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Maka Albarn was not a drinking kind of girl. She was very prim and proper. She never backtalked her professors. She walked with perfect posture. She never swore. She had excellent grammar. She was clean person, and did not tolerate a dirty anything. She used her manners with grace, and she had fine etiquette. Above all, though, she was responsible. To her this meant not doing drugs, not smoking, maintaing good health and hygiene, but most importantly, it meant no drinking. Needless to say, when her deathscythe Soul Eater Evans came home one day and found her naked on the kitchen table with seven empty bottles of vodka and her finishing off the last few drops of the eighth bottle, he was utterly surprised.

"Maka?" he all but shouted. At the mention of her name the ash blonde meister turned and greeted her weapon.

"Heeeeeeeey Soullly-kins!" she slurred, " what are you doing home so early?"

"Maka, it 's one o'clock in the morning. How am I home early?" he asked exasperated.

"Because silly, I just finished all of my vodka!" She sing-songed, "Watch me dance!"

With that being said Maka jumped up on the table and started dancing like an idiot. It was also at that moment that it occured to Soul that his meister, who he was secretly in love with was naked.

"Maka...Why atre you naked?" Soul questioned with a dark red blush covering his face.

"I'll tell you, but first you have you have to catch me!" She demanded smiling evilly.

"Alright." the red eyed weapon said hesitantly.

Maka's eyes instantly brightened with glee, and she leaped off the table and tackled him onto the floor. Cackling evilly she squeezed his nose as hard as she could and yelled, "Clown go HONK HONK!"

Soul was surprised she didn't break his nose, but then again she is drunk. As he was clutching his poor abused nose, Maka took this opportunity to dash into th bathroom and hide in the bathtub. Rolling his eyes, Soul stood up and followed her into the bathroom.

"Sooooul," She all but purred, "Won't you take a bath with me!"

Soul used this to his advantage, although he knows now that Blair is a extremely bad influence. "Of course I will Maka, but first you have to tell me why you were drinking so much vodka."

"Do I have tooooooooo" she pouted.

"Yes." Soul replied simply.

"Your stalker told me that it was a shame I was such a goody goody, because alcohol makes your boobs grow bigger. I sure proved her wrong didn't I...Soo...ul." The poor girl had fallen asleep before she could even finish her sentence.

Soul sighed and carried the insecure girl to his bed and passed out next to her.

The next morning Soul Eater Evans woke up to a Maka Chop and the blushing girl herself. He couldn't stop himself from thinking that he needed to thank his stalker since because of her he got to cuddle with the girl of his dreams.