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Plane (Yeah... couldn't really think of what else to call it. So there.)

The departure had been nothing to her. Kendra had been visibly saddened, but she had felt nothing. Why? Because nothing in life was permanent. She, of all people, should know that best.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder and she spun around. "Miss?" the flight attendant asked. "Are you alright? You seem distressed."

Jane nodded. "I'm fine. It's just my first time on a plane, and I'm not exactly comfortable with the idea of being suspended midair at..." She paused, looking uneasily out the small window. "30,000 feet above ground."

The attendant smiled warmly. "Can I get you anything?"

"No," she said. "Am I allowed to check my email?"

The attendant nodded. "We have on boad Wi-fi, but there's a fee."

"Okay. Thanks," Jane replied, reaching to get her laptop. Two new emails. The first one was from Alan.

I've arranged for you to stay with someone named Captain Gregson untill you find a school, which might be a while, considering your reputation. He's a friend of mine, and I'm pretty sure he might have worked with your mother once or twice. He'll be waiting for you at JFK.

Jane pulled out the picture of her parents and thought about what she had told Kendra. It wasn't a total lie. Her mother was dead. And her father might as well be.

But all of that was back in London.

JFK International Airport

Jane looked around for the person who was supposed to be picking her up. What had Alan said his name was? Right, it was... um, Gregson. Captain Gregson. But now what? Didn't they usually hold up signs or something in the movies? Alan probably thought she knew what this 'Gregson' looked like. Okay, problem. She pulled out her cell phone and was about to call Alan when an older man with grey hair and blue eyes walked over to her.

He held out his hand. "Hi, I'm-"

"Mr. Gregson, I assume?" Jane asked. She glanced at his hand. "No thanks. Not that I'm a germaphob, but people transfer more germs shaking hand than they do by kissing, and they must transfer an awful lot of germs by kissing, you know, cause they swap spit and all that and because there are actually less bacteria in a person's urine than there is in their mouths. So considering how dirty a person's mouth is and yet more germs are transferred by shaking hands than kissing, that must make hands really dirty, right?"

Gregson said nothing, just had a confused expression on his face.

"I lost you at germaphob, huh?" Jane said.

Gregson smiled nervously. "Yeah, basically."

Jane twirled her thumbs as the two of them walked past the enormous crowd of people. "I'm sorry for putting you in such an awkward situation."

"What makes you think it's an awkward situation?" he asked.

"Because of your demeanor," Jane stated. "You seem very uncomfortable around me. Well, either me or the airport, which the second wouldn't be likely unless you have either a fear of large crowds and/or a fear of people, or if like me, apparently, you have a fear of planes. And you don't seem like you have a fear of large crowds because you live in New York City, and for someone who does have a fear of large crowds, living in a place like this this would be a very unwise decision. Unless they were a recluse, which obviously you aren't since you work with the police department. And-"

He held up his hand. "Wait, how did you know I work with the police department?"

Jane smiled. "I see you were able to keep up with me that time. It's because Alan referred to you as 'Captain', so either you work on a boat or you work with the police department, and I can see your badge."

He chuckled. "Well I certainly do not work on a boat."

"And don't worry, you won't see that much of me," Jane said. "In fact, I have an appointment with the first Mr. Suit- Man tomorrow morning."

"Mr. Suit- Man?" Gregson asked confusedly.

"That's what I call the Headmasters because they dress all fancy," she explained.

Gregson waved down a taxi and the two got in. "How was the flight?" he asked.

Jane groaned. "Terrible! I couldn't get off of it fast enough. NEVER again, I swear."

He paused. "So it was pretty crappy, huh?"

"To put it simply, yes," she said. "And actually, there was a little video they played as 'on-board entertainment'. It was a soap opera or something like that. Except what I don't understand is why they call it a soap opera if it has absolutely nothing to do with soap or opera."

"I've never really thought about it that way before," he admitted.

"Most people don't. I guess I just tend to look deeper at things. Always have."

"You really remind me of someone else I know," Gregson commented.

"Can't imagine who."

He cleared his throat. "Well then, um, do you have all your stuff?"

She nodded. "And don't worry. I'll be out of your hair A.S.A.P."


Gregson walked past the guest room towards the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.


He stopped suddenly and knocked on the door. "Jane? You okay?"

There was some scuffling. "Yeah... I'm fine," she yelled. "I just fell."

He pulled open the door to find her sitting in the middle of a blow up mattress, legs crossed.

"See?" she said. "I'm fine."

He smiled lightly and closed the door again, pulling out his cell phone.

"Hey Gregson," Alan's voice said through the phone. "She settled in okay?"

"Yeah," he replied. "And you were right. She is just like him."

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