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This is my take on how the world of Bleach may have changed if Ichigo's first encounter with Grand Fisher had gone differently. ArrancarIchigo. Give it a shot!

And so fell, the sword of fate

Karakura Shipping District-Visord Warehouse

"God Damn it Machiru! Get away from me!"

A rather short and stocky man with strikingly grey hair had a look in his eyes that would have killed most. However, his target seemed unaffected. His target was his short, annoying, former lieutenant from over 100 years ago. She was much shorter than him, appearing no older than 15. However, the most noticeable part of her, was her hair, it was green. Not, just any green, it was lime green and there was nothing in the room to even compare it to.

What really pissed him off was that she was hanging from his leg while he was trying to train.

"Damn you! Why don't you leave me alone, and train!?"

Even though Kensei knew what was coming, that didn't stop his blood pressure from reaching levels that weren't safe, even for a Soul Reaper.

Machiru, dressed in her usual white jogging suit just put a pout on her face, and gave the man the most annoyed look she could muster, her arms never dislodging themselves from around his leg.

"No! Training is so boring! What is the point of it!?"

Kensei had about had it. Slowly; his hand began reaching behind his back, fingering the handle to the combat knife tucked in the back of his pants. Just as his hand grasped the instrument of death, a voice sounded out.

"Bakudo # 4: Crawling Rope"

In the blink of an eye, a bright yellow energy rope appeared from nowhere, wrapping around Machiru's waist and pulling her back, her arms flailing as she was forced to let go of Kensei.

Kensei followed the rope, only to see a very large man, he was about 6 foot and probably weighed over 400 lbs. He wore a strange green business suit while peacefully meditating. The yellow rope came from the air around him.

A different voice sounded out, this one bored, almost as if this was a standard occurrence, which it was.

"Hey, Hachi, let Kensei out, he needs some fresh air, I'm sure some time alone could also improve his disposition."

The large man answered back.

"As you wish, Shinj."

Kensei didn't have to look at him to know that his stupidly large grin showed off all his teeth. His short, straight blonde hair reaching just above his shoulders.

Kensei just gave Shinji a nod as a giant yellow cube appeared around the entire area, a rectangle, slightly larger than a door appearing clear, his obvious escape.

With a haphazard wave over his shoulder, Kensei disappeared in a blur, wanting to be away from his prison as soon as possible.

Downtown Karakura-Hidden Dragon Karate Studio

"Hey Momma, why are we going this way? I thought you liked to walk through the park."

Masaki Kurosaki looked down at her 9 year old son, Ichigo Kurosaki, a look of concerned curiosity in his soft amber eyes. A smile found itself on her face.

"Yes, I usually do. I just thought you might like to try a different way. Walking by the canal can be quite beautiful too. The way the moonlight reflects off the water… The way the grass there always smells as though a spring rain had just fallen… "

Ichigo's soft amber eyes never left his mother. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and many would agree. She had wavy, light brown hair down to her back. Her eyes matched her son's soft amber eyes. She was his whole life. Some people would probably make fun of him for it, but he didn't care. He loved his mother more than anything in the world. If she wanted to walk along the canal…

"Ok Momma, you want to walk down the canal, I'll protect you the whole way!"

Masaki gave her son a joyed smile.

"I know you will, Ichigo, I know you will. That is what we named you after you know. 'The one who protects'."

Ichigo's eyes lit up with pride as they began their walk.

Ichigo and his mother were walking along the canal and Ichigo had to admit, his mother was right, as always.

"You were right mom. This is really beautiful."

Masaki turned to Ichigo with a smile and took her time to admire her oldest child. He was only 9 years old but very mature.

'Unless I'm involved.'

Masaki silently laughed to herself.

She continued with her observation, he had strikingly orange hair, which would have been strange if her own father didn't have similar hair.

She would have continued her observation, but she saw Ichigo's eyes go wide as he looked towards the canal.

Before she could even turn her head, an icy cold feeling buried itself deep inside her heart. She knew what was coming and couldn't stop the whisper.


Following her son's gaze, she was surprised to see a little girl, no older than her son looking at the water of the canal as though she was about to jump. In most cases she would have ran to help the girl, she seemed to be the source of the bitter cold feeling in her heart.

