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Fate's Sword Never Misses


Ichigo just looked around him with a dumbfounded look on his face.


Rukia barely managed to clear her head with a shake and made her way to her seat.

"S-sorry, you look a lot like someone I used to know… It was just a shock. Anyways, my name is Rukia Kuchiki, nice to meet you."

Rukia held out her hand, waiting for Ichigo to shake.

Ichigo stared at the hand for a second before sighing and grasping her hand.

"Ichigo Kurosaki. I know if I don't do this, Tatsuki's gonna kick my ass, so at lunch, if you have nowhere to sit, my friends and I eat on the roof. You can join us…"

A smile made its way to Rukia's face.


Ms. Ochi began writing numbers on the board.

"Ok class, we're going to be working on trig. The formulas you need are…"

Even as Ms. Ochi spoke, Ichigo couldn't pay attention, his eyes were focused on the new girl who was writing away. However, what really had his attention was that she was using an unsharpened pencil. It had never been sharpened. The only reason anything was being written was the yellow paint on the outside of the writing utensil.

Ichigo couldn't let it go on; he gave the girl a tap on the shoulder.

"Uh, Ruruka, there's a pencil sharpener in the back…"

Ichigo pointed to the back of the room but Rukia looked at him like he was stupid, her eyebrow began twitching and she had to resist the urge to kick him. However, she just kept on with the bright smile on her face.

"Thank you, but my name is Rukia."

Ichigo gave an uncaring nod to the girl and she got up to sharpen her pencil. A loud grinding noise shortly followed, and Ichigo just sighed.

'Damn, you'd think she never saw a pencil before.'

Ichigo stood, slowly making his way to the back of the room, his hands resting in his pockets as he went. Tatsuki's and Orihime's eyes followed him curiously.

Ichigo got to the back and saw Rukia valiantly fighting against the operation of the pencil sharpener. Without saying a word, he walked up behind her, grabbed the pencil and pulled it from the sharpener. Ichigo inspected the pencil, the eraser end was all torn up. The metal piece was scratched and bent, and the eraser was non-existent.

She turned a glare on him.

'Damn, is it cold in here? That's weird; it seems to be coming from her… Oh well, I'll worry about it later.'

Ichigo just flipped the pencil, putting it into the sharpener properly and made his way back to his seat.

Ichigo didn't even notice the blush on the petite girl's face.

Ichigo was on his way to his Tuesday afternoon training at the Urahara Shoten, the school day was over.

The rest of the day had gone pretty well, after the pencil sharpener incident, Ichigo seemed to get stuck as her unofficial guide.

A smirk crossed his face as he thought about Rukia trying to open a juice box.

'As amusing as it was, something is up with her. It's like she's not from this planet…'

Ichigo never was one for thinking so he said the hell with it and made his way over to the Urahara Shoten.

Upon entering, a black cat almost instantly landed on his shoulder, nuzzling his head with her face.

"You know Yoruichi, it's kind of weird when you do that…"

The cat just gave her equivalent of a shrug and continued.

"Yeah, well you never pet me anymore."

Ichigo sighed and grabbed the black cat from his shoulder, his hand scratching her ears, causing the cat to purr.

"Hmmm. Ichigo, you sure do know how to treat a lady…"

A blush crossed the boy's face but he continued.

"And you wonder why I don't pet you anymore. Hey, Yoruichi, as fun as this is, I need to get some training in…"

Ichigo wasn't sure, but he thought he heard a sad sigh come from the cat.

"Fine, fine. You know where the basement is…"

With her piece said, Yoruichi jumped from his arms, making her way back to her room for a nap.

Ichigo just shook his head as she left.

"It's always funny to watch her sulk."

Ichigo shook his head and proceeded down the ladder to the underground training area.

"Ok, Old man! You're going down today!"

With that, Ichigo removed himself from his body and sat cross-legged, his elegant cleaver across his lap.

Karakura East: 1 mile from Karakura High

Inside of her small apartment, Rukia sat, a small black butterfly rested on her finger.

It spoke, in her captain's voice.

