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There were two bodies found in the Potomac a month later. Though not in NCIS jurisdiction, Fornell had called him out to the scene after an anonymous tip prompted the FBI to investigate before the local LEOs got there. Gibbs recognized the scumbag that had molested Tony and had a hard time suppressing a smile of satisfaction at seeing the bloated corpse. The other had been identified as Mandy Williams, a senator's aide that had been missing for a month. Kort must have gotten the all the intel he needed before disposing of his informants.

The story was the two were having an affair and drove off the road after drinking a little too heavily. Witnesses placed them at a bar together a month ago and neither was ever seen after that. It was mildly scandalous considering his marriage and her age – but it almost normal in Washington terms. All the alphabets agreed to stick to that scenario. It was quickly ruled accidental. Gibbs wondered where Kort found the 'witnesses'.

Gibbs' phone rang.

"I will assume I'm forgiven now," said the familiar voice of Trent Kort.

Gibbs grimaced. It had taken a long time but he finally had his mate and quite honestly – Kort was the reason it had happened, which was the only reason Kort was still alive and well.

"Forgiven might be too strong a word," Gibbs answered.

Gibbs had taken Tony into his bed and his life. Gibbs had had to remind Ziva several times about Rule 12 to get her to begin leaving Tony alone but they were determined to not mess up the team so no one at NCIS was aware of their new relationship.

He was pleased that Tony turned out to be as playful and kinky as he could have ever hoped. As much as Gibbs loved Tony as he was on a daily basis: masculine, brave, normally a little hairy, he didn't deny that he enjoyed the occasional foray into smooth skin covered by silky, feminine clothing. Tony was always happy to oblige, along with any other number of scenarios they played at. He thought he might finally surprise Tony and wear his dress blues that night to celebrate. Tony had been begging to play 'Gunny and the new recruit' almost since the second day they woke up together.

"Your boy did good, Gibbs. He really is best at undercover work," Kort added.

Gibbs felt his protective hackles rise at the image of Kort kissing Tony.

"You ever use any of my agents again like that, all bets are off. And come near Tony, I will end you."

"Spoken like a true Alpha Wolf." Gibbs smiled at hearing Kort acknowledge his authority. Tony was his and his alone.