird and three clones, ones that looked like him and the two clients and had it land. When the five conversed for several minutes with no other attacks, Sai deemed it safe to return to earth.

Upon landing the Root ninja was unsure what to do, he didn't know what would be proper in this instance.

For several seconds the three stood there, Naruto and Tenten still feeling rather proud of their first fight, not overly affected by the fact that they just killed two men.

Sai turned to them, placing a hand on each of their shoulders, getting their attention.

"Well done, Dickless, Flatchest."

In an instant both of their moods had deflated. A distinct growl made its way from Naruto's throat.

"Do I have to kick your ass again to get you to stop with that!?"

Before the argument could escalate any further, the tall man, Saito spoke up, his voice shaking slightly.

"Um, if you don't mind I'd really like to get home…"

For a civilian the man was really good at hiding his emotions, he just watched two twelve year olds kill two grown men and then joke around, the men's bodies still pooling blood.

Instantly, they atmosphere changed, they were the harsh killing machines he had seen earlier. The three nodded and Tenten went to work sealing the more expensive weapons while Sai sealed the bodies of the two nin.

Naruto flipped through his Bingo Book, hoping for a clue on their identities but couldn't find anything.

It was only a few minutes later that both Sai and Tenten were finished, the carriage had been damaged in their initial attack, leaving the three ninja to carry the men's stuff, luckily, Tenten just sealed it into a scroll for transport.

*Noon, following day

Naruto sighed, the village gates were finally in sight.

The trio of ninja had dropped their clients off at the Fire Capitol two hours earlier and then began heading home. Naruto and Tenten were glad to see the village gates.

The second the three crossed the threshold into Konoha, they were alerted to two presences that appeared beside them. It was Fu and Torune, having finished the mission successfully, the two could now show themselves.

Fu turned to the three Genin.

"Report to Hokage-sama now and be at the usual training ground tomorrow at 6am."

The three nodded to their auburn haired sensei and took off towards the Hokage tower.

Sarutobi sighed as he overlooked another useless matter.

"I hate this job."

Naruto walked in the room, unnoticed by the distracted Sarutobi as the man said that.

"You know, I don't think you're allowed to say things like that. Your ninja might lose faith in you."

Sarutobi smiled towards his grandson and his team.

"Welcome back Naruto. Report."

Naruto assumed an upright stance, Tenten on his left and Sai on his right. The blonde boy began going over the details of the mission. When he was done, Sarutobi was intrigued.

"Hmm, Kusa missing nin in their thirties you say?"

The Hokage thought for a few minutes but came up with nothing.

"And they weren't in your Bingo Book?"

At Naruto's shake of his head, Sarutobi walked over to his book shelf and began to search.

"Ahh, here it is. Look in here, I'm sure you'll find them in here."

The book was much larger than the field version they give out to Konoha shinobi. The symbol of Kusa on its cover.

"That, Naruto-kun is a compilation of every missing nin to ever come from Kusa. When either a bounty is collected or a nin is believed dead, they are removed from the Bingo Book. However, they stay in there forever."

Naruto and Tenten crowded over the book as they flipped page after page, it was in the middle of the C-rank section that they found them, at least what seemed to be them.

Rank: C

The Satsuma Brothers

Academy Graduation Age: 6

Alias: N/A

Status: Missing/Dead

Info: Twins, hailed as prodigies during the Third Shinobi, used a combination of flawless teamwork and their respective Jutsu to wear the enemy down before going in for the strike. Particularly skilled at preparing ambushes at a moment's notice.

Charges: Failed to report in after a successful mission during the war. They have been unheard from since that time.

Skills: One is particularly skilled with Earth Release, the other uses Wind Release.

Reward: 45,000 for both

Naruto and Tenten both spent a few minutes examining the pictures and agreed.

"This is them."

As Sarutobi looked at the info, he was surprised.

"They must have been rather impressive, granted their bounty wouldn't have attracted much attention, but to survive as a missing ninja for nearly twenty years is quite the feat. I'll be sure to send the bodies to Kusa and will make sure you each receive your portion of the bounty."

