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Chapter 1: Crime Sorciere

The moon had rise up at the night sky. The stars were starting to glow. Some of it were staying on the sky and some of the it were falling on the land. A crimson-haired man watched at the night sky. He couldn't see it very wide. Still, he enjoyed to see the stars especially when the star was falling. Because he was now at the prison. Of course, he was once to be a member of Reborn Oracion Seis. He is the worst criminal in Balam Allience. But Erik is no more a member of the dark guild. He don't need anything from now on. The only he wanted is, hearing his best friend voice, Cuberos. His prayer had been answered. He is now satisfied about his prayer. But he need to stay in the prison a little longer because of what he had done from the dark past. Everyone was hate him… The Fairy Tail hate him, too… except the violet-haired woman named Kinana.

Every time he always muttered his best friend's name. He wanted to know how is she or what is she doing for now. When he was lost Cuberos, he was worried about her. But since she is now a member of Fairy Tail, he doesn't need to worry about her, then. The fairies can took care of her like a family.

Sometimes, the guards from the magic council were always hurting him to feel how suffer the people while he was used to sealed off the Infinity Clock. But Erik doesn't care. He doesn't care if he's feeling awful or not. He had to punish after what he had done. Not only their reason about the Real Nightmare. They were also getting annoyed when he kept muttering something. He was as suffered as Jellal when he was once to stay in the prison.

The guards went away after they had enjoyed hurting him. The crimson-haired man could remember the same suffer when he was a slave. He was hard to breathe after he had been tortured by them many times. He could see there's a shooting star. He smile happily. 'Ah… The promise…', he thought. He was feeling better whenever he look at the shooting star. His pain from his body was quickly disappeared. It's all thanks to Kinana, he was finally happy. The shooting star… is the promise for her that he won't forget.

The next day, in the Fairy Tail guild, everyone was always noisy. While Kinana was wiping the glasses, she saw the Salamander was sitting on the bar. Well, it is rarely that he did like this. All he did was picked on a fight with the strip guy and even the metalface guy, too. But Gray had been chased by Juvia. The only he had to do is run and hide. And for Gajeel, he was busying to go and take some missions. So, the only he had to do is, sitting on the bar and had a little chit-chat with the purple-haired woman. Still, it is also rarely that, he was trying to go and have a chat with any girls except Lisanna, Lucy and Erza. "Ano… ohayou, Natsu-san.", Kinana greeted to him.

The Salamander's face became a little reddish. "Um… Yeah… ohayou, Kinana."

"What are you doing here? You're always picked on a fight with your rival friend.", she said.

"Well, they were really busy. But I think it is time for me to have a rest just for a while."

"Ah… So that's how it is.", she said.

"So… I've heard you were joined this guild 7 years ago, right?"

She nodded. "Yes. At first, I joined this guild because I wanted to regain my memory back. I thought if I work here just for a while, my memory would come back."

"And… how's your memory?"

She shook her head. "No… My memory doesn't regain yet. But, I only remember this memory. I'm really glad to meet him at the first place…"

"Who is it?", Natsu asked.

"Well… it's…", she remembered Mira's warning.

"Kinana, whatever you do, don't tell everyone about your memory. Especially for Natsu."

"Eh? Why?", the purple-haired woman asked.

"Your friend, Erik is a member of Reborn Oracion Seis, right?"

Kinana nodded.

"If Natsu knew it, he might kill that guy to death. So, you can't tell everyone about it, too. The only you can tell is, Master Makarov, Macao, Wakaba and me. Got it?"

"Ye… Yes."

"Ano… it's someone that you don't know.", she replied.

Natsu confused. He had no idea what on earth she was saying. "Anyway, do you want something to eat? Maybe I cook for you if you're hungry.", Kinana said.

"Of course… Can I have Roasted Pork? Oh, and let it burning. Cuz I like it when it was still had a fire.", the pink-haired man replied.