There have been a slight change of plans Rukia, when you discover the defenders, you are to befriend them. Join their group. Your backstory: You have been able to see spirits for as long as you can remember but one day, a Hollow almost killed you but was stopped by a Soul Reaper. At which point, the same reaper taught you two kido spells; Hado #4: Byakurai and Bakudo #4: Crawling Rope. After receiving this order, it is requested that you respond with any progress.

Rukia grabbed the butterfly and held it to her lips.

"Unseated Officer Rukia Kuchiki reporting as requested. I believe I have made contact with the defenders but I have yet to verify. The alteration of orders will make that considerably easier. End of report, Rukia Kuchiki signing out."

With a gentle lift, the butterfly was gone.

"Hmm, strange. I was given explicit instructions against revealing I have any interaction with the spirit world. I suppose they though the mission would be too difficult."

Rukia shrugged.

"Now I just need to come up with a way to arrange a meeting. If only there was a hollow attack and we all showed up. Perhaps I can arrange something."

Urahara Shoten: Ichigo's Mindscape

"Tell me, Ichigo. Do you truly believe you have advanced enough to fight me on even ground?"

Even through the echoed undertone, Ichigo could hear the wisdom in his words.

Ichigo had long since dropped to a knee, only upright thanks to the sword he was leaning on. Blood freely flowed from his forehead into his left eye. His white undershirt was nearly entirely red, his lifeblood having seeped into the fabric.

Ichigo turned a glare to the man in front of him. He was a tall, middle aged man. His hair was long and ragged; it was stark white, matching the rest of his appearance. He wore dark sunglasses, keeping his eyes from view. He wore a ragged black undershirt under a long flowing white overcoat. In his hands was the very same sword that Ichigo was using to keep himself upright. (A.N. Think Zangetsu with opposite colors and the echoing voice that Hichigo has.)

"I don't know… But there is only one way to find out!"

Ichigo was up in an instant, charging at the white haired man.

Zangetsu easily blocked the overhead swing, bringing his own sword up.

"Good! Show me your power Ichigo! Show me your instincts! Show me your will to fight!"

Ichigo jumped back slightly before charging again, his sword met Zangetsu's once again.

"Come Ichigo! What does your instinct tell you!?"

Ichigo was using every ounce of strength he had into his sword, trying with all his might to push the spirit back. However, he failed to push the blade back even a little.

"You know this Ichigo!"

Ichigo's cleaver began to glow with a blue energy and Zangetsu found his feet sliding backwards slightly.

"DO IT!"

Ichigo's amber eyes flash in acknowledgment.

"Getsuga Tensha!"

The blue energy from the blade flew from Ichigo's blade, hitting Zangetsu right in the face.

The explosion blew both, Zangetsu and Ichigo back.

Looking for his partner, Ichigo found him. He was standing, a proud smirk on his face, his clothing was torn and burned and he had a few small cuts on his chest but aside from that, he was unharmed. The building wasn't so lucky. Every window was shattered, the concrete was cracked the whole length of the building.

"Good! But not good enough! This is how it's done!"

Ichigo could only watch in awe as a thin layer of blue energy covered the cutting edge of the spirit's blade.

Ichigo saw the gleam in his partner's eye and knew what to do; he too began charging energy into his sword, his resembling more a tornado of wild energy encompassing the entire sword.

Ichigo raised the blade above his head, ready for the attack.

"Getsuga Tensha!"

His giant wave of blue energy was flying right for the spirit of his sword. Ichigo was beyond shocked when Zangetsu just stood there.

The giant arc of energy was no more than 5 feet away when Zangetsu spoke quietly.


A mere swipe of his blade, and Ichigo's entire attack was reduced to spirit particles. Ichigo barely dodged the small arc of blue that would have cut him in half.

Ichigo could only watch in awe as the attack destroyed every building in its way.

"That, Ichigo is why you must learn control before I teach you more."

Ichigo could only stare, dumbfounded. Never before had he or Zangetsu ever used such a powerful move… It made his Cero look like child's play.

13th Division Captain's Quarters

Captain Ukitake sat at his desk, his hand held out as a Hell Butterfly relayed his future Lieutenant's report.

His brow was furrowed though.

