"No, not that! That's cheese Jade!"
"Ham isn't any better!"
"Bread? Really?"
"Fine, get the fries... They'll only make you fat!"

I lost it. "Shut up will you!" I screamed at the voices. Vega, who had started to talk then looked offended yet shut her big mouth.
"Everything alright babe?" Beck asked me.
"Yeah, whatever, I'm getting a salad." I stood up from our usual table.
"What's wrong with your fries?" Cat asked as I was already walking towards Festus' truck.
"They're greasy and horrible!" I yelled back and Beck shrugged and took my fries. I didn't care, food was a disease, something you didn't have until you absolutely needed it. Ana taught me this, and I never forgot her golden rule. There is, in fact, an incredible freedom in having nothing left to lose. I want to be the one who is weightless, and have no more fat to get rid of. This is my dream, my goal, my life wish...

"No, just salad Festus."
"Ok Jade. You and Tori should take me home in a wheelbarrow again! That was so fun!" He bounced and handed me my salad and plastic fork.
"Yeah, when we smash-up your car again." I nodded at him and walked back over to my table and sat next to Beck, pushing Vega out-of-the-way.
"Jade! What is your problem with Tori?" André asked. He looked annoyed.
"Yeah! She ain't done nothing to you, is it because she has better cheekbones?" Rex stated. I pulled my scissors out of my boot.
"You better shut up, puppet," I spat, "Or you'll lose a limb, or all of them." I bared my teeth and snipped the blades. Robbie squeaked.
"That's horrible."
"Shut up! All of you! Leave me alone or I'll re-enact The Scissoring on all of you bitches!" And I stormed off, leaving my salad like a good girl.

"I'm not impressed Jade. You could have done better!"

The janitors' closet is where I go when I'm upset. There's plenty of things to cut up in there. I grabbed my sharpest scissors from my locker and made my way into there.
"What to cut up?" I asked myself.
"Your wrists?" She tormented, a smirk on her face. I shook my head and grabbed a bucket. It would have been a trash can but they're all metal now after I cut them all up. I hacked and hacked at the bucket until the closet door opened. I flung the scissors and they imbedded themselves into the door, inches from Beck's face. I laughed at his shocked face.

"Why are you acting weird Jade?" He asked as he sat next to me.
"I'm not." He started playing with my hair.
"Yeah, you are. Anything wrong? Home life again?" He sounded concerned and I didn't want to even think about that! I shook my head.
"I want my Jade back, the one who'd insult everyone, but never storm off over prissy miss Vega." I laughed. Seems like I'm not the only one who hates her. Maybe for different reasons though… "Come on, the bell's about to ring, at least we have Sikowitz next." As on queue, the bell rang and Beck helped me up.
"You're right. One more lesson and we're free!" He chuckled. "Can I stay the night Beck? I don't wanna go home." I asked him, knowing he'd say yes.
"Of course. You have stuff in my RV, you're welcome anytime." I nodded and we walked into Sikowitz's class hand-in-hand.

"Beck! Get off me!" I giggled, Beck was tickling me and I couldn't breath as I kicked my legs at him.
"Not until you beg!" He moved his hands over my stomach and I was breathless and wheezing.
"Mercy, master! Mercy!" I cried and he stopped. "Now, let's act normal and watch a film." I told him and he stood up.
"Ladies choice?" He asked and gestured to his vast film collection.
"Whatever love, you decide." He gasped. I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Jade West, letting someone else decide on a movie? Has hell frozen over?" He grabbed his heart and fell to the floor.
"Don't be a fool, Oliver, just stick a film on!" I made myself comfy on his bed and inspected my nails. The bed shifted as Beck settled on to it next to me, and in one swift movement, I was on him lap.
"Have you lost weight? You seem lighter?" Beck asked.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I shot back, using Cat's line when she gets insulted.
"Nothing, just you seem skinnier, it's nothing bad!" He defended himself.
"Maybe you've gotten stronger?" I questioned, he shrugged and focused on the film what was now playing.

"What is this?" I asked, appalled at the 'violence' what made it an 18.
"The nightmare on Elm street remake." Beck told me, shifting my weight to the other leg.
"It's crap." I stated.
"I know." Was his just as bland reply. All of a sudden, his PearPhone started ringing, making us both jump. We laughed and he answered with a quick "Hey."
"No, I'm not."
"Why? What's the point? I don't like you like that! I'm with Jade." I suspected it was Trina, who was always asking Beck out. It didn't bother me that much, but I pretended it did, to keep up image.
"No! How many times! I'm not going on a date with you to 'see who I like better out of you or Jade. That's wrong!" Shouting could be heard from the phone now and I got a kick out of Beck rejecting Trina yet again. This meant I could threaten her again…
"Goodbye Tori!" Beck yelled and threw his phone to the floor.
"WHAT?" I screamed and searched the kitchen for scissors.

"She's skinnier than you Jade. No wonder why he likes her…"
"Beck hates Tori, just like I do"
"No, he secretly loves her… Just pretends he hates her for you. But just you wait Jade. He'll dump your fat-ass if she makes a deal with him, she's perfect and slim. You can see her cheekbones. What do you have? Hip bones? Nobody can see them under all the layers of junk food built up Darling. You better make some progress Jade, or he'll be out of here faster than you can say Tori Vega's cheekbones."
"Shut up Ana, I didn't ask you!" But somehow, what she was saying was true somehow. She was skinny, and I was fat…
"Just gonna pee. Be right back." I told beck and ran into his bathroom. I pulled the scales out from under the sink and stepped on to them. 108llb.
"See, I bet Tori's only 80-ish pounds. Why are you such a fat-ass Have you been eating fat cakes? Or candy from Cat's bra again? Beck would dump you in an instant if he knew that you weighed one hundred and eight pounds Jade. That's like, a size hippo. Nobody wants to date a hippo do they Jade?"
"No, you're right… I need to loose weight…"