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''Miku,'' came the quiet, familiar voice. Miku Hatsune quickly turned around, blinking, as she recognised the person - not that she ever got any visitors, to begin with. That was why she usually spent all day staring out of her one window, watching the outside world below.

A beautiful pink haired lady was pushing open the door to her room, her blue eyes calm and soothing as the sea...a sea that Miku had never once laid eyes upon. Miku had only ever heard stories about the sea, but she always did want to visit the ocean. She loved the way her mother described it, and to see the ocean was the one thing she had always wanted. But her mother had never allowed her out of this place.

It was for her own safety, apparently. Miku's mother, the woman currently standing before her, had never once said anything about why...why she hid Miku in this tower, away from the rest of civilisation. All Miku knew was that she was not supposed to step out of the tower. There is someone out there, her mother had said before. Someone dangerous. And if he ever sets eyes upon you, he'll try to hurt you.

Miku wondered who this strange...someone was supposed to be. A man, she knew. But what was a man? She knew that men were...they were different from her. She was a girl, and men were...not girls. But what was a man? She had never set eyes upon a man before, and she wondered in what way they were unlike her. Miku rose from her window seat, smiling at the pink haired woman. ''Mother,'' she greeted.

Her mother, Luka Megurine, smiled briefly. ''How are you today, Miku?'' she asked, her soft voice as neutral and calm as it always was. Miku approached her mother, who reached out her hand, smoothing down Miku's teal hair. The teal hair that Miku had to spend two hours brushing every day, at the very least. That was how long her hair was so long that it dragged all over the floor. It was annoying.

But Miku didn't want to cut her hair, for some strange reason. Not that she herself even really understood why. ''I'm fine,'' she answered her mother's question with her usual reply. ''After all, there's nothing in this one to threaten me. We're in the middle of nowhere.'' Miku glanced out of the window. ''Mother, I'm going to be eighteen soon...'' she hesitated. ''Could I possibly go out? Just for once?''

Luka seemed to hesitate. ''And where would you go out to?'' she finally asked. ''Into the land of men? It's not that I desire to keep you here against your will, Miku, but the outside world is truly dangerous for a girl like you. What do you seek outside of your tower?'' the pink haired woman clasped Miku's hands, her thumbs rubbing circles over her skin. Her blue eyes closed as she seemed to think, to probe.

Miku took it. She knew what Luka was doing. Sure enough, a few seconds later, her mother released her hands, sighing. ''I see...'' she said solemnly. ''You desire to explore the forests below,'' Luka cast a glance out of the window. This tower was built in the middle of a dense forest, far away from any prying eyes. For her safety...''No, Miku. Not the forest. Anywhere but the forest. That place teems with danger.''

''But Mother,'' Miku protested, glancing out of the same window, ''how could it be anything but safe? I've watched the forests for so long, ever since I was a child until now...the deer below, they call to me. The birds fly up to my window to sing their songs. They tell me stories of their homeland, the forest, and how it is a lovely place. Untainted and untouched by mortal hands,'' she shuddered at the thought of that.

Men. Because of her mother's warnings, ever since young, Miku Hatsune had harboured a instinctual fear of men. Of humans in general. The birds told her stories of how destructive men could be, and she didn't like the sound of that. She wanted to roam free in the forests, to talk to the wildlife in it. The animals always had the most interesting tales...not just the animals, but also the plants. The trees. The flowers.

Something almost like surprise flitted through Luka's blue eyes. ''The birds?'' she asked quietly, staring at Miku intently. The tealette nodded, cocking her head inquisitively. The birds had always been able to talk to her. She understood their chirrups, their chirps and their trills. She talked to them, and they talked to her - they brought her news of the outside world. Of men and of towns. Of forests and the animals.

''I have to warn all the birds...'' Luka muttered, almost to herself. ''You're eighteen,'' her blue eyes flicked away. ''Soon, he'll find you,'' she continued to mumble, sounding distracted. ''And when that, I promised he wouldn't find you, not ever. I won't break my promise. Miku?'' Miku jumped - Luka had reverted her attention to her. ''I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to enter the forests. It is unsafe for you.''

''Why -'' she began to protest, but before she could say any more, Luka swiftly turned around, leaving the room. The wooden door closed softly behind her, and Miku sighed, slumping back down onto her window seat. She wished that she could follow Luka out of this tower, but only those trained in the magical arts would be able to open the door of her room. And sadly, Miku was not someone who wielded magic.

Her name was Miku Hatsune, and she was soon to be eighteen years old. Her mother was a powerful sorceress, one who had deep links and ties with forests and Nature itself. Luka Megurine had sealed her daughter away from prying eyes in this tower, from the very moment of her birth, so that she would be kept safe from the rest of the world. From anyone who might want to try hurting Miku.

