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Running my brush through my hair, I closed my eyes, my mind retreating to the previous conversation with the silver haired man who had been my best friend for years past. I opened my eyes to look at my reflection, my sapphire eyes staring back at me.

"Kagome." His voice was loud in my ears, as I closed my eyes to the sound of his deep throat.

"Yes, Sesshomaru?"

"I have to leave, soon… "

"But we just got on the phone…" I whined to the man whom I had nightly conversations with.

"No, I mean… We won't have any communications for a while…" My heart lunged itself in my throat, as I bit the tip of my tongue to stop the tears.


"Complicated matters." His voice was cold as ever, hiding his emotions from the world. "But I'll try to come back as soon as I can… I should be packing now."

"Packing for what!" My voice was getting shrill.

"I told you, Kagome. It's complicated."

"I'm supposed to be your best friend, and you keep hiding things from me!"

"No. I never once called you my best friend, there is no such thing for a demon—" I shut my phone, throwing it at the wall, letting out a shrill scream angrily.

"I hate you, you idiot!" I screamed again, as I flopped on my bed, tears streaming down my face. "I hate you…"

I rubbed my eyes lazily, as I leaned back in my computer chair, staring at the screen. My messenger hasn't lit up once, his name the only one on my list. My phone rang as my heart lunged itself in my throat. Staring at the name on the screen, I frowned, sliding the answer button over, pressing my smart phone to my ear. "Hello."

"Hey, Kagome-chan!" I sighed softly, as I stood up, sitting on my bed.

"Hey, Sango-chan."

"What are you doing on this fine night?"


"For Taisho-kun?"

"It's been 5 years since he left, Kagome-chan!" I could hear Sango's sad voice, as I laid against my purple fuzzy pillow.

"I know."


"I know Sango-chan… He's gone for good." I shrugged my shoulders. "So, what did you have planned for this night?"

"Let's go to the club and dance our butts off!" She giggled softly, as I heard her voice pick up, the sound of traffic abruptly reaching my end.

"I'm not exactly in the mood to dance…"

"It'll get your mind off of him…" Her voice was pleading, as I heard her car door slam shut, the engine starting.

"You're not giving me much of a choice, huh?"

"Nope. I'm on my way to get you, love. Get dressed." Her end of the conversation clicked, as I placed my pink cased phone against my silver satin bed sheets. Looking up, I glanced out my window, or more so, at the golden curtains that covered the sun from coming in.

Getting out of the bed, I dragged my feet, pulling out my cutest dress, a low-cut rose pink dress that had a corset on the top part, the skirt of the dress in ruffles, which reached my mid-thigh. I grabbed two socks out of my drawer, one pink with black skulls on it, the other neon striped. Pulling them on, I heard my doorbell ring, only for the door to open and shut without me saying a word. Pulling on a pair of white heeled boots, I sighed as I looked up at Sango through my thick eye lashes. "Do I have to go? I just want to roll around in my depression." I pouted out, leaning back.

"Come on." She whined, pulled my arm up as she grabbed my hand, entwining our fingers softly. "You'll have a great time."

"Doubt it."

"I heard the guys are gonna be at the club."

"And what? Did you hear that from Miroku-kun?"

"Yes." She smiled as I felt my face heat up at the mention of the perverted man who became my best friend since Junior High.

"Come now. I hear Kouga-kun and InuYasha-kun are going to be there."


She smiled as she grabbed my purse, and house keys, dragging me out of the house. "Ayame-chan said she'll meet us at the club too."

"Really?" I smiled softly at the mention of my other best friend Ayame, following behind Sango closely. Actually, Ayame was pretty much my long lost cousin, except it was through about 4 marriages and God knows how many birth's that linked us, but we got used to calling each other cousins.

"Yes. Ayame-chan is really looking forward to seeing you again. It's been several months since we all hung out like this."

"Well, you don't like Kouga-chan or InuYasha-chan, so it's to be expected."

"Yeah, so?" She smiled as she stopped in front of her light blue convertible corvette. "I only want whose best for my girl."

Laughing, I jumped into the front seat of the car, as she hopped over the hood. "Yeah. You've never liked any of the guys who've been interested in me."

"Nope. You deserve the best of the best. No less."

I felt tears tug at my eyes as she started the car, her hand set on mine.

"Don't even think about him."

"But… He—"

"No. He was not the best of the best. Nowhere near it. If he left you for no goddamn reason, well, for all the God's know, he is not worth your time. Not one little ounce of it."

"Let's just… not talk about him. Besides, we weren't together. He was merely an online friend…"

"That you fell in love with after you met him through Hakudoshi-kun after… what? Two weeks?"

"He was super charming. I couldn't help it. My heart wanted what it wanted…"

"And after you met Taisho-kun, you've never even bothered to look at another guy the same. Even though you guys talked on the phone, and chatted on that instant messenger of your's, you never even met the guy in person. For all we know, he could be some horribly deformed beast with one eye, and like… Fat."

