Hey guy's this is a story I came up with while watching The Walking dead but then I watched the vampire diaries and was like hmmm...I wonder what it would be like if Vampires walked around before the Zombie Apolcalypse happened? So I'm gonna try and write one to see how it goes, I saw that someone else had done it: WickedlyMinx, I hope you don't think I'm copying you, sorry if you think I stole your idea but I'm doing a complete opposite story, just the whole vampire thin is the same, sorry again:) but you gave me the guts to actually post it cause I wasn't going to because I thought people might not read it, so thanks for te courage :) Thanks I give you my forever dying grattitude Love.

And to whoever reads it, I hope you enjoy.

Full Summary: Walkers are always hungry, but not as hungry as is, she has the bloodlust just as much as they do, to sink her teeth into the flesh of any human survivers she meets. But when she comes across the small group from Atlanta she doesn't want to...instead she wants to help them, what will happen when they get caught in the mix of Vampires and Walkers and what will they think when they find out what ? And what if the she falls for none other than Daryl Dixon? Daryl/OC set in season 1 just before they go to the CDC.

I know not another Daryl/OC but I couldn't help myself and as for my other story "Aint no easy way out" I will try and get that updated as soon as possible if you read it.

And my character is like the ones from The vampire diaires, the compulsion, the red eyes, the speed, the strength but the sun doesn't hurt her, due to the silver ring she wears. I hope you like it.

Anyway, enjoy.

Chapter One: Hunger and bloodlust.

It wasn't much for the girl to comprehend the situation people were dying, coming back, reanimating into something else, what she knew them to be was Zombies, but she'd heard other survivers call them Walkers, suppose it was a better word than "ZOMBIE"

It was like that of a horror movie, but her life was a horror movie, her eternity was forever to be a horror movie but these...walking dead creatures would never be as bad as her. They didn't know what they were doing, the people they once were, were gone but she knew exactly what she was doing and in some ways she enjoyed it.

The bloodlust, for her was an eternal game and she would forever hold it against herself if she killed an innocent person, she tortuered herself every minuteof every day when she did it, but right now in this world was what she had to do to survive. If she didn't, she would desiccate into nothing, she would be no more and she did not want that. She was faster than the dead, she was hungrier than them if that were even possible.

She had wondered this world for one hundred and fifty years exactly, alone, and now here she was in the middle of the Georgia woods, looking for something to eat. She could hear the murmers of people talking and she went towards it and stopped a few hundred yards away from them, just two people. A woman and a man arguing, the blonde man stepped forward with a knife and the woman was begging him not too, she didn't want to die apparently she wasn't ready, but in a world like this it would come faster than she hoped.

She watched paitently and waited for the right moment to attack, her fangs retrackting, her eyes going a deep dark reddy purple colour and when he went to go for the woman's heart she ran at him, and he was in her clutches within seconds, her fangs ripped the skin open and she drank the blood from him, the dark haired woman watching in complete shock and horror.

When she'd drank from him he dropped to the floor and she looked at the woman a few feet away. "I'm so sorry" She said shaking her head "But he was going to kill you"

"I-I-" The woman stuttered "You...what..." She couldn't really ask the girl what she was because she was confused and traumatised. The girl moved forward and stood in front of her.

"Don't be afraid" She said in a murmer.

"I'm not afraid" The woman said, but her tears sparkled in the sunlight.

"You know that I'm sorry for having to do this" She said simply.

"I know you're sorry for having to do this" The woman said.

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry for this"

The woman blinked back tears and the girl bit into her neck, draining the blood from her. She let out a groan when the woman fell to the ground, dead and she stared at the body, and then heard groaning.

She turned her head to see a walker approch the bodies, and she watched it as it tore into the man she'd killed. At least he didn't have to feel anything, he was dead anyway. But as she began to walk away she heard a grunt and she turned her head to see the woman she'd just killed move. How was that even possible?

She walked back over to the woman who's eyes had glazed over and her skin was turning a grey colour. The girl watched and then moved back, she hadn't been bitten, what the fuck was going on? Maybe she had been bitte- Oh shit. That meant she'd drank her blood...eww gross, not that it would effect her much anyway but still.

She turned and let the two walkers get on with what they were eating and she began to run, it felt good to have a drink, even if it did make her guilty afterwords, but at the same time, the people she killed were better off dead, better being in a happy place than walking around and having to kill the people they've come to know.

She could hear it again, but it was more than two voices, and people were crying. She frowned and moved forward, stopping behind a tree and she watched as people lowered others into holes. They were burying loved ones as far as she could tell. But what caught her off guard was the man, standing not too far from everyone else, a cut off plaid shirt on. He watched them all, a frown upon his face.

