I'm sorry to all of my readers, whether you review or not. This story has been on hold for such a long time, and I wish I could offer something other than my apology.

For a while, I was having a rocky relationship with my fiancé, and we even broke up for a couple weeks. And school has just piled on top of everything, and I was behind like crazy due to being physical ill during the ordeal between my fiancé and I, because I missed about 2 weeks.

As some of you may know, I'm not only a writer of fanfic's, but I also write my own stories, which were lost when my computer crashed. All of my chapters to this fanfic were lost as well. I'm an artist too, and just recently my tablet broke, and just…

Everything piled on top of one thing after another after another. I'm sorry for not writing this chapter and I will try and get it to you guys as soon as possible.