Command Decision: A Land of the Giants story. All rights belong to the series creators. Story; Capt. Steve Burton considers the situation of his ship and crew. Rated K

In his small cabin on the sub-orbital transport Spindrift, Captain Steve Burton stares at the ceiling. His was not an easy job. It had been intended to be a sub-orbital flight from L.A. to London.

A simple flight then came the storm that sends us out of control. We had suspected that storms like that could exist. And over the years, ships have disappeared it was a risk of flying.

Thinking of his crew and passengers. They look to me to keep them safe and to get them home. He thought to himself again. Keeping then safe on a planet where the inhabitants are 70ft tall is hard enough. But by luck and the grace of God we have managed.

I don't know how to get them home. I keep going over it in my mind; there have been chances to leave here.

But at what cost? What happens if we bring the giants back to earth? The lives of 7 people balanced against an entire planet.

"There has to be a way." He says to the ceiling. His thoughts go no further, when there is a knock on the cabin door.

"Captain." Betty Hamilton said. "Supper is up." Burton smiled to the stewardess "I'll be right there, Betty." As he got up and started for the mess deck. Betty asked him "Are you ok?"

"Sure Betty." He said. Thinking to himself. "Just thinking to myself."