Unseated Officer Rukia Kuchiki reporting as requested. I believe I have made contact with the defenders but I have yet to verify. End of report, Rukia Kuchiki signing out.

'Hmmm, I don't get it. Firstly, she isn't scheduled to report for 4 days, we never suspected she would have found them so quickly. But, the way she says we requested the report, like we sent her the Hell Butterfly…'

A light laugh came from Ukitake's body.

"I'm probably reading too deep into this, she probably just wanted to inform us that she is ahead of schedule. Oh well, I'll just log this in the mission log."

The white haired Captain leisurely logged the report into her mission folder.

"I must say, I'm excited about finally having another lieutenant. Cut my paperwork load in half…"

Captain Ukitake just smiled as he continued his work.

Next day: Lunch

Tatsuki and Ishida watched as Ichigo walked up the stairs, they both held smirks.

"Tch. Idiot! What the hell is taking so long? My dead Grandma can climb stairs faster!"

Ichigo sent his friend a glare but it was ruined when he winced as he took another step.

"Just shut up. I trained my ass off yesterday, I can barely stand."

A snicker left Rukia's mouth.

"We can see that."

Everyone stopped and looked at the petite girl in shock.

She began blushing madly.

'I-I can't believe I said that…22 year of training as a noble and 2 days with Ichigo and his friends, and I'm losing it.'

Ichigo's next comment earned him a nice glare.

"Shut it, Midget."

With a devious smirk, she walked up behind him.

She grabbed her thumb and looked at it, then she looked at Ichigo, then she looked at it again.

She couldn't stop herself from jabbing her thumb, right into the back of Ichigo's thigh, right where he was the sorest.


Rukia just had a satisfied smile as she walked passed the limping teen.

"Don't call me a midget."

The casual way she said it was as though he started the whole thing.


Tatsuki walked up behind him and clasped him on the shoulder, causing him to wince again.

"I like her."

Once again his glare was destroyed by a wince as he tried to take yet another step.

After ten minutes, Ichigo finally made it to the top and as soon as he found a good spot, he dropped to the ground.

Rukia just looked on, curious.

"I thought you two trained together, why is he sore and you're not?"

Now Tatsuki was caught. Ichigo probably already had a story, but he was unconscious by that point.

'Shit, shit, shit! I can't say he was training his Soul Reaper powers since he is so much better with his Hollow powers. Hah! That would probably get me thrown into an insane asylum. Wait a minute!'

A smirk made its way onto Tatsuki's face.

"Well, Ichigo got tired of me always kicking his ass, so he started to learn kendo. Maybe with a real sword in his hands he'll feel like a man."

Ishida's entire body was shaking, attempting to keep his laughter in while Rukia's lips curled into a smirk.

While outside she was having a blast, inside she was conversing with her own, Zanpakuto.

'What do you think Shira? Do you think it's possible for him to be a Soul Reaper? Maybe he just learned Shikai…'

Inside Rukia's head, a soft voice responded.

I do not know, I can definitely sense a power from him, but I feel no Zanpakuto present.

Rukia thanked her partner and left her to do what she did.


Rukia shook her head and saw both, Tatsuki and Orihime looking at her with concern.

"You ok?"

Rukia gave the girl a confused look.

"What do you mean, of course."

Tatsuki gave the raven haired girl a 'you're an idiot' look and spoke like she was talking to a child.

"We've been trying to get you to snap out of it for like 15 minutes, Ishida went to get the school nurse."

A blush quickly spread across her cheeks.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about stuff."

Ichigo was the one who was curious now.

"Like what?"

Rukia was about to respond but couldn't come up with anything. At least until a certain spirit in her head spoke.


"Home, well, home before my parents died."

That got them to drop their line of questioning.

It was that instant, that the door burst open. A man in his twenties, wearing scrubs ran onto the roof, frantically searching.

"Where is she!?"

Ishida came up right behind him.

"Apparently, she's fine now."

Immediately, the man's mood soured.

"Ahhh, all I ever get to do nowadays is give girls tampons!"

Everyone just stared as the downtrodden man went back down stairs.

Nobody could really believe what he just said. He actually wished a student got hurt.

They just shook it off; they had class to get to.

