Hey you guys okay so i came up with this idea yesturday it just wouldn't leave my head. Then my friend The demon hero sparta gave me the great idea of makeing Rae have a brother. So this story is a bit AU cuz Rae's past and all that is diffrent from the comics and cartoon. i totