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~ Cookie VanDeKamp ~

It had been nearly two months since the traitor had infiltrated the MSEA and burned their headquarters down. In those two months, they had managed to get the HQ rebuilt, the traumatized October was slowly starting to get back to normal, and there had been a scramble to recruit new members to replace those lost in the fire. Some had been recruited by being discovered by Exterminators scouring the internet for people who could help them make the internet stable again. Others, like Victoria Tate, had actively sought out the MSEA in hopes of becoming an Exterminator.

Victoria checked her watch. Ten minutes until an Exterminator was supposed to arrive. She'd gotten through the interview, cleared all the background checks, and had proven her worth as a potential member of the team. The hard part was over. Now all she had to do was get through the tour, answer a couple more questions, meet with October Maynard, the leader, and then she could become a real part of the MSEA. It was almost too good to believe. She was, however, a bit nervous. At age eighteen, there were still dark corners of the internet Victoria had yet to see. But she decided to ignore her misgivings. She had worked for far too long to get this far. There was no way she was planning to back out now.

She'd received an (annoyingly cryptic) email to meet the Exterminator at this coffee shop downtown. She hadn't been given a picture of the Exterminator who was meeting her, or even what their name was. Victoria had simply been told, "You'll know them when you see them." Victoria nervously sipped on her coffee. She had never been near the MSEA HQ before, and after that whole mess with Marissa Shadows a few months earlier, it was harder than ever to be allowed in.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a large crash outside. She looked up, and a motorcycle had slammed into a car parked outside the coffee shop. The driver, however, appeared to be fine, and hopped right off the bike and walked into the shop.

"What on Earth…?"

The driver, leaving their helmet on, approached Victoria.

"…May I help you?" Victoria asked.

"Victoria Tate, right?"


The driver removed her helmet, revealing a mess of dirty blonde hair and a grinning face.

"Nice to meet ya, Tori. I'll be your tour guide tonight. The name's Duncan. Charlie Duncan."