Natsu started to watch her again. Every time, he always looked at her beautiful face. And his face sometimes became red. Look at her makes him felt so nervous. Well, he actually had a secret crushed on her, to tell the truth. He was fell in love with her at the first sight after the pink-haired man and the other were back from the Tenrou Island.

"Here you go~.", Kinana said.

"Ah! Ariga-", he stopped after he looked at her face. She then smiled at him very kindly. "You're welcome.", she went back to the bar to serve other people some food and beer. Kinana was serving him a Roasted Burning Fish. His face was as red as tomato

"Ne, Mira-san, who is that?"

"You don't know her? That's Kinana. She was joined Fairy Tail 7 years ago.", the demon woman replied.

"Really?", he couldn't believe of what she was saying. Of course, the violet-haired woman was very cute and she's fat. But after he met her again, she looks even more beautiful and like a real woman. Of course, she is a woman.

'I've heard that she went out from the guild to find someone because someone was calling her. I wonder who could it be…', Natsu thought. He could remember that, he was trapped in the prison at the Zentopia Church. He heard that thing from Jet.

"Here you go.", she was finally done cooked a Roasted Pork for him. It took a little while for her to cook it. She never been cooked any food while there's a fire. But the pork that she was roasting for him is the first time she did it.

"Arigatou. Itadakimasu!", he said. He then took a bit of a pork by using his hands only.

"How is it?", Kinana asked him.

Natsu's face then changed into like a happy cat. "Now this is the best roasted pork I ever ate! I'll never stop eat it.", he continued to eat. But he was eating too fast like a thunder.

She was sweating. "Heheh… Just don't eat too fast or you'll get a stomach-ache…", she warned him.

He grinned. "Of course I won't!"

"You llllllllllikes her.", Happy rolled his tongue and whisper to Natsu's ear. His face became red. He then punched him very hard until he was flying away. He was almost similar to Erza. Kinana was laughing only because how funny the pink-haired man is.

"Oi, Natsu, how long are you going to sit on the bar and do nothing like a coward dragon.", the raven-haired man said.

"Who are you calling me a coward, bird brain?!"

And they started to fight after he had done eating his pork. As usual thing that Salamander always do to the stripped guy. Fighting like a cat and a rat.

Erik touched his right eye very slowly after he ate his food. He could remember when he was used to hurt his eye 7 years ago. Hurting his eye is the only way to gain his power. But he never realized that he was thinking about himself and not Cuberos. He was wrong about it. He was wrong everything. The scarlet-haired woman was right. All this time, he actually think about himself.

In the middle of the night, Erik was closed his eye from the evening until now. But he wasn't sleep yet. He want to hear a sound of quite. He hate to hear something noisy just like Fairy Tail. But for Kinana, he doesn't mind at all. A few moment later, a mystery guard who wore a black cloak(that is similar to death/grim reaper), went near to the crimson-haired man prison. He looked at the cloak person very carefully. He then tried to hear its thought.

The mystery person is actually a girl. He used to meet her when she was told the purple-haired woman killed him. The mystery girl then opened her hood and showed her true face. Erik was shocked. It was really is a girl from before, Laentine.

"You're…?! You're a girl with Kinana, right?!", the crimson-haired man said to her. But the 14 years old girl didn't replied his question. She just took him from the prison and cast a magic. But the lacrima didn't sense that Erik had been get out from the prison. Of course, Laentine is a ghost. The lacrima had no effect on ghost type. The crimson-haired man and Laentine had been teleported to get out from the magic council. Oh, before they had been teleported it, she used a simulation magic of Erik.

Just a moment, the crimson-haired man and Laentine had arrived in the forest. But it was near to Magnolia Town. So, it isn't too far at all. There's a man with a cat ears and a tail, and there's another person that is a 7 years old girl went toward to them called out 'Ojou-sama'.

"You're did it. I'm glad you're safe.", Lucifer said.