In order to make sure he didn't do anything, Masaki grabbed onto his shirt. At least, she tried.

"Oh no!"

It only took a second to locate her son; the boy was talking to the girl.

Swallowing her fear so that Ichigo wouldn't see it, she made her way to the two as quickly as possible, trying to hear the conversation.

"…What do you mean? Of course I can see you."

Slowly, the little raven hair girl's grin changed from happy to ecstatic, quickly reaching manic.

"You can see me, you can see me! I'm so happy! Finally, someone who can see me! You're gonna taste so good!"

Ichigo took a few, slow steps backwards until his mother grabbed his hand and they both made their way back.

Discreetly as possible, Masaki drew out her cell and began texting.

To: Isshin

Hllow hury

From: Masaki

"Where do you think you're going? You really think I'll let such a tasty meal get away?"

The almost demonic, echoing voice had Ichigo frozen in fear but Masaki wasn't going to let anything happen to him.

The voice was no longer coming from the little girl; the source was the canal itself. A shadowing figure could be seen, deep in the water.

As though to prove that point, the raven haired girl exploded in a shower of blood and gore, Masaki was to slow to shield Ichigo's eyes from the bloody mess.

Slowly, the water began to part; the first thing that could be seen was the top of a white mask. Instantly, Masaki's fear was confirmed.

Slowly, the rest of it followed. It greatly resembled a giant hamster. It was big, giant even, over 15 feet tall. The white mask had a huge grin on its face, promising pain and death. On top of the mask was a tentacle that lead to the lure, which since it was no longer the little girl, it was now more like a fishing lure.

For the first time since the encounter, Ichigo moved. He stood as tall as his small body could, he stood brave.

"I don't even know what you are, but you stay away from my Momma!"

If it was possible, the Hollow's smile became even more crazed.

"HAHAHA! You're funny kid! Don't worry, I'm gonna eat you too. Women and children are the best, but I prefer children so I'm gonna eat your Momma first, and then I'll eat you! I'm the Grand Fisher! I've been evading the Soul Society for 48 years! What are you going to do!?"

Fear and shock were the prominent emotions that Masaki was feeling.

Fear that her and her son would be killed by this monster, shock that her soft spoken, cry-baby son was able to stand up to such a heavy feeling. She couldn't even move, the spiritual pressure pressed upon her shoulders and made it feel as though she weighed 1,000lbs.

Kensei had calmed down a little while ago, but he knew if he returned now he would kill the green haired girl, so he continued his little walk.

Before he took another step, his footfall stopped.

'Hmm, that's pretty impressive Spiritual Pressure. I'd be willing to bet that that Hollow will be a Gillian soon. Well, I wanted to kill something.'

With a shrug of his shoulders, Kensei began to slowly jog in the direction of the Hollow, his zanpaktou; a combat knife was being twirled in his fingers.

It only took him a few minutes to arrive, and what he came to slightly shocked him.

The large Hollow was attacking a living person. A woman was right in front of the giant hamster, the Hollow was about to bite into her shoulder and devour her.

Kensei didn't even notice the boy leaning against the nearby tree for support; a rather large branch stabbed right through his stomach, his white gi was quickly becoming red.

Little Ichigo's eyes were watery, but angry as he saw the Hollow slowly approach his mother, her arms and legs bound by the same tentacles that sent him flying.


With speed that Olympic track stars would be jealous of, Ichigo charged.

Kensei watched, interested as the woman continued to struggle in her binds.

With a shrug, Kensei grabbed his knife by the blade, toying with the weight; he grabbed it by the tip and aimed.

He cocked his arm back and was about to throw when he heard a shout, 'Momma'.

Sparing a quick glance, his opportunity was lost.

'Damn it! If I throw now, I'll hit the boy, but if I don't…'

Kensei's decision was made when the Hollow lunged, aiming for the woman but the child slammed into her side, pushing her out of the way, and the Hollow's teeth dug deeply into his flesh.


Masaki could only watch, horror stricken and teary eyed as her only son's soul was devoured by the Hollow.

Slowly, her eyes went dull and lifeless before she fell to the ground, alive but unconscious.

After the Hollow was sure he had the entirety of the boy's spiritual pressure, he gave an angry grunt.

