"I'm home!" I called, hearing my voice echo round the house.
"Jade. I need to tell you something." My Mom's voice was quiet and lacked emotion.
"What?" I wiped my face and sat on the floor, tired from running.
"Jade. You're going to have a little brother or sister."
"WHAT? NO!" I screamed and ran upstairs to my room. I'm not letting another person, let alone a baby into the unloving arms of my mother. How is she pregnant anyway? I fell on to my bed, pulled my boots off of my feet and threw them violently at the wall, smiling at the sickening thud they made as they dented the plaster. I opened my draw and pulled out the small, heart-shaped trinket box. Inside the sickening girly box was my deadly weapons.

The box had inside five blades, all different in some way. There was four what were once razors, one pink, two dark blue and one light blue. The last, and my favourite, was an unused pencil sharpener blade. It was curved at one end and sharp at the other, and this was my choice of weapon this evening. I picked it up with my index finger and thumb, twirling it slightly, marvelling at the blades angles and its simple life it should have had. I placed on to my knee and rolled up my left sleeve, running my hand across the delicate skin there. The blade entered my hands again and I ran it across the flesh, feeling the slight pinch of pain then pure relief of the blood coming out in little bubbles. I repeated this three more times and cleaned up the blood from my arm. Rolling down my sleeves I walked over to my desk and sat in the Victorian-like chair, opened my laptop and pressed the on button.

The laptop soon booted up and I opened up my iTunes account. I scrolled through the songs and found one what fitted with my mood, and involuntary, I sang along.

"I will wonder until the end of time,
Torn away from you,
I pulled away to face the pain,
I close my eyes and drift away,
Over the fear,
That I will never find a way,
to heal my soul,
And I will wonder until the end of time,
Torn away from you,

My heart is broken,
Sweet sleep, my dark angel,
Deliver us from sorrow's hold,
Over my heart,

I can't go on living this way,
I can't go back the way I came,
Chained to this fear,
That I will never find the way,
to heal my soul,
And I will wonder until the end of the time,
Half alive without you,

My heart is broken,
Sweet sleep, my dark angel,
Deliver us,
Open your eyes to the light,
I denied it all so long,
Oh so long,
Say goodbye, goodbye,

My heart is broken,
Release me, I can't hold on,
Deliver us,

My heart is broken,
Sweet dreams my dark angel,
Deliver us,

My heart is broken,
Sweet sleep, my dark angel,
Deliver us from sorrow's hold."
When I finished, a clapping noise could be heard from my doorway. I span around and sure enough, Beck was standing there, looking right at me.

"Beck? Why are you here?"
"Just, come here Jade." Beck opened his arms and I stood up and ran into them.
"Beck… Never let me go?" I asked him, sobbing into his shoulder.
"Damn, Jade, come on." He managed to guide us on to my bed and I curled up into his chest, crying until the tears wouldn't come anymore.
When I started to drift off, I felt Beck try to stand up.
"No, stay." I mumbled and he obliged, pulling the covers over both of us.
"I'll always stay Jade. Forever." I nodded and started to drift of to his heartbeat in my ear. "I love you." He whispered in my hair and I succumbed to the overwhelming sleep.

"Beck?" I called and flung my arm out. I felt nothing but paper.
'Princess, I had to leave, my Dad was locked out of the house. Don't think I'm not still there, I've left you with my heart. Take good care of it, and I'll be fine. Love you, Beck'.
"Fucking great! My boyfriend doesn't even want to stay the night with me!" I threw my scissors from under my pillow at the wall and rolled over to where Beck had been. I inhaled his scent and passed out again. My last conscious thought was 'Maybe, Beck can help me? Maybe I'll get better?'

Look who boarded the soppy train! Bit of a filler chapter inspired by my lovely 29 Tumblr followers! I love you if you follow me! I'm not sure where this is heading but I like being romantic and whatever at the moment! Anyway… Who thinks I should get snakebites? Mum said I could when I'm 18 :) I want them now! What do you guys think though? Would it be a good idea and do you think they'd suit me? Lots of love heading your way Earthlings! ~Daisy