She hadn't planned on coming near anymore survivors yet but here she was, staring at a whole group of them, they were mourning. She just...couldn't make herself do anything, she'd probably be killed before she got anywhere near one of them. She let out a laugh because she knew fine well she would have them all killed before they blinked, but everyone must've heard hr laugh and she hid, managing to get a few more feet away. Mentally slapping herself, why would you laugh in a situation like that?

She decided to listen to what they were saying, to see if they had seen her.

"What was that?" A deep, southern accent asked.

"No idea, is someone watching is?" Another asked.

"Let's get out of here" A woman's voice said "We've lost enough, we can't afford to lose anymore"

She moved back to see them all standing, huddled together and she frowned, she'd watched the ones she loved die, so many years ago aswell. The man with the hat on and what looked to be a police officer uniform looked around, his eyes darting from place to place.

"Do you think there's someone out there?" The brown curly haired man next to him asked.

"I'm not sure Shane, but I am sure I just heard someone laugh" He said "Maybe other survivors"

"Well why would they be laughin'?" The blonde woman asked, the girl could see the tears glistening on her face. "What's so funny about buryin people?"

She grimaced, knowing what the blonde meant, she hadn't meant to make them feel she was laughing at them, she wasn't, she'd been laughing at how stupid her thoughts were.

"Calm down Andrea" The man known as Shane said.

"Well it's not funny, so if whoever it wants to laugh they can come laugh in our faces" The blonde spat.

She knew the woman had obviously lost someone and she watched as she turned on her heel and walked down a steep hill. But what she noticed was that the man in the plaid shirt was looking right at her, her eyes widened and she moved back.

"There's someone there" He said, his southern drawl more so noticeble than any of the ones who had spoken. Redneck.

"What?" The other man asked.

"I'm sure I just saw someone"

"Probably a walker" Shane said.

She prayed to god they didn't find her, not while she was in the state she was in, her mouth was surrounded by blood, so was her clothes and her shoes. She had to get herself cleane d up before they even laid eyes on her...infact hold on, why was she caring again? She could rip them limb from limb before they would even think about shooting her not that a gun could do much good.

She peeked back around the tree to see that they were leaving anyway, much to her happiness. But something was drawing her in, she had to follow them, talk to them, if even only for a minute. So she slowly listened for the cars and then listened to them drive and she smiled running so fast that the wind was barely even noticble on her face.

She stopped, when near more trees and she could see the redneck, who got out his blue truck. Then followed by the others, and she watched them closely as they set fire to the rest of the bodies, probably walkers or zombies, whatever people called them. She had managed to stay hidden for now and rubbed at her face, making sure the blood from it was gone.

Then she could hear, the man in the police uniform was talking, to someone, probably the man named Shane. She watched them pass by her, maybe ten feet away and they didn't notice her until stupidly she moved, snapping a tree trunk underneath her foot. They turned, instantly seeing her. She put her hands up in defense, but knew that the gun wouldn't make any impacton her anyway, sure it would hurt because she'd been feeding less but it wouldn't kill her.

"Walker?" Shane demanded.

"Uh, do I look like a walker?" She asked making a face.

"Obviously not" He replied making a face right back at her.

"Who are you?" the other asked.

"My Name's Charlotte, I swear I won't hurt you" She said "I'm defelnsless, I Don't even have any weapons"

"How can you be walking around out in the woods without any weapons with the walkers moving around?" Shane asked.

"I'm alot faster than I look" She smirked at her comment as the two men moved towards her, obviously seeing the blood stains on her shirt.

"You get bit?" Shane asked eyeing her.

"Nope? Just killed a walker not to long ago"

"You said you didn't have a weapon" Shane said.

"I'll rephrase that then" She smirked "I DID have a weapon, but I lost it after killing a walker and then I ran"

Shane and the other man looked at each other and then turned back to her.

"I can help" She said with a nod.

"Listen here" Shane said "I have a gun and we don't need help"

She smiled "I can see that, I'm just offering you don't want my help I wont give you it" She said with a shrug.

"And why would we need your help?" Shane asked smugly.

"Because I know what to do if someone gets hurt, I'm fast and with these walkers, well they're developing as far as I know becoming smarter if that makes sense, I've been around a long time to know" She said simply.

"You look no older than fourteen" Shane smirked.

"I'm 23" She said folding her arms.

"that's a long time to you?"

"Mm-hmm" she said simply her eyes narrowing into slits.

"Where are you from?" The other asked.

"You ask alot of questions" she said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well if you're offering help we need to know" he said "I'm Rick"

"Like I said" She smirke "Charlotte"

"So where are you from?"

"I'm from Colorado" She said folding her arms.

"Colorado?" Shane asked "That's gotta be-"

"It's exactly 1211 miles from here" She said.

"What are you doing in the backwoods of Georgia" Rick asked.