The three teens nodded and waited for Sarutobi's next orders.

"You are dismissed."

With a bow, they were gone.

Sarutobi couldn't help but smile.

"Your father would be proud of the man you're becoming."

*2 Months Later

"You proved in yesterday's training that you are all improving well. Go to the Hokage tower and request a mission. You are to complete the mission and return."

"Understood, Danzo-sensei."

In the past three months, they had taken 5 C-rank missions, each one ended with their blades getting bloodied and while it affected Naruto and Tenten at first, they have both come to terms with the job they signed up for.

The three made their way quickly through the village and towards the Hokage tower, their two ever-present shadows following at a distance. Neither Fu nor Torune have had to reveal themselves in even one mission.

When they arrived they were immediately allowed in to see the Hokage.

"Ahh, Team Danzo, here for another mission?"

Naruto spoke for all of them.

"Yes Hokage-sama."

The elder Hokage looked through the missions before finding one that would suit an assault and assassination team.

"Ahh, here we go. A small group of bandits have been attacking various travelers on the road to and from Tanzuka Town, we can't have that, now can we? I want them gone.

All five nodded and chorused.

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

When they disappeared, Sarutobi smiled fondly thinking about his 'grandson'.

'I was worried about making Danzo, Naruto's sensei, but it is obvious that his methods are indeed effective, though the old war-hawk may not know it, the Will of Fire burns deep in his veins and he is causing theirs to burn brightly.'

Since they all carried the gear they would need, they set out for Tanzuka Town. Sai gave the symbol to halt and the other two complied without complaint.

Sai pulled out his scroll and began to draw, moments later, a large caravan was made, two civilian mercenaries walking along side it and several wealthy businessmen inside.

A smirk crossed Naruto's face.

"Nicely done, Sai."

The three ninja waited patiently for the caravan to get ahead of them and they proceeded to follow it, taking to the trees.

It was after nearly two hours of travel that they saw movement. Naruto got a whiff of four different scents.

In an instant three men charged from the trees, and the 'civilians' could do nothing as they were each cut down.

The bandits looked at their targets in confusion when they started to melt, one of the bandits touched one of them, smelling the strange black substance.


Sai's emotionless voice sent a chill of fear down the back of each of their necks.

"Ink Clone: Burst!"

The bandits could only watch with fascination as symbols began appearing on the 'melting people'.

When the symbols stopped moving a voice was heard.

"Get back!"


When the smoke cleared, Naruto gave an impressed whistle. The ground was burned black where the explosion reached, the three dead bandit's bodies were thrown across the road.

"Damn, your sealing is getting better, Sai."

A series of curses flew from the bushes.

"Hey, Asshole! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find idiots that will do whatever I tell them to? Well, let me tell you, it is surprisingly hard."

Before he could continue, all three Genin threw several kunai at him. He was surprisingly nimble and able to dodge easily, now the Genin could get a good look at the nin. He was surprisingly from Konoha, if the head band was anything to go off. He wore brown pants and a grey shirt. His hair was as black as his eyes.

"You kiddies may have some skill after all."

Without waiting for a response, he pulled out two kunai and flashed through several hand seals, the kunai hanging from his pinkies.

"Lightning Release: Offensive Bolt Jutsu"

The unknown Konoha nin threw the kunai and as they flew, a small stream of electricity danced between them.

All three easily dodged and moved for the attack.

Tenten kept him from running with well-placed kunai and shuriken, Naruto attacked head on with Kenjutsu and Sai backed him up with two one-tailed foxes that reached Naruto's waist.

While Naruto was much better at Kenjutsu, the man's ability to channel lightning chakra was making things difficult. Just as he was about to get kicked away, one of the foxes hit the man with his tail. At least he would have, had he not turned into a log.

The three easily found the fleeing man and cut off his retreat.

Through signals they had been working on, they came up with a plan.

Thirty seconds later, the plan went into action.

