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This story is "Sympathy for the Devil" in Tobias's point of view but there will be a lot more of 'afterward'. You don't have to read that one-shot to get what's going on; I suggest you do but it's your choice. Just know that Tobias isn't dead! This story's going to start where "Sympathy for the Devil" started.

Before you read this, keep in mind that this is in Tobias's point of view. In his mind, him, his father, and Raphael are three seperate people so he's going to treat them as such. So don't freak if it seems that there are three different people; it's all in Tobias's head. But don't worry, I think you'll know when his personalities switch.

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Warnings: FYI there's going to be a different warning per chapter...just wanna say that now. The warnings for this particular chapter: mild language, mild violence, and spoilers to "Revelations". I think that's it.

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So this was how it was going to end. After kidnapping and restraining the FBI agent to a chair in that lone cabin in the cemetery, his fate was finally decided. Tobias knew it was only a matter of time before Father or Raphael sentenced the kid for his sins—whatever they were.

Father had been angry with him for reviving the young man once he died, but Tobias did what he felt was right. However, he couldn't help but regret it slightly; maybe if he let the agent die, he wouldn't be subjected to Father's torture anymore. And yet, if he did leave the young man to die, Tobias would've felt a stronger sense of guilt for not helping him. There was no easy decision.

Within these past two days, Tobias was torn and devastated; during the stranger's captivity, he had really bonded with the kid and he did his best to help him out of pity. He even gave the agent an escape by giving him some Dilaudid, despite the young man's initial fear and reluctance to give it a try.

Tobias was outside of the cabin now, giving the agent some water and another shot of Dilaudid before heading out. He left for a short time and when he returned, he witnessed the young man being dragged out of the cabin unrestrained by Father, a shovel in his hand. That could only mean one thing—the kid was as good as dead.

Fear and dread crawled up in his chest as Tobias silently followed along, Father and the boy completely unaware of his presence. He stopped when they halted in the middle of the graveyard and Father ordered the agent to start digging.

Tobias's heart broke when he saw the young man flinch slightly and reluctantly drove the shovel into the earth and began to dig. He immediately knew what this was about—Father was making the agent dig his own grave.

He felt his stomach clench as he helplessly watched, unable to do anything else. He desperately wanted to do something, to say anything that would convince Father of the agent's innocence but he knew there was nothing he could do—whatever the young man confessed, it surely set Father off and now he was determined to have him die.

Time passed and the only sound that was heard was digging, clumps of dirt hitting the ground, the kid's labored, terrified breathing with an occasional whimper or sob, and the normal whispers of the night.

Tobias felt a chill in the air and suddenly there was a divine presence next to him—Raphael. The archangel stood silently with him and watched as the agent dug a deeper hole while Charles angrily told him that he ought to bury him alive in the grave to think over his sins.

Tobias looked at Raphael pleadingly, "Please…can't you do something? It-it doesn't have to be this way. The stranger isn't a d-devil; I know he isn't. P-please. Spa-spare him."

Raphael kept his eyes on the agent's trembling form as he coldly replied, "I cannot do that. He has sinned and he must be punished. Your father is doing the right thing by carrying out his sentence. The boy deserves to die for his sins; I am an instrument of God and I shall not interfere with His work."

Tobias made a small whine at the back of his throat. This was wrong, this was so wrong. The young man shouldn't have to die; he can still be spared can't he? "I-isn't there a-another w-way? Can't he redeem himself? G-god gave him to me for that sole purpose. I just…know it. I-if you stop this, I'll…I'll save him. I'm not sure how to but-"

"You already tried that," Raphael tonelessly interrupted, "and you failed; that boy cannot be saved. Let your father do the Lord's work; you've done enough."

Utterly defeated, Tobias's shoulder sank and he felt the burning sensation of oncoming tears in his eyes, but he held them back—Raphael can't see him cry; it was bad enough already that his own father saw him as weak.

Speaking of which, Father hadn't even heard him and the archangel talking; he was too busy glaring and growling intimidating demands at the agent. Tobias involuntarily shivered. How often has he been on that end of the glare?

Suddenly, Tobias heard a faint rustling in the distance and saw a thin glow of light. What is that? He turned toward mysterious being and could've sworn he was looking at a couple of figures carrying beams of light. Tobias was confused and frightened; were those spirits about to take the agent to the depths of hell?

Tobias was so focused on the figures that when he heard someone scrambling around nearby that when he turned around at the noise, he was surprised to see Father pointing a knife at the agent, who had somehow gotten ahold of Father's gun and was aiming it at him!

Tobias gasped then held his breath in apprehension as Father glared viciously at the young man. The boy unblinkingly held his gaze with something new in his eyes other than fear—was that…determination?

Yes, it was.

The kid had somehow managed to look Father in the eye, resolved to be brave and to get out of this alive. Tobias felt a sense of admiration for the young man; he himself has never been able to look at his father like that and somehow, despite everything, this agent was doing it.

