Calloo! Callay!

Isn't it a marvelous day?
The candy is sweet,
The people are neat,
And everyone's having a ball!
The racers are ready –
But not a single one steady! –
And all awaiting the call!

Racers ready?

Yes, we are!
Gripping the wheel,
and staring at track,
we're ready to hear
that gun go crack!

3… 2… 1… GO!

Pedal to the metal!
Everyone goes;
Only nine will win it
everyone knows!

Down and down and down I race!
Passing everyone –
putting them in their place!

I'm in the lead!
and I continue to race,
But then, surprise!
I see Turbo's face!

"What are you doing here?"
I ask him with fear.
"This is my candy game!
Not your racing fame!"

He gave me a smirk,
His pixels berserk,
Before laughing out long and clear.
"It's time to be drastic!"
He said, then cheered:
"It's time to be Turbo-Tastic!"

He leaped and he flew,
straight into my chest,
and then I started to spin.
My pixels were glitching,
My code was breaking,
Yet still he made me grin.

How did he become such a thing?
Now they'll think he's the king!

"Why are you doing this?"
I desperately called,
"What could you have to gain?"
"You fool, it's obvious!"
he haughtily said,
"This is my ticket back to fame!"

"But I'm just a racer!"
I tried to tell him,
"I'm not the ruler here!"

"What do you mean?
"You're the candy king!
"Surely you are revered!"

"No, I assure you –
"It's my daughter,
"Who claims the throne with cheer!"

He growled and raved,
making me ache,
and yelled out, "NO!
"Why is this game so queer?!

"I've already changed your code
"To allow me in,
"And now you'll go tell her
"I'm here!

"I'll have to get rid of her!"
He exclaimed; I gasped.
"I'll have to delete her code!"

"No!" I begged,
"Don't do that, please!
"You must leave her on the road!"

"Too late!" he cried,
"She's going down –
And I'll never let her reload!"

The race continued,
but I just wanted to weep!
What started out so sweet
turned sour in one turbo leap!

Vanellope, Vanellope!
My sweet, sweet girl!
Be wary of me!
I'm no longer a pearl!

I wanted to scream,
I wanted to shout,
But Turbo's code
Ruled all of that out!
I couldn't move!
Yet my body still did;
Turbo took over,
And sealed my lid!

I could only watch
as he tried to delete her.
I could only watch
as he caused such a stir.

Now I'm locked up,
Never to live again.
Seeing things by the sidelines,
Through this evil man!
Oh, what I'd give to be able to
give him a piece of my mind!
But I can't move, can't talk,
and so I'm left behind.

Please, someone!
Hear my plea!
Realize who this really is,
and stop hurting Vanellope!
How is it that no one can see?
That she is a princess meant to be!

… Oh no… Virus!
Oh no! Oh no!
Am I King Candy?
Or Am I Turbo?
I can't remember!
The distinction's not there;
It's locked up away,
Like a sour gummy bear.

Oh no! Virus!
Oh dear, oh dear!
I'm going in the code room,
But why am I here?
What am I doing!
Tearing me in half!
I start to vanish,
and yet I laugh!

Oh, that's right!
Turbo's in charge!
He's getting rid of me,
to stay at large.

Goodbye, everyone!
So long, farewell!
But even as I'm done
I feel I must say –
Isn't it a marvelous day?