Two ink snakes burst from the ground and held the nin in place. Just as he was about to destroy the snakes with his lightning chakra charged kunai, Naruto went in for the strike, and cut the man's hand off.

His screaming didn't last long as two kunai impacted him. One in the neck, the other in the heart.

The three watched impassively as the man died a quick death.

With next to no reaction, Tenten walked up and placed a scroll to his chest, sealing the man's body.

Sai pulled his scroll out and began drawing once again, the same caravan was formed.

"We shall continue to Tanzuka Town, upon arriving we will get an inn for the night before returning to Konoha in case there are more bandits in the area."

Neither Naruto nor Tenten complained as they slowly followed Sai's creation.

The rest of the mission occurred with no attacks and no issues, the three were now making their way to the Hokage tower to report to their leader.

When they arrived, they brought the body to the Hokage and found out he was a rather talented Konoha Chunin who lost his way after failing the Jonin exams.

They receive their pay and each went home for the night.

*3 Months Later

It was late into the night and Naruto, Tenten and Sai were facing off against Fu and Torune once again. They normally would have stopped training hours earlier, but the Chunin Exams were in only six months and they weren't going to be unprepared.

Just as the two Root operatives were going to charge again, a standard Konoha Anbu dropped into their training grounds.

The Anbu fell to a knee, bowing her head.

"Danzo-sama, Hokage-sama requests you mobilize your Root soldiers to assist in capturing this man."

Danzo looked at the picture with interest. It was a Konoha Chunin with silver hair.

"The charges?"

Without a hint of emotion, the Anbu spoke.

"Chunin Mizuki of Konoha is charged with stealing the Forbidden Scroll of Seals."

Danzo was unable to keep the surprise from his face.

'How? I know that Chunin he was nothing special. Not to mention he had no skill in sealing. There would be no way for him to crack the blood seal that kept the scroll locked away.'

Turning to his two highest ranking soldiers, Danzo gave his orders.

"Fu, Torune, gather units 1-17, mobilize them across the village. Find that scroll. If you can't keep it out of enemy hands, you have permission to destroy it."

With a quick bow, the two were gone.

Danzo looked at his charges that were looking at him with interest.

"Join the search, Mizuki should not be a problem for any of you."

In a blur, the three were gone, Danzo too disappearing in his own burst of speed.

The only one left in the field was the wide eyed Anbu, her purple hair billowing in the wind slightly.

'Bastard! He just sent a Genin after a Chunin! Is he trying to get them killed!?'

The Anbu ignored the Hokage's orders to rejoin the search and instead began to tail Naruto's team.

*With Mizuki

The silver haired Chunin quickly ducked into a dark alley as a team of Anbu pass above him.

"Damn, they're pulling out all the stops."

'Soon Orochimaru-sama will give me the power I deserve!'

Using the surprisingly vast amount of stealth skills that he possessed, Mizuki made his way out of the village and into the surrounding woods.

*With Team Danzo

Naruto, Sai, and Tenten stopped on the branch of a tree, overlooking the village.

Sai's mind began workings.

"I believe we should search along the West wall."

Naruto looked at the boy like he was crazy.

"Why? The Hokage Tower is only a mile from the East wall, why would he make the 10 mile trip through the village?"

Sai made no visible reaction.

"For that exact reason, everyone will expect for him to rush to leave the village, just look."

Sai gestured to an Anbu team that was moving towards the East wall of the village. They ran through the village without as much as a second glance.

Naruto could find no fault in his idea, so the three took off, heading towards the West wall.

Though with alert eyes, the three made it through the village and to the forest within twenty minutes, as they were moving, a yell gathered their attention.

"How could you Mizuki!? Gah!"

Naruto's and Tenten's eyes narrowed while Sai's remained impassive.

The team shared a nod and took to the trees.

A bit of a cliffhanger for Chapter 3! I tried to show that Naruto has to fight against superior opponents, but not like in cannon, facing Zabuza 6 months out of the academy and such. Also, its more implied than actually shown, Naruto has not taken his weights off since he got them, gradually building up how much he can handle.

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