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some of this is from "Save the last one" with the scenes with Andrea and Daryl in the woods...only it's now Charlotte and Daryl...so yeah.

Here it is...

Chapter 13: Swapping stories.

Charlotte wasn't planning on feeding in front of Daryl, due to the fact that he would probably find it repulsive but she had to feed. He had followed her, not sure why Charlotte stopped when she smelt the rotten flesh, causing Daryl to bump into her.

"What?" He asked.

"Walker" She said her eyes darting around everywhere.

The two of them walked down the trail and yep, there it was. A walker hanging from a tree, Charlotte scoffed and folded her arms. Daryl moved forward seeing a note sticking to the tree.

"What does it say?" Charlotte asked.

"Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit." Daryl muttered "Dumbass didn't know enough to shoot himself in the head. Turns himself in to a big swinging piece of bait and a mess"

"Wow. Humans and their weird suicidal tendencies" Charlotte muttered.

"Look at him. Hanging up there like a big pinata . The other geeks came and ate all the flesh off his legs" Daryl said.

"If I was human...I would be sick. But thankfully I'm not"

Daryl glanced at her as she stared up at the stupid man who had turned into a walker and he chewed the inside of his lip.

"You think it's an instinct for you people to keep going?" She asked looking over at him.

He shrugged "Maybe.."

"Why did you?" She asked.

He shrugged again and turned on his heel.

"You just going to leave that guy like that?" She asked cocking an eyebrow.

"What am I supposed to do?" he asked. She was now the one to shrug at him. He then pointed his arrow up at the walker and shot it. "Waste of an arrow" He huffed.

As the two walked around more Daryl huffed slightly " Where are they?" He demanded huffily.

"Uh...your guess is just as good as mine, hiding probably" Charlotte smirked.

"This ain't the mountain's of Tebet, it's Georgia" he said.

"Animals know how to hide Daryl...you scared we get lost?" She asked smirking.

"Been lost in the woods before" he said "I was younger then those kids back at the farm"

"Really?" She asked as she walked beside him.

"Yep" He muttered "Lost for nine day's, eating wild berries and wipin' my ass with poison oak" He glanced at her "My ass itched somethin' awful"

Charlotte tried to hold in her laugh but a giggle escaped and Daryl stared at her.

"I'm sorry...sorry that is a terrible story" She said shaking her head.

Though she knew she shouldn't laugh she couldn't control her laughter and Daryl even let a few laughs.

"Nobody noticed you were gone?" Charlotte asked.

"Nope" He said shrugging. "I got back after nine day's went through the back door and went into the kitchen. first thing I did was make a sandwich"

She looked over at him with a frown, he hadn't had that good of a life either and he was still living and breathing air.

"Don't worry nobody would've noticed if I went missin' either" She said with a shrug.

"What about you?" he asked.

She kept her gaze a head of her "What about me?"

"You said your parents were-"

"Bad bastards? Yeah" She nodded with a shrug "Doesn't bother me now...it was a long time ago what about your parents?"

"Mom died in a fire" he muttered "dad was a drunk"

She knew that he didn't want to say anything else so she didn't push it. "Don't worry my dad was a drunk too...Mom wasn't much better"

She could hear and smell the deer not to far from where the two were and she stopped Daryl from walking again and he frowned.

"There's a deer up there" She said pointing.

"You...want it?"

She smirked "No. You get it...it's all yours"

He nodded and moved forward, carefully and she watched his back as he moved. Why was she so drawn to this man? Was it because he was...so different from the rest of the group? Because he knew what it was like to have a prick of a dad? It just didn't really make sense to her at all but all she knew was that she wanted to feel his lips against hers again...but she wouldn't act on it not unless he wanted too.

She caught sight of a squirrel, and knew it wouldn't subside the hunger for long but it would do until she found something better. She caught it, luckily Daryl was still to preoccupied with the deer to notice her. She could hear shuffling and the scent of rotten flesh filled her nostrils again.

She caught sight of it, about ready to pounce at Daryl but Charlotte was faster and she had it beneath her, it struggled against her strong grip and tried chomping it's black and horrid looking teeth at her. She pulled the knife out from her pocket and stabbed it in the head and she stood.

Daryl was staring at her "Do walker's usually go for you?" He asked.

"No" She said "Your scent lingers, they can smell life coming from me because I've been around you, usually they won't go for vampire's...because well, we're dead so...our scent is pretty much the same to them"

She brushed her shirt off and folded her arms "You got your deer"

"I'm the best hunter out there" He smirked.

"Yeah...okay Dixon" She said shaking her head.

"Do Walker's smell dead to you?"

She raised an eyebrow "No. They smell worse" She said "We've got a very good nose that's how I can tell if there's walker's near by. It only takes one to appear...and then I can smell it it's disgusting"

"I would hope so...they don't smell like roses to us either" he said.

She walked past him, her hips swayed seductively as she did and Daryl stared at her. She was doing it deliberatly...to get some sort of reaction from him. He shook his head, grabbed the deer and followed her until they were at least halfway back through the woods.

"There's a bear" She smirked.

"A bear?" Daryl asked surprise filled his tone.

"Yes, a bear" She said "I like bears"


"I eat them Daryl" She said shaking her head.


"They put up a good fight" She said with a grin, showing her teeth "I enjoy a fight"

"Are you gonna-"

"Go get it? yes..yes I am" She said "If you wanna stay then be my guest but it's not going to be pretty, so I'd recommend you to go back to camp"

"I'll wait" He said stubbornly.

"Suit yourself" She said and then stalked away from him.

She followed the smell and the low growls, wow two bears she'd come across. This one seemed to be a lot weaker than the last but it would do. She got it, sank her fangs into it's neck and drained it. She stood, rubbing her mouth furiously and went back to where Daryl was standing.

"You get it?" He asked raising his eyebrows.
She nodded "yep"

He nodded back "We headin' back?"

"Definitely" She said and the two began walking again.

The more she was near him the more she wanted to kiss him, she stole glances every now and then and he did the same when she wasn't looking. He stopped, out of breath. He hid it well but Charlotte could hear his low and quick breathing.

"You want me to carry that?"

"No" He said tiredly.

"We could always stop and get back in the morning" She shrugged.

he stared at her and he shrugged.
"I'm not going to eat you Daryl. We've been through this"

"I didn't say anything" He said shrugging again.

She rolled her eyes and moved forward, stopping just a few feet in front of him, she heard him gulp slightly.

"You want to keep going? or will we stop?"

"Keep goin'" He nodded, his eyes boring into hers.

"Suits me I could walk forever" She smirked.

Just as she was about to pull away from him, she thought to herself Fuck it!

And she pressed her lips to his hungrily, he was surprised for a moment, obviously not sure how to respond to what was happening but after a long minute he kissed back. She ran her tongue against his bottom lip and demanded entrance to his mouth and when he did their tongues quickly started to fight for dominance.

Daryl's hands moved to Charlotte's waist and he gripped her hips as her hands went around his neck, pulling him closer to her and then he moved, turning her so she was against the tree. Charlotte smirked against his lips and he bit her bottom lip, causing her to hiss and it was his turn to smirk.

After they decided it was best to pull back they stared at each other for a minute, in deep silence. Charlotte gave a quick smile and Daryl awkwardly returned it.

"We better get back then" She said with a smirk.

He nodded and followed her and Charlotte listened to his now quickened heartbeat. She'd did it again...kissed him. This was becoming, something more and more for Charlotte but she didn't know if she'd be able to do it again but she knew that she probably would.

She smirked at the thought as the two of them walked back to the farm...