"I don't care about what he looks like, and he's sent me a picture of him in his military uniform. I still have it."

"Yeah and that's the reason why you can't forget him. He left before you were 15, and your birthday just passed. It's been 5 years, hon."

"I know, I know."

"I hear a but coming along…" Sango muttered as I said, looking at the road as we sped down it.

"But… He was pretty much my first love… I mean, yeah, at first I hated him… Like… I thought he was a conceited obnoxiously stuck-up old man, but after a while… His presence was engraved into my soul… And the only reason I dated InuYasha-chan was because he made me think of Sesshomaru."

"Have you noticed… Sesshomaru-san is the only on you don't use an honorific with?"

"Yes… I was really close with him, and in my heart it has not changed. The distance between him and I has not changed, maybe even it lessened…"

"You know… If InuYasha-kun heard you say that you were only with him to forget about Sesshomaru-san, it would kill him?"

"Please... He was only with me to forget about his first love…"

"He was telling Miroku-chan that you were his first true love."

"I've talked to his family… There was another girl before me, but after an accident, InuYasha-chan has forgotten her. But they said, I look very much like that girl."

Sango pulled into a big parking lot, her car tires squealing in the abrupt movement. I climbed out of the car as I saw a beat up red Grand Prix pull into the space next to us. "Kags."

"Oh, Bankotsu-kun." Bankotsu climbed out of the car, wrapping me in an awkward hug. "Whose this?" I looked at the girl in the ponytail, her make-up thick, as was she. I took in the v-neck t-shirt that stopped at her belly button, as I saw Sango cringe at the sight, her skirt so short if she bent over you could see all.

"Oh, this is Kagura Onigumo. Kagura, this is Kagome Higurashi."

"Oh I've heard of you." She sneered at me as she pressed her, obviously stuffed, breasts against Bankotsu's arm, wrapping her arms around him greedily. "Nice to meet you."

"Un… you too Onigumo-san." I grabbed Sango's hand walking away from the monstrosity that was adorning my ex-boyfriend's arm.

I was greeted by the stench of cigarettes, and beer, as Sango dragged me through the thick crowd, getting to our usual table. "Kags!" I smiled at the familiar faces, as InuYasha wrapped me in a hug, tucking my bangs behind my ear slightly. "I've missed you…" He whispered, as he leaned his forehead against mine, a small smile on his face.

"I've missed you too, InuYasha-chan." I smiled softly as I pulled away, Miroku wrapping his arms around my rib cage, before lifting me up, planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Kagome-chan, don't you just look ravaging this evening." He whispered in my ear, low enough so InuYasha wouldn't hear. "I'd most definitely like to ravage this body once again."

"Miroku-kun." I sighed as I patted his head, his arms setting me down. Pulling my dress skirt down a bit, I sat down next to Ayame who sipped on a Strawberry Daiquiri.

"Hello, beautiful." I smiled at her as I ordered a Wild Cherry Pepsi, InuYasha holding a bottle of beer.

"Is Kouga-kun here?"

"Not yet." Ayame smiled as she leaned back.

"Bankotsu's here. With some Kagura woman."

"Oh? Jealous?"

"No." I smiled as I leaned on the palm of my head, my drink being set in front of me. "Just… shocked. He's been trying to get back together since him and Honda-san broke up."

"Ew. I don't like her."

"I don't either." She laid her head against my shoulder, closing her eyes. "Sleepy?"

"I just… don't want to be here with Miroku-chan, or Bankotsu-chan here to hit on me."

"Yeah. Miroku-kun didn't waste any time on hitting on me. Though…"

"Let me guess. You might take him up on the offer?" She smiled as she grabbed my hand.

"Yeah… I mean… It's been a while, and we used to be sex friends after we broke up." I lied, pushing the smile on my face.

"Just make sure you tell him before he decides to screw a chair."

"Yeah, I know." I sighed and laid my head down.

"Don't want to be here, either?"

"No. I wanted to wallow in my depression of lost love and lost chances…" Ayame didn't speak, her hand merely tightening around mine, her Strawberry Daiquiri being replaced within the silence. "I should've told him…" I looked at her, sighing softly.


"Yes. I shouldn't have hung up, and now he probably thinks I hate his guts… I just… Want to hear the way he said my name, the way it seemed to flow like magic without fail off of the tip of his tongue…"

She smiled as she pulled me up. "Miroku-chan." She called out as he walked over, smiling.

"Yes, my beautiful ladies."

"Kagome-chan wants to dance." She pushed me into him, as I smiled softly, nodding my head.

"Oh, does she now?"

"Yes. I'd love to dance with you, Miroku-kun." He pulled me onto the dance floor, away from the prying eyes of our friends as the music got upbeat. I swayed my hips against his, grinding into him.

"You never want to dance with me…" He whispered in my ear, his breath hot against my neck, his hands against my flat stomach.

"I need to get my mind off of things."

"Off of him?" Miroku smiled, as I turned around, shaking my hips as I lowered in front of him.

"Yes. Off of him."