"I like to travel, keep myself busy" She said "I was just visiting"

"Ha" Shane snorted. "Certainly be keepin yourself busy with no weapon"

She smirked at the man's sense of humor, she'd realy enjoy ripping him to bits but knew she couldn't. She had the sudden urge to help the people that were moruning and surrounded by death, if it were upto her she'd turn them right there and then, but it wasn't an option, she'd never ever been given the option she was turned because she was seriously ill, but her thoughts escaped her and she was brought back to the two men in front of her.

"Listen, you don't need to give me anything" She said nodding "I don't need anything, I just want you to let me help"

"Why?" Rick asked.

"I like to help people...it makes feel warm inside" She said sarcastically and whe he gave a funny look she rolled her eyes "I don't know...you just look like you need help, all the back up you can find, an I happen to be a very good fighter"

"Oh really?" Shane asked.

"She's got a point" Rick said looking at Shane "We do need all the help we can get"

"She's just another mouth to feed" Shane moaned.

"No I am not" She said folding her arms, human food was disgusting, "I can find my own, I won't bother you at all, just help"

"How you gonna find your own grub?" Shane asked.

"Because I can hunt"

"We have a hunter" Rick said "Mayeb she could help him out "

"Yeah, cause Daryl Dixon is gonna let a girl help him" Shane snorted again.

"I happen to have eyes for hunting, so he wont have much of a choice in the matter if you let me"

"I like your style" Shane smirked "Someone needs to put Dixon in his place"

She looked to Rick "Ok, ok" He said "You can help"

"Thank you" She said with a smile.

"We better get back to the group" Rick said and she followed wiping her mouth again.

She could hear the heartbeats of the people who were standing when they arrived back at the small subdeued camp.

"Who's that?" An older man asked.

"Her name's Charlotte" Shane said and sauntered away, leaving Rick to introduce her. She stared at everyone, facsinated by them. Humanity was never something Charlotte had shut off, even with the part screaming at her to do so, she enjoyed feeling like a human but when she needed to kill somone to survive, she'd do it.

"We found Charlotte in the woods, she's defensless, doesn't have any weapons" Rick muttered to the group all looked to her with frowns.

"How have you survived?" The blonde, Andrea asked staring at her.

"Running" She said with a shrug.

"Just running?" The brown haired woman asked, who was standing in front of a young boy, probably about the age of twelve.

"mm-hmm" She nodded.

"What about food?" She asked.

"I get it now and then" She said simply, uncomfertable because she could hear the heartbeats and could smell them all, and they were...mouth watering if she was honest to herself but she could contain herself, she didn't need it right now anyway.

"Why don't you have any weapons?" The old man asked.

"Lost it" She answered easily "Killed a walker, had to run because there was two more coming at me"

"How did you get away from them?"

These people ask too many damn questions. She huffed to herself.

"I ran" She shrugged "Like any scared person would"

"You don't seem so scared" The grey haird woman said.

"I'm not that scared anymore, I've been fending off those zom- um walkers with tree branches" She said riasing an eyebrow "Which is why I offered to help you people out, can't live in fear"

"There's too many people to feed" The brown haired woman said.

"I don't want your food" Charlotte said eyeing her. But if the woman crossed her she wouldnt' hesitate on sinking her fangs into her neck. "I can get my own" That wasn't a lie, she had to have blood, they had to have meat, so it would work out fine for her and even though animal blood was disgusting, she'd make it work, and bring back food for these people.

"You hunt?" A southern voice asked.

She turned her gaze to the man with the plaid shirt, who was obviously Daryl.

"Yup" She said popping the P. "Hunting my whole life" Well the hundred and fourty years of it.

"Hmmm" He mumbled.

He was moruning too, but as far as she could tell it wasn't due to a death. She stared at him before fixating her eyes back on Rick. "She's welcome to stay as long as nothing happens" He said and she nodded. "Lori, will you please lend her-"

"I can give her some clothes" Andrea said and Charlotte looked over at her. "Come with me"

She followed her curtly, brushing by the redneck, who was watching her curiously. Andrea handed her some clothes.

"Thank you" Charlotte said with a small smile.

"It's not a problem" Andrea mumbled.

"You lost somone?" Charlotte asked and Andrea's eyes fixated on her.

she sighed "My sister, she died last night"

"I'm sorry for your loss, my brother died too" She said. But it was meany years ago.

"Sorry to hear that" Andrea said.

"It's fine, it gets better" she said with a nod "even if you think it won't, it will, just takes time"

She sauntered away from her to a small place and quickly got changed, it felt good to be out of the dirty clothes and she launched them and headed back to the group. The little girl who had been standing with the grey haired woman banged into her.

"Sorry!" The girl said.

The little girl's heart was going crazy and she gave a soft smile.

"It's okay sweetheart" she said "I'm Charlotte"


"It's nice to meet you Sophia" She said.

"You too" She smiled at her and then went past her.

