Authors Note:

So... I have a case of the plot bunnies attacking me. I figured this would be an interesting story to try and do. I know a lot of people do this with like CoD: Nazi Zombies, Resident Evil, and a few others so... I decided to do it to Hotel Translyvania.


What happens on Halloween night when a young female decides to watch Hotel Transylvania on youtube awhile her parents are away? She gets stuck with a whole lot of monsters! Mavis/Jonathan & Dracula/OC? Perhaps?

Chapter 1: Oh Boy

You never expect to see any type of monsters in your life because you know that they aren't real. Well who ever said that isn't me and isn't dealing with monsters in their house! Actual monsters! First let me go back to how this even started and let me tell you, I'm kinda happy in a way that it did happen but not in the beginning.

October 31st, 2012

I sighed as I looked into the mirror and hated the way I looked. My dark red hair was the thing that stood out the most and then my bright blue eyes. I stood at least 5'10 and my weight was always a problem no matter what I did. A sigh escaped my lips as I adjusted my pajama top and wiped away the rest of the halloween makeup I had on my face from earlier. I recently had just got done with giving out candy to only a few kids who decided to stop by the house. "Jaime? We have to leave! I promise we will be back tomorrow night!" Yelled a female voice up the stairs. I smirked slightly as I ran down the stairs and looked at my mother. "Alright, have fun! Besides I'll be watching my normal Halloween movies." I said with a small laugh.

My mother gently hugged me as she nodded her head and looked at her boyfriend of four years. "Be safe and don't do anything stupid." She said. I groaned as I shook my head as I grabbed my Xbox 360 controller and scrolled through the options until I landed on YouTube. "Yeah, Yeah... I know." I mumbled as I clicked the button. I quickly pulled up the search screen and typed in Hotel Transylvania then scrolled through until I found part one of the movie. I sighed as I looked outside to notice it was night time and knew I had to eat something. With a shrug I turned up the volume on the TV and walked into the kitchen looking for something to eat until I noticed the movie skip ahead.

"It's time my darling Martha. The place we always talked about for Mavis. No one will ever harm her here." Rang out Dracula's voice. I quickly ran back into the living room to notice my Xbox give me the red ring of death. I groaned as the TV quickly went crazy and started to glow. "Am I really seeing this? No... I had too much candy... It's just my mind playing tricks on me..." I mumbled as I turned away until I heard familar voices come from downstairs in the basement. "Mavis? Mavis?! Are you here?" A male voice asked with a thick accent. "Yeah, I'm here dad. What happened? I remember... We were at the hotel celebrating about me and Jonathan being together... Then bam! We ended up here... Where ever that might be..." She said.

I quickly froze as I knew I was really becoming insane. "Surely that isn't Dracula and Mavis downstairs in my basement... It's just my mind..." I thought. "Frank! Where are we? Are we even at the hotel?" A loud female voice asked. "I can't say for sure... Hey Drac! Are we even at the hotel anymore?" Frank asked. Terror quickly set into my viens as I quickly and quietly walked down the basement stairs to find most of the monsters from Hotel Transylvania standing there. "Dracula... Mavis... Jonathan... Frankinstien... Eunice... Wait... Where is Wanda and Wayne? Or even the pups? Eeeh. Maybe it's a good thing they aren't here... I would have a hell of a time explain that... What am I saying?! I still think this is my mind playing tricks on me..." I thought.

Dracula heard the sounds of a stair creak and quickly ran up the bottom stairs to see me standing there. "Who are you? What are you doing at my hotel?" He asked. I laughed nervously as I looked at Dracula. "Okay... This... Isn't going to be easy to explain... But your not at the hotel anymore... But at my house... Which is actually an alteranate universe to yours." I said. Dracula glared at me for a moment as if I spoke a foregin langage he didn't understand. "Say what?" He asked. I knew I was showing signs of being afraid but this had to be a dream maybe a nightmare by chance. "Okay... This is just a dream... I just passed out on the couch watching Hotel Transylvania and everyone is actually not here..." I said, trying to remain calm.

Mavis looked over at her father and raised an eyebrow. "Is she okay?" She asked. Dracula groaned and rubbed his forehead. "I'm taking a wild guess that your a human..." He said. I nodded my head in agreement. "I am but... Believe me... I'm like Jonathan... I'm cool about monsters. " I said then mentally slapped myself at mentioning Jonathan. Dracula quickly pushed my one shoulder into the wall behind me. "How do you know? How do you know Jonathan?" He asked. I realized at this moment that it wasn't a dream and I actually had them here. "I told you... You and everyone else here belong in a movie... Which isn't even out on DVD yet! Damn Youtube..." I said, mumbling the last part. Dracula let go of my shoulder and I knew he didn't trust me but then again I wouldn't even trust someone who would of just told me I'm not even in my own world.

I didn't even want to know what exactly he was thinking because I know in the end I would be the villian it seemed like. I sighed as I turned around and began heading back upstairs. "Count... I am truly sorry that this happened to you and your friends... It's my fault for this happening..." I said then made my way back upstairs. It wasn't the truth... It wasn't my fault but who did I have to blame for this happening? No one. I sighed as I opened the kitchen door which led outside. The air was extremely cold but I didn't mind since I needed more of a awake up call. "How am I going to even deal with this?" I thought as I looked up at the full moon.