"I have a great way to take your mind off of that." He leaned close, his hands spread over my shoulders, and as I straightened out in front of him, his hands slid down my hips. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I glanced over towards our little area, as I pressed closer to him, my breasts nearly popping out of the top of my corset.

"Then do it." I whispered as I neared him, my lips nearly pressed against his own, his hands sliding up my dress, sliding up my smooth thighs.

"You sure?" His voice was husky as I looked at his half-lidded, lust filled eyes.

"Yes. Please." I whispered, but no one but he would hear me over the music. He grabbed my hand, as he pulled me away from the dance floor, dragging me towards a secluded area in the club, where no one could see.

I pressed my lips greedily against his own, as he slammed my back against the wall, my arms wrapped around his neck, his tongue parting my lips. I felt his enthusiasm against my inner thigh, my fingers running through his hair, as I slipped the golden hair tie out of his ponytail, letting the hair hang against his neck. My eyes adjusted themselves as I saw golden eyes staring at me, Miroku's black hair turning to long silver tresses.

I pulled away from Miroku, as my eyes turned downward. "Like I thought… Still no good?" Miroku's voice was soft as he looked at me with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry, Miroku-kun."

"Let your first time be with the man you love." He pulled away from me, as he kissed my forehead, patting my head softly. "Okay, Kagome-chan?"

"Yes…" I looked down as he walked away, my heart lodging itself in my throat. I've had numerous of boyfriends, and I've kissed each of them, but my heart won't let me go any further. I leaned against the wall, turning my eyes towards the ceiling. I've tried to go further, but I always imagine Sesshomaru in front of me, and it pushes me towards them, but… "I'm not going to have my first time while thinking of another man…" I whispered as I pushed off of the wall, walking towards our group of friends. Miroku wasn't around, he was by the bar, sipping at his long neck bottle.

"Kags?" I smiled at InuYasha, and pat his head.

"Yes, InuYasha-chan?"

"You looked a little down. Do you want to go home?" Even though InuYasha looks so much like Sesshomaru, his golden orange eyes radiating with love and affection towards me, their silver hair just merely shades off.

"Yes. I would love to go home…" I looked at him with pleading eyes, as he nodded, grabbing my hand in his. I could never use InuYasha for that reason.

"I'll drive you home." He ran his free hand through my bangs, staring deeply into my sapphire eyes.

"Thank you, InuYasha-chan." He smiled, as he waved towards our friends, Sango's eyes looking at me saddened.

"Are you going home already, Kagome-chan?"

"Yes. I'm feeling a little sick." Sango just nodded and walked back to Ayame, who was conversing with Bankotsu, and Kagura. "Bye-bye." I whispered as I waved towards them, following after InuYasha who led me towards his black 1967 Chevy Impala.

"Climb in." He smiled as he stepped in the car, starting it up.

"Wow, listen to her purr." He nodded as he flipped on the radio, pulling out of the club. "I'm sorry you have to drive me home…"

"It's okay. What's a friend for?" Even though the radio was on, the car was filled with silence, as I stared out the window, my eyes focusing on the passing street lights. "Hey, Kags…"


"Would you ever consider us going back out?" I looked at him, my heart dropping to the pit of my stomach. "I mean, I know you don't want to be with me because of some guy you knew, and—"

"InuYasha-chan…" He paused as he kept his eyes on the road, his little white dog ears twitching on the top of his head. "I really care about, and I do love you in some form… But… This guy was a huge part of my life before you were, and he was my first love…"

"I know all that, but why won't you tell me who he is? Can I at least know if he's human, demon or half?"

I leaned into his black leather seats, staring at the roof of his car. "Hm… I don't know, honestly."

"Wait, you're in love with him but you don't know his heritage?"

"Well, we never talked about that kind of thing. I mean, he's older than me, and other than that, we never conversed about things like our heritage and stuff."

"Well, what's he like?"

"Let's see… He's cold-hearted, but he shows his concern to those close to him, but it's really really hard to see, unless you're like… able to read him. He's funny, and sarcastic in his own way, and he's really smart. Like, before him, I never thought there was a man that could be that smart, and convincing. He's a great cook, and just… He makes me relaxed when we used to talk…" I looked out the rear view mirror, and sighed softly. "He was the exact opposite of me. So grown-up."

"Kags, you are very grown-up."

"Now, I am. When I met him, I was very childish."

"You've never been childish to me."

"Yeah… Well, I forced myself to grow up…" I whispered but I knew he heard me. He pulled into my driveway, as he smiled, rubbing his hand against my temple.

"I'll see you tomorrow at school, right?"


"Okay, than." He smiled as I got out of the car walking up my steps. I unlocked my front door, waving towards him, as he pulled away, his tires squawking in agony.

"Bye-bye…" I whispered as I lowered my hand to my chest, closing the door behind me. I moved the mouse on my desktop computer, my eyes slowly skimming over the content. My heart lunged itself in my throat as the messenger flashed. KillingPerfection.0918. "Sesshomaru." I whispered as I stared at the screen.

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