"Damn boy! I wanted to eat you second! Oh well, women are a close second to children…"

The Hollow turned toward the now unconscious woman and began leaning down.

Now, Kensei knew he had to act, one human already died, and a child no less…

He arm cocked back and he let his blade fly.

Just as the small blade was going to impale his mask, the Hollow jerked, falling to the ground.

The zanpaktou sailed right passed.

"Damn it! Did he dodge? Return: Tachikaze."

In a swirl of wind, the flying knife disappeared, reappearing in Kensei's hand.

Looking at the Hollow, it was now on its back, rolling around, grasping his mask.

"No! No! What is this Feeling!? Why is this happening!? No! No! I won't allow it! M-Momma… No! It won't! You won't hurt my Momma!"

Kensei could only watch, shocked.

'Is the boy taking over the Hollow's form? I thought that was impossible…'


Isshin Kurosaki was running through the streets, his black Shihakusho billowed in the wind, the white shoulder piece trailed behind him.

"Damn it! I have to hurry. I can sense them and the Hollow is strong!"

Even if everyone could see him, they wouldn't, all they would see was a blur. The second he saw the text from his wife, he swallowed the soul candy in the middle of cleaning the exam room and disappeared in shunpo.

He was almost there, maybe 10 seconds away, and the sight he came to would forever be imprinted in his mind. His 9 year old son, having shoved his wife away, was getting bitten by a large and powerful Hollow.

"No… Ichigo…"

Despair could be seen in his eyes.

Isshin was forced to watch as the Hollow spat his son on the ground, and eyed his wife hungrily.

The hollow only took a few steps before Isshin felt a burst of spirit energy and saw a small knife heading right for the Hollow's mask.

Isshin had contemplated stopping it, that was his kill to make, but as long as his son was sent to Soul Society instead of rotting in the stomach of a hollow.

However, he was in for a shock…

'He dodged it!? No, it was an accident… What is happening to it?'

Then he heard it…

'MOMMA!? He's taking over!?'

Isshin and Kensei could only watch, shocked as red and black spirit energy began to spiral around the Hollow's form.

As sudden as it had appeared, the energy was gone, leaving a very different Hollow in the center. This Hollow was small, strangely small. It was probably no taller than 4 feet. However, even with its small stature, it held a scary disposition.

The mask was a menacing human skull, three red tribal lines on the left side of his forehead and two under his eye. His eyes the usual Hollow; black and yellow. The rest of his form was just as scary, his feet were almost bird-like. His hands held short claws that could undoubtedly cause damage. A long tail swung behind him, the tip was pointed, obviously made for stabbing. On top of that, he was mostly white, with the acceptation of red wavy lines down his arms, legs, and tail. Also the tip of his tail was red. Ichigo's stark orange hair was visible from behind his mask.

The small Hollow struggled to get to his feet, obviously disoriented.

Isshin took a hesitant step forward.


The Hollow's head turned to the new voice.


Isshin had to force down the shudder at the Hollow's echoing voice. However, the underlying feel to it was all Ichigo.

"Yes, Ichigo. It's me."

Isshin turned to Kensei.

"Captain Muguruma. I need you to take my wife and get her to Kisuke. Guard her with your life."

Kensei spared a glance at the man that was once his comrade.

"You got it, Captain Kurosaki."

Kensei walked over to the unconscious Masaki and was about to pick her up when Ichigo's claws, red and black energy dancing on them nearly cut him in half.


Isshin was in shock.

'He should be trying to kill her. What the hell is going on? My only options are to knock him out, which may make him lose control of the body. Or trust my son's will and we can all go to Kisuke's.'

"It's ok, Ichigo. Your mom is hurt. She needs help. Kensei here was just going to bring her to help."

A growl came from deep with Hollow Ichigo's chest.

"I'll bring her!"

With a deep sigh, Isshin spoke.

"Okay, Ichigo. Grab your mom. Let's get her some help."

With care and gentle that no Hollow had ever shown, Ichigo picked his unconscious mother up, carrying her bridal style.

Isshin gave Kensei a nod, silently telling him that they need to watch his actions in case he lost control.

The three began moving at a moderate pace, Hollow Ichigo, instinctually picking up the pace.