For a moment, Tobias thought of yesterday when he happened to be conversing with the agent. He was telling Tobias that his friends the other agents -or the heathens as Father called them- could save them if Tobias was willing to help. There was this glimmer of hope in the young man's eyes that almost convinced Tobias to believe him but it's not that simple; if Father were to find out, then he would've been angry and pain was sure to follow.

It was fear that held him back and he was ashamed of it.

Looking at the agent now, Tobias saw a steely determination with a faint mixture of ambition and hope was set securely in his hazel eyes. He silently watched the scene before him and was secretly rooting for the kid—maybe God will have mercy on him and allow him the chance to get away…from Father.

"Only one bullet in that gun, boy." Tobias flinched slightly at the furious edge in Father's voice.

Then against his better judgment, Charles suddenly charged forward in an attempt to grab and recapture the agent. Tobias's heart jumped with horror and before he could even blink, the young man pulled the trigger of the gun!

Tobias held back an alarmed cry as the shot sharply echoed through the forest, followed by Father's pained yell. Charles clutched his now bleeding shoulder and he slowly sunk to the ground. Tobias looked from Father to the agent; his father's face was contorted with pain while the kid looked positively horrified at the fact that Charles was still standing…so to speak.

Tobias was torn between rushing to Father's aid or to just continue standing there with Raphael; the archangel hadn't said a word this entire time and was merely watching the scene impassively. In the end, fear had him in its cold, paralyzing grip.

Father turned to the agent with absolute fury in his eyes, "You goddamned sinner! Look what you've done! God will make you suffer for this!" Then he started crawling over to the young man, who screamed in terror and started scrambling backwards to get away!

Alarmed with this development, Tobias was about to make a move, whether to help Father or the agent he wasn't sure, when an angry voice rang out, "FBI! Don't you fucking move Hankel!" It was then Tobias noticed that there were several people in uniform emerging from the shadows of the forest and were pointing their guns at them!

Tobias had to suppress a yelp at their sudden appearance and remained frozen. Father glared at them and didn't notice the kid being pulled into the crowd by an older man, safe from harm.

Tobias barely felt a sense of relief when he noticed Father reluctantly surrendering and was handcuffed once he placed his arms above his head. Simultaneously Tobias felt himself being seized and handcuffed while Raphael was similarly apprehended as well.

Well…this was it. It was over. Father and Raphael's 'cleansing' days were finished. They weren't going to kill another sinner ever again!

A strange, new sense of calm washed over Tobias as it dawned on him that he wasn't going to ever again take part in those killings. Sure, those people may have been wretched devils sent from Hell, but Tobias never liked watching them from his cameras, knowing that his father and the archangel were just waiting for them to sin so they could be killed. Tobias felt…relieved and even free.

His moment was cut short when Raphael spoke up, "God shall not forget you sinner. He is always watching and will never forgive the evil you have done. He shall finish your sentence when the time comes. You shall not be given redemption no matter how much you repent. Remember that sinner. Your time will come to die and not even God will ease your suffering as you burn in hell."

His statements were directed to the young agent; the kid was shaking in fear and was watching all three of the men who had kidnapped and tormented him for two days straight. Father looked livid; Raphael was calmly indifferent; Tobias on the other hand looked at the young man with an odd mixture of sympathy and relief. He wasn't looking at Tobias though; no, his focus was on the archangel, his words still lingering around like a dreaded omen.

Then the policemen immediately had a firm grip on Tobias, Charles, and Raphael and began to haul them away. Tobias didn't fight and went with them quietly. Why should he make an attempt to escape? Whatever punishment lay ahead for him he was willing to accept. He held his head high and refused to look at the other two men with him as they trudged along. He, Father, and Raphael were taken to a police car and were roughly shoved in.

A searing burn of pain jolted through Tobias's shoulder and he whimpered in severe discomfort. It was then he realized that his shoulder was bleeding furiously, like Father's was at the moment. How on earth did that happen?! He hadn't gotten shot!

Tobias looked to Raphael for explanation and noticed with horror that the archangel's shoulder was bleeding from injury as well! How was this possible?! Neither of them had been shot so why were they bleeding from a gunshot wound? Was this a sign from God?

It must've been; it was the only explanation. Tobias rationalized that God was disappointed in all of them and was having them share the pain as punishment. Although Tobias understood God's intentions, he felt sick and disoriented from the loss of blood and the pain of the wound was overwhelming.

His breathing started becoming labored and erratic as he struggled to remain strong—he's endured worse beatings from his father so he ought to be used to the pain. But he wasn't…he was weak, just like Father told him every day.

Tobias then felt a soothing darkness ink its way through his body and he allowed it to take him. Stray thoughts of the young agent erratically swam through Tobias's mind as his vision blurred; was the young man okay—will God forgive him? Tobias hoped so, he really did.

Gosh…the pain. Was he dying? It would seem so. Oddly enough, Tobias wasn't afraid. No—he was willing to embrace death. After all, there was chance that he could see his mom again…

That thought brought a single tear to Tobias's eyes as he lost consciousness.

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