"Ojou-sama, stupid cat is bullying me.", the little girl was whining. But she was actually lied to her. She's the only girl who is very annoying and mischievous girl in Laentine's team.

"He-Hey! What do you mean by that?! I didn't do anything, you big liar brat!", he was almost tried to hit her. But she ran and hid behind Laentine.

"Hold on… Why are you doing this to me…? I… I thought you're hate me."

Lucifer was quite for a moment. He finally opened his mouth to tell him everything. "It's like this… you knew that she was hate you because you had ruin her plan by taking Cuberos from her. But after you're had been arrested in the prison, she was now realized that, even if she's trying to kill you, but, she didn't think that, her dark past would eliminate it. She was now, would rather being a ghost and live in the human world just for a moment. Until the time has come, she will go to the gate of Heaven if she make a few people happy. Ojou-sama especially wanted to make Kinana happy. The only way she would happy is, you're gonna see her again.", the cat guy explained to him.

Erik was quite. But he listen from him very carefully. "What are you going to do for now? Are you… going to join Fairy Tail?", Lucifer asked him.

"Fairy Tail? …No. I don't think I will join them. After what I've done to everyone… Hurting them until they die… And even… almost tried to kill that Salamander 7 years ago…", Erik disagreed to join Fairy Tail and hate to remember his past memory when he was fought Natsu 7 years ago after Nirvana had been activated by Brain.

Lucifer and Laentine quite only. But they could understand how's his feeling. Erik heard someone(s) were coming. There were three wizards were coming from his back. He then turned around. He could see they were wearing a cape and hid their face using a hood. "I've heard the Reborn Oracion Seis guild had been disbanded. And … your prayer had been answered.", a man's voice spoke to the crimson-haired man.

"It's been a while, Cobra… also, should I call you, Erik.", the man and the other of his allies were revealing their faces by took off their hooded.

Erik's eye was widen opened. He couldn't believed of what he see it. But it was true. The man with a hood was actually his childhood friend of slave, Jellal. And the his allies were Meredy and Ultear they were once to be a Grimoire Heart, the dark guild from Balam Allience.

"You're…?! J-Jellal?!", he exclaimed.

The man with a red tattoo nodded. "Yes, it's me, Erik."

"Wait… How do you know my name?", he asked. 'And… I thought he lost his memory…'

"We were used to be a slave, remember? And you're even used to tell your name to me before you're join Oracion Seis.", Jellal replied.

"Hold on…! Don't tell me, your memory are…"

The red-tattoo guy nodded. "That's right. My memory had finally came back."

The crimson-haired man quite only. He thought he doesn't want to see him again. Not to mentioned it, he could remember that he was forcing Jellal to stopped the self-destruction from the Nirvana. Ever since he finally found Cuberos, he always thought everything is his fault.

"I've heard that you doesn't want to join Fairy Tail it's because your dark past. …If there's nothing else you want to do since you had been escaped, you can come with us.", Jellal invited him to come his team.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Have you ever heard a guild called Crime Sorciere?", Ultear asked him.

Erik nodded. "Some rumor said that, the Crime Sorciere had destroyed many dark guilds. But they didn't called it as an official guild. They were called it as an independent guild. Not exactly sure if I believe it or not. Since, it's only a rumor."

"Oh, it is real. And we are the member of Crime Sorciere.", the pale-skinned woman replied.

"Wait…?! Even Jellal?!", he exclaimed.

Jellal, Ultear and Meredy nodded.

"Hold on… then, you want me to join Crime Sorciere?", Erik said.

"Of course.", Jellal said.

"Even if I joined with you, will my dark past can be eliminate it?"

The pink-haired woman then held the crimson-haired man's hand to comfort him. "Of course, you will. If you're believe in yourself, I'm sure your dark past can be forgiven."

"Meredy is right. It's up to you. You want to join with us, or it would be better for you to go to the prison again. That is your only choice.", Ultear said. Erik was quite only. Whenever he looked at them, it was reminding him of his old nakama.

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