Ichigo's nap seemed to really help because it only took him five minutes to get down the stairs. As the group was walking to their next class, Rukia decided to try something.

"Hey Ichigo. I've always been interested in Kendo, do you think you can include me in your training?"

Ichigo's eyes widened slightly before an aged, echoing voice spoke in his head.


"Sorry, my teacher is an old friend of the family and he's still grumpy that he's teaching me."

Rukia nodded, actually slightly saddened.

'I-it's possible that he's an exiled Soul Reaper… I hope that's not it.'

The day continued like any other, slow.

Finally class was over, and everyone went their separate ways.

Rukia made her way towards her small apartment.

'It would be nice to get some training in, don't you agree Shira?'

Yes, I feel as though your training has taken a back seat to other matters completely.

'I know, sorry. Now that I'm getting settled in with this mission, I try to train with you at least every other day.'

Rukia could sense the spirit's nod of approval.

Immediately after closing, and locking the apartment door, Rukia withdrew herself from her Gigai and sat in the center of her small, unfurnished living room.

Seconds later, she opened her eyes to find herself standing on a frozen lake, a beautiful woman with light lavender hair, she wore an elegant white kimono.

Almost immediately, Rukia grabbed the sealed form of her Zanpakuto and drew the blade.

So hasty? I always did like it when you were truly ready for a fight.

They lavender haired woman formed the same blade out of thin air.

"It has been too long since we have sparred all out. How about it, Sode No Shirayuki?"

A serene smile crossed the woman's face.

Yes, Lets.

"Dance: Sode No Shirayuki."

Ichigo lost his breath when Kisuke's foot found its place in the center of his chest.

"Uh-uh, you need to do better than that, Kurosaki-kun."

A growl left Ichigo's throat. He had been at this for nearly two hours and wasn't even close to cutting the man.

"Damn it Hat-N-Clogs! I said I was sorry! It was an accident, I didn't mean to tell Yoruichi you were watching her in the spring!"

Kisuke's irritating smile never left his face as he brought his sword up, red energy gathering.

Ichigo pointed two fingers at the man, red energy gathering quickly.

"Sing: Benihime!"


Ichigo's blast was quickly and sloppily formed, but it did the job, it not only stopped Kisuke's attack, but also kicked up dust and blocked him out from being seen.


Kisuke turned around quickly, barely blocking Ichigo's blade with his cane.

"Very good, Ichigo! Now we're getting started!"

The giant smile on Kisuke's face just pissed Ichigo off more.

Tatsuki could do nothing as the fist barreled into her face, the force of the hit actually threw her back over 10 feet.

Her jaw felt as though it was broken.

"Come on! I know you have more than this!"

Tatsuki turned to her trainer, the woman had no qualms with hurting her and made sure she knew it.

So, her vision still swimming slightly and Tatsuki made it to her feet.

Within an instant she charged.

"You're done! Yoruichi!"

Just as the fist was about to slam into her face, the purple haired woman disappeared in a blur. The teen's instinct screamed but she ignored them, instead of trying to block the incoming strike, she dodged. She saw her opening and took it.

An overwhelming smile overtook her face as her foot was about to hit Yoruichi's head. Then she saw it, Yoruichi's knee much closer to her face than her own foot to Yoruichi's head.

The impact snapped her neck back, her nose freely leaking blood.

"Close but no cigar…"

Yoruichi was gone again.

Her instincts screamed again and this time, she listened. Tatsuki turned quickly and barely had time to raise her arms, her arms blocking the kick from the Goddess of Flash.

Neither woman noticed, but a yellow spark of electricity swam through Tatsuki's dark blue eyes as Tatsuki grabbed Yoruichi's arm, and threw the woman into a wall, cracking it slightly.

Tatsuki expected Yoruichi to be mad, so when she jumped up with a smirk, she was shocked.

"Hah! This might be worth it after all!"

Again, Yoruichi was gone in a blur.

Ishida shot another four arrows into the various trees; his breath was coming in labored pants.

Ishida stood quickly and began firing repeatedly. The teen fired as many arrows as his body would allow. He guessed the number to be around 110.

Finally, unable to maintain it anymore, his bow disappeared and he dropped to a knee, panting.

