Stella watches "The Break Up". AU.

hey yall! I'm currently crusing down to Melbourne for the weekend, and wrote this sitting in the backseat of my mothers car. :)

"I will always love you the most." Santana looked sadly at Brittany, tears openly rolling down her face.
"I love you too." With that, Santana pulled Brittany into a tight embrace, which the blonde clung to.
"Fuck." Stella wiped her face and continued to cry. "I just can't with these two! 'Mine' isn't a break up song! I just-"

"Stell, calm down. It's Brittana. It's endgame. The S.S Brittana is unsinkable." Shannon placed a comforting hand on her girlfriend's shoulder, unfortunately causing her to cry more.

"But you are the best thing that's ever been mine!"