It was a matter of minutes after they began to make their way, and Ichigo seemed to be shaking.

"D-dad… The voices…They say I need to eat her… why…WHY!?"

Isshin's breath was labored now.

"Easy now Ichigo, just hand me your mother, you don't want to hurt her, do you?"

Ichigo seemed to shake his head violently.

"N-No, but…"

Guided by his willpower, Ichigo handed his beloved mother over to his father, the later giving a sigh of relief when she was in his arms.

"Ichigo, I need you to keep up. We're gonna move fast. Think you can?"

The menacing mask looked odd as it gave an unsure nod.

The three began running, running at a pace no one could even see.

Since picking up the pace, the three made it to their destination in minutes. However, Ichigo was confused as he read the sign.

"U-Ura-Urahara S-Shoten? A candy store?"

Isshin couldn't stop the slight chuckle.

"Kisuke Urahara is an old friend of your mom's and mine. He used to be a…Famous doctor. Until he wanted to settle down with his wife and children…Yeah, that's it!"

When Kisuke sensed Isshin, in Soul Reaper form with Kensei and a Hollow, standing outside, he was really confused.

Whatever he was expecting, it wasn't what he got.

"Uhhh, Isshin, why is there a Hollow with you?"

Isshin blew off his question.

"No time, Kisuke. My wife is hurt. Look."

Kisuke was shocked when he looked away from the small, yet menacing Hollow towards Isshin. Kisuke instantly noticed Masaki in his arms, the lifeless look in her eyes. However, he could clearly see her steady breathing.

With slow steps, Kisuke placed a hand upon her forehead. Several seconds later, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"She will be unconscious for several days, but she will be just fine. Her Soul Chain was damaged. It's likely due to an abundance of spirit energy. It is common after a Captain or Lieutenant had to fight a full power without a seal."

A look of understanding became apparent on both Kensei and Isshin's face. However, the Hollow still looked confused.

Isshin turned to the Hollow with a smile.

"Don't worry Ichigo. Your mom will be ok in a few days, she just needs rest."

Kisuke's eyes became saucers.

"Ichigo, as in, Ichigo-Ichigo?"

Isshin only gave a solemn nod.

"Kisuke, take a minute and tell the others, then Ichigo can put Masaki to bed while we talk."

Kisuke nodded and was gone, re-emerging seconds later.


The Hollow turned to the strange blonde haired man.

"Walk down the hall and your third door on the right is Tessai, my assistant. He is preparing a room as we speak."

The Hollow nodded before speaking in a voice that sent shivers down all their spines.

"Thank you."

The second he was gone, Kisuke turned to Isshin. His face was completely confused.

"What the hell!?"

Isshin just fell to his ass, not even bothering to go inside.

"I have no idea! I was cleaning up the clinic and I got a text from Masaki. All it said was 'Hllow hrry'. I was gone in a heartbeat. By the time I arrived, Ichigo had just been eaten by a large Hollow. I was shocked when I saw old Kensei there. He should have a better idea."

Kensei gave a short nod and gave a condensed story of everything he had seen.

Kisuke looked unsure.

"In all my years, I've never heard of someone overpowering the Hollow that ate them. That's crazy. The real question, what do we do?"

Isshin looked troubled. He knew the options.

"You're asking me if we kill my son, or leave him as a Hollow?"

Kisuke gave a sad nod.

Isshin spoke again.

"If-if he had just become another mindless Hollow, I would already have the answer. But, he is in control of his actions. He knows what he is doing, how do you just kill someone after that?"

Kisuke had only one answer.

"How long do you think he will be able to stay in control? The longer he goes without feeding the weaker he will get until eventually, he will just kill everyone he can get his hands on."

It was Kensei who spoke next.

"Then, let him feed. Bring him to Hueco Mundo so he can eat."

Kisuke and Isshin both nodded. It was an interesting idea.

"But what about living a life. He will forever look like a Hollow. Do you have a Gigai that could make him look human?"

Kisuke shook his head again.

"It would be impossible; I can alter looks slightly, but not that much."

Kensei spoke next.

"What about the Hogyoku?"

Both Kisuke and Isshin were deathly silent. That was an item they never spoke of.

When Kensei looked and saw their respective states, he spoke.