Since young, Miku had been told tales of the dangers of the outside world, the world outside of her secluded little tower. She was not very attracted to the land of men - it seemed to her that men lived in dirty little villages, and the humans themselves were rough and brutish. She much preferred to remain with Nature, with her animal friends and the trees. Where the air was clean and fresh, and the flowers sweet.

It was rather strange at times, to think that she, as a human, was scared of other humans. But having led an isolated life from young, it wasn't surprising, since she had never talked to any person other than her mother. Usually, to while time away in her tower, Miku sang to the birds, and to the little animals that sometimes appeared at the base of her tower. The animals knew she was lonely, so they all came to her.

Yes, she was lonely. But who wouldn't be, after so many years of isolation? Loneliness was a constant companion. Boredom, as well. Those two were silent friends who kept her company, whenever the birds and animals weren't around with her. Sometimes, Luka would bring back books and paints when she came to visit her, and Miku would take them greedily, eager for some temporary relief from her boredom.

Eighteen years...she was eighteen years old, yet she knew barely anything about the world. The books she read were usually stories from other lands, exotic tales of princes and princesses, of fairies and other magical beings. She wondered whether all these tales were true. She knew that, amongst the humans, there were such things as princes and princesses. But what of fairies? Did such beings really exist?

It seemed possible. After all, a fairy was a magical creature, was it not? Luka, her own mother, wielded magic. It made sense that other creatures would be able to use magic as well. Miku stared wistfully out of the window once again, looking down at the soft green grass below. All around her, trees flourished, their branches seeming to reach up forever, into the sky. The forest was safe, her little haven.

Why did Luka say the forest was dangerous? It seemed so peaceful. She had grown up in her tower, in the middle of this secluded, untouched forest, and never once in her eighteen years had she ever seen something dangerous here. True, the only part of the forest she was able to see was this little area, right outside the tower...but if she didn't stray too far from here, shouldn't it be safe, then?

A bird flew up to her, trilling away. Miku smiled at the bird - she knew which one it was. Hello, she chirped back at the bird. After spending so long stuck in a lonely tower, she had learnt exactly how to communicate with animals. What brings you here today, sparrow? I haven't seen you in a while. I thought you were trying to build a nest for your mate. Is it done?

Oh, yes, it is, the bird chirruped, fluffing its feathers out proudly. That's why I'm here today. The nest looks wonderful - it's a pity that next year, I'll have to build a new one all over again. The bird seemed to sigh. Would you be interested in taking a look at my nest, Miku? My mate has laid her eggs, and she is quite comfortable now, the sparrow sang.

Miku smiled regretfully at the bird. Ah, I'm sorry, sparrow. I would like to look at your nest, but I'm forbidden from leaving this tower. Mother says that the forest is a very dangerous place...but I don't understand why, she stared at the sparrow. Is the forest really that dangerous, sparrow? You told me many tales about it. It seems very interesting.

Your mother? You mean the sorceress Luka. I see...the bird chirruped thoughtfully. No, the forest isn't very dangerous. Not for a person, provided the wolves don't see you as possible prey. But...I can see why this forest would be considered dangerous for you. Especially by your mother. She is right not to let you out here, you know. He's still looking for you.

Who is this 'he'? The man that Mother says...wants to hurt me? Miku froze, her heart suddenly in her throat - a man? Searching for her? In this forest? Was that why Luka said that this place was dangerous? Sparrow, could you tell me more? Please? Mother refuses to tell me anything about this man, nothing other than the fact that he's dangerous...

That, I cannot, the sparrow flapped its wings. Your mother has specifically told us not to tell you anything. You're not meant to know about this...the less you know about this danger, the better it is for you. But I can tell you one thing, the sparrow seemed to hesitate. The danger you face is not a 'man', Miku. It is...something else. It is something other than a human.

Something other than a human...? Miku repeated, confused. But a 'he' refers to a man, does it not? What could there be in this world, other than humans? Sparrow...can't you tell me anything more? She pleaded with the bird. I'm so tired of being locked away because of a danger I don't even know about. It makes me wonder what's the point of sealing me here.

I cannot tell you anything else, the sparrow trilled. I am sorry, Miku. Your mother has forbidden the animals from speaking to you about that. But a 'he' does not necessarily have to refer to a human - remember to keep that in mind. For now, I must leave - I shall see you another day, Miku. With that, the sparrow flew away from the window, leaving her behind...

Miku couldn't help wishing that she had wings to fly with, as well. Confusion swirled around her mind as she pondered about the sparrow's words...what could it possibly have meant? 'He' did not necessarily mean a human? But what other creatures in this world could be classified as a 'he'? She didn't know...she knew too little about this world to be sure. Biting on her lower lip, she turned away from the window.

She decided not to think about the sparrow's cryptic words. For now, she would just find something else to do. Something to stave off the boredom creeping up on her, once again.