Chapter Eleven

"So he got pissed because you screwed his sister?" Johanna double-checked as she unpacked the last of her things back into her room. The morning had been spent cleaning up the lodge and completing the drive back into town, which was much more entertaining when everyone in the car but Johanna had been hungover.

"Nah he got pissed because he's always pissed at me. He punched the wall because I screwed his sister," Finnick corrected her lying comfortably on her bed.

"Well glad that's cleared up," Johanna sighed placing a shirt she borrowed from Peeta into the laundry basket.

"Yup and there's only a week before we all end up stuck in the same small building so the madness can be sufficiently concentrated," Finnick sighed and Johanna looked at him in a way that made it clear that he had lost her. "First day of school genius. Don't they have those in Ireland?"

"Don't they have privacy in America? How come you're always in here?" she shot back.

"Because how else am I going to talk to you when you refuse to come out and play?" he smirked back at her and she refrained from throwing the nearby lamp at his head.

"Did you ever think there was a reason that I don't come out to play with you?"

"I have a few theories, none of which you'd admit to."

"Try me."

"Well firstly there's a possibility that you know that if you don't come out I'll have to come in and you just love having me in your bed."

"God dammit you're right."


"I'm never admitting to that," she winked and turned to head downstairs leaving him wondering on the bed behind her. She loved winding him up, much as she knew it would have it's repercussions there were few things that made her smile quite like leaving him with the dumbfounded look on his face.

She made her way into the kitchen, opening the ridiculously large fridge and pouring herself a glass of cool orange juice.

"Johanna," Mag's quiet voice snapped Johanna away from staring at the kitchen cabinet and wondering how best to deal with the diary pages still settling under her mattress.

"Hello Mags," she greeted the woman.

"I hear you did a good job looking after Finnick," she said as way of thank you. Technically Johanna hadn't actually managed very much, she'd just let him drink and sleep with a violent guys sister but at least she'd managed to keep the weed he'd bought from Cato hidden in the teapot all night.

"He doesn't make it easy," she sighed, her way of letting the woman know she was impressed she'd managed to control him as much as she had.

"Not at all, but I actually have something more important I have to ask you about," Mags settled herself down in one of the kitchen chairs and Johanna found herself doing the same across the table. "You know that you're more than welcome to stay here for as long as you like, you've been nothing but help to me and Finnick, even if he would never admit it to you. However I do have one condition for you continuing your stay here."

"And what would that be?" Johanna asked, not entirely scared but not entirely comfortable with the situation. If she didn't like the condition she could leave, in all honesty she should have left already but she felt oddly safe here.

"I want you to go to school Johanna. I don't care which one, but your education is important and I won't having any part in its demise," Mags requested and Johanna felt her watching her for any sign of a reaction. She wasn't entirely sure what to think. She had never been to any kind of school, her father always claiming they teach the wrong information and choosing to teach her and her siblings himself. Going to school felt like it would be like some kind of betrayal, as though she had forgotten everything he had ever told her. But what better cover was there than a normal teenager? And normal teenagers attended school and didn't draw attention to themselves. Surely that was what she needed if she was planning on staying here and taking advantage of Mags' hospitality. "I don't require an answer right away, I just need to know where you stand on the matter before next week so that I'll have time to enroll you if need be," she informed her and then stood to leave the table.

Johanna wasn't even sure if Mags was fully out of the room before she took off running out the back door. It only took her a mere second to jump over the fence at the back, the very same fence she had jumped over a month ago when she had tried to sleep in her pool house. Her feet fell into the same steady rhythm that they always fell into when she ran, hitting the concrete and the grass alike, never once slipping or uncertain as they used to be on the wet Scottish ground.

She slowed suddenly when she realized she had no clue where she was going; she had no clue where she wanted to go. The only thing she was really sure of in that second was that she had never expected to have to face high school.

She had been safe here so far, there had been no sign of her family's murders for the entirety of her stay here, not so much as a whisper. So why did she feel so unsettled? Why was it that their silence made her more anxious than any attack. Because they're plotting she thought as way of answer. Of course they were, what else would they be doing. There was no way that they would let the girl who had potentially ruined their plan walk free, her incidence in New York had been proof enough of that. So the real question here was what were they waiting for? And why was it so worth waiting for that they'd left her for this long?

"Hey Johanna what are you doing out here?" the familiar voice of Gale called from inside a rather beaten up looking car.

"Just avoiding Finnick, what are you doing out here?" she asked, her breath still coming out a little rough but she was sure he didn't pick up on it too much.

"Just collecting my sisters, need a ride anywhere?" he asked.

"Thanks but I'm not really sure where I'm going," she answered honestly. She knew she'd have to go back to Mags' at some point, she owed the woman that much even if she was going to leave, but she wanted to have some form of an answer for her when she did.

"Perfect, come help me get Vick and Posy then," he advised, leaning over to open the door for her.

"Thanks but I really need to think Galeā€¦"

"Do I distract you that much that you can't even think around me," he teased and she was stubborn enough to take the bait and climb in the car, if for no other reason than to prove him wrong.

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