"Look, it will turn him into an Arrancar. That will give him a mostly human appearance. Plus, you can put him into a Gigai so that his sisters can see him."

The other two remained silent. Until a forth voice spoke up, this one belonging to a woman.

"I agree. The boy is in control of his actions, but as a regular Hollow, he'll lose it eventually. As you know, Kisuke, an Arrancar is less driven by instinct. They have access to emotions and rational thought."

The three turned to the entrance of the shop, there stood a beautiful woman with dark skin, purple hair and golden eyes. She was Yoruichi, Kisuke's oldest friend and Masaki's best friend.

Her usually playful golden eyes were very serious.

"I know that no matter what happens, Masaki will love Ichigo. I'm more worried about him scaring the girls. You were saying that you think Karin is going to be spiritually aware? I think that if she was afraid of him, it would be enough of an emotional shock to push him over the edge."

The two, undecided males both gave slight nods.

Kisuke stood from his spot on the stairs, heading inside.

"I-I'll set up the basement. Bring him down when you're ready."

Kisuke walked inside, Yoruichi following.

It was just Kensei and Isshin at that point. Kensei stood, clasping Isshin on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry this happened Isshin, maybe this is the better outcome."

With his piece said, Kensei began to make his way back to the hide out thinking about how a single, 9 year old child was able to overpower a pretty strong Hollow.

Meanwhile, in his private training ground below the Urahara Shoten, which was actually the size of a small city, Kisuke was making the preparations.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Yoruichi?"

The purple haired woman shook her head as he set up the containment rods, just in case something went wrong.

"No, I'm not. This could be the biggest mistake of our lives. But then again, we should have been there to stop that from happening to him in the first place. We knew his energy levels were getting stronger; we knew he could see them. We also knew they would soon be attracted to his energy."

Kisuke could say nothing as he unsealed his greatest regret.

Isshin took a deep breath as he opened the door. Inside the room he saw Masaki, lying on the cot, with Ichigo, hiding in the corner. It seemed he was trying to become one with the wall.

"Is there a problem Ichigo?"

Through the shadowy room, Isshin could barely see the Hollow's head move up and down.

"What's wrong?"


Isshin's eyes went wide as he figured it out.

He slowly, but assertively made his way over to his Hollowfied son.

"Well, Ichigo. I know how to make the hunger go away; you just need to follow me."

Ichigo looked desperately interested.


Isshin just nodded and held out his hand for his son to grab.

Hesitantly, Ichigo's clawed hand roughly grabbed his father's hand and willed his feet to walk away from his mother.

Isshin had to force himself not to wince from the tight squeeze that Ichigo had on him. Looking at the Hollow's face, Ichigo didn't even realize it.

'Of course he doesn't know he is so strong.'

It was no time at all, before the two were deep underground, inside Kisuke's secret training ground.

"W-what are you going to do?"

However, Isshin didn't answer. He only continued to walk and Ichigo continued to be led by his father's hand.

Eventually, the two arrived in the center of a dozen small rods. Each stabbed in the ground in a circle that was about 15 feet across.

Kisuke held out his hand, gesturing for the boy to come to him. Ichigo glanced at his father, and received a nod.

Ichigo made his way to the center.

"Ichigo, I'm going to need you to kneel."

Hesitantly, Ichigo did just that.

"Good, are you ready?"

Ichigo took a deep breath and nodded.

Ichigo's eyes crossed as he watched the small, glowing stone get closer to his mask.

The instant the stone touched his mask, Ichigo's eyes widened.

He attempted to escape, but couldn't. Then the pain started. It started in his mask before slowly spreading throughout his entire body.

Isshin could only watch as pained whimpers escaped his son's mouth. Cracks began forming, starting first, with his mask before they began to move all along his body.


The white armor that had surrounded Ichigo's body suddenly disintegrated into black and red spirit energy, in the wake of white, Ichigo was revealed…


I decided to write a cliffhanger, something I usually don't do. Just wanted to try something different. Anyways, you get the idea of this story. Ichigo is a Hollow but held onto his humanity and in an attempt to give him a chance at a normal-ish life, they turned him into an Arrancar. You will have to wait for Ch. 2 to see Ichigo's Arrancar form.

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