From his spot on the ground, he was eye level with a box.

"Soon Grandfather, soon I will use your gift."

Ishida wasted no time and stood, his bow reforming.

Chad looked at the bird in the cage.

"Thank you mister and I hope you don't get hurt because of me."

Chad, ever the silent type just nodded.

He had had the bird for 4 hours and already a steel girder fell and a bridge he was walking on collapsed.

'I wonder what's next.'

Chad heard a high pitched engine.

"Sounds like a motorcycle."

Chad looked behind him and saw a motorcycle second from hitting him.

With no other way to defend himself, Chad clutched the bird cage to his chest and spun around.

Chad couldn't keep in the grunt of pain when the bike hit him.

However, he barely even noticed the blood leaking from the back of his head. All he noticed was the rider who was lying against the wood fence as though he was thrown there.

Without even a thought to his own wellbeing, Chad picked up the biker in one arm and the bird cage in the other, quickly heading to Karakura General. This was luckily only a few minutes away. He didn't even notice the massive gash across the back of his head.

The next morning and Ms. Ochi could only stare.

Ishida had both his hands bandaged. Not to mention his skin was pale and he was panting just from walking to the classroom.

Rukia seemed to be asleep at her desk, but that didn't stop her from seeing that her arm was rather blue and puffy, similar to her lips that were quivering as she slept.

Tatsuki was probably the worst. Her entire face was black and blue, her nose a little bent and it was clear it had been broken and reset. The skin of her fists had been ripped off and her hands were bandaged.

Ichigo wasn't far behind, he had bandages all over his body, apparently from cuts. However, the worst was the fact that he right arm was in a sling.

Chad had bandages wrapped around his head. The back tinted red from bleeding. Ms. Ochi wasn't even going to say anything about the fact that he had a bird.

The entire group looked like shit.

Ms. Ochi couldn't stop herself.

"Did you guys get in a gang fight? And dragging along poor Rukia. You should be ashamed. Now, open your books to page 211."

The day dragged ass, to put it lightly. None of them could focus and they really didn't want to be there.

However, now school was over, and the only issue was that they had to walk home.

Tatsuki was the first to complain.

"Man, my house is like…6 mile away, this walk is going to suck."

As though to accent her pain, she winced pretty bad when she moved her leg wrong.

Ichigo just gave her a glare.

"Yeah? Remember, my house is almost 2 miles passed yours."

Normally, Tatsuki would argue back, but she didn't care.

Ichigo spoke up.

"Tch. At least when you get home, you can take a nap. My crazy ass dad is gonna try and kick my ass then make me clean the clinic either 'For beating up Daddy' or 'For not being on guard.' At least your parents are sane."

Tatsuki couldn't help but chuckle.

Rukia got a look of thought on her face.

"You know, I haven't had a chance to furnish it yet, but my apartment is like 2 minutes that way. You're welcome to come take a nap at my place, that's all I'll be doing."

After a little thought, Ichigo and Tatsuki agreed.

Orihime seemed sad that she couldn't.

"Bummer! My landlord is gonna be by to fix my shower in a little. I'll see you all tomorrow! Bye Tatsuki, Ichigo, Ishida, Chad and Rukia!"

They all waved. And Ishida stepped forward slightly.

"I thank you for the offer, but I have prior engagements."

Chad just looked at everyone for a second.


The giant began walking off, causing everyone to shrug.

The three were in Rukia's apartment in minutes.

"You weren't kidding, you really don't have any furniture."

Rukia seemed sheepish.


Neither Ichigo or Tatsuki seemed to mind, as they were already asleep on the floor of her living room.

A small smile crossed Rukia's face as she joined them in the land of slumber.

The three were sleeping peacefully, their bodies finally recovering from training when…


In an instant, all of their eyes were open. Ichigo and Tatsuki shared a glance before looking at Rukia who looked at them suspiciously.

"Wow, I can't believe we slept for four hours. Anyways, thank you Rukia, but both our parents will be worried sick."

Rukia just smiled at the two.

"I understand. Next time maybe we can be awake long enough to do something."

The second the two were out the door, Rukia sighed.

"I guess it's time to learn the truth."

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