She stopped before going anywhere near the rest of them, who were whispering.

"Are you sure Rick?" The woman, Lori demanded.

"Yes I'm sure Lori" He whispered back "We can't send her back out there, she doesn't have a weapon"

"Well that's her own fault" Lori snapped "Give her one"

"Lori, that's not fair, she's still basically a kid" Rick defended her "With nobody else but herself, no weapon, no nothing, I know what it's like to be alone in this situation, she'll be good for the group, she'll help"

"she's just another mouth to feed" Lori snapped "And she seems...odd"

"Wouldn't you be odd if you were on your own?" Rick asked.

Charlotte moved forward and leaned against the RV, watching the scene in front of her, folding her arms and crossed a leg over the other. There was five of them standing but only Rick and Lori were arguing.

"Hey, you want me to leave i will" She said simply and they all turned in shock to see her standing.

"it's not that-" Rick began.

"It is that" Lori nodded.

Charlotte stared her out and smirked "Don't worry Lori is it? I'm not gonna eat you" She tried not to laugh at her own humor "And I'm not a threat if that's what you're worried about, I don't need your food, I don't need your water, I'm capeable of getting my own"

"Then why do you need to be here?" She asked glaring at her.

"Lori" Rick hissed.

"Shes got a point" Charlotte nodded "Because it's good to know that people have your back, it's better than being alone and ending up dead, wouldn't you feel that way? "

Lori stared at her, her glare softened and she frowned. "I suppose"

"I'm not a threat, if I was you'd be dead" Charlotte nodded "And besides, I ca bring back good food"

"Why would you do hat if you don't want out food?" The old man asked.

"Cause I'm a nice person" She shrugged.

"I think it would be good if she stayed" Rick said nodding "She'll help us"

"You're awfully confident" Shane said appearing. "We don't know her"

"If you want to know, just ask"

"Tell us then" Shane said with a smile.

"What do you want to know?" She asked.

"Anything tell us anything"

"Ok" She said "I'm Charlotte, I'm 23 I'm from Denvar, Colorado, My parents were murdered when I was young, probably about the age your boy is, " She said to Lori "My brother and I were brought up by our Uncle and then he died from influenza, when I turned eighteen, my brother was killed in the army about three months, been alone ever since, so I travelled to keep my mind off it, then the whole outbreak happened and then ba-boom...I meet you people"

They all stared at her, well she definitely didn't hold anything back, Rick frowned the girl had been through quite alot at such a young age.

"You've been through a lot" Rick said sympathetically.

She shrugged "It was long time ago"

"It was what? five years ago" Shane said making a face.

"That's a long time when you're alone" She said soberly, her face hard.

He stared back at her, wishing he hadn't opened his mouth.

"Sorry for your loss" Lori said.

She shrugged again "Not something I think about, bigger fish...or bigger dead walking corpses"

"Right" Lori nodded. She had a sudden urge to comfor the girl, but by the looks of it, she didnt' want to be comforted, just to know she had people back her up when she needed it.

"So you guy's cool? or are you still thinking I'm going to eat you?"

"We're cool" Rick said nodded, he moved forward slightly.

Charlotte listened to his heartbeat, which was going rather rythematically for someone in this situation.

"We leave in the morning" he said.

"To go where?" She asked riaisng an eyebrow.

"The CDC" He said.

"Center of disease control?" She asked folding her arms.

"Yeah" he nodded.

"ok" She said with a nod in respone.

"So you better get some rest"

"I'm fine, thanks for the offer" She said "But I don't sleep"

"Don't or won't?" Shane asked.

"Won't" She said her eyes hard and distant again.

"Why?" The grey haired woman asked "You look like you need it"

Charlotte frowned "It's better if I'm awake"

"You get nightmares or something?" Shane asked with a small smirk.

"I watched my mother and father be murdere din cold blood when I was a twelve year old. Yes I have nightmares"

Shane's smirk vanished and he stared open mouthed at her "You watched-"

"Yeah" She nodded "So I'm sorry if I don't like to see it replay in my head over and over again"

He put his head down and nodded slightly, everyone else stared at her.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make it anymore awkward, just thought I'd let you know, I won't hold anything back, if you wanna know just ask" She said and she turned, moving away from them.

She sat on the grass behind the RV, and stared in front of her, she repeatedly apologized to those she'd killed over the last month, but this was it, she'd redeem herself but helping these people. They had lost so much, and even thought thye distrusted her, she'd get them to trust her by helping them.

Even if it exposed her, which she couldn't let happen, she had to keep it a secret, but if it came to it and she had to? She would, if it meant helping them.

This was for redemption...

(Again, I'd like to say to WickedlyMinx for helping me with the courage to update this, so for that I'm giving you credit since you had your story up first, and I hope you don't get mad with me, anyway I hope you all enjoy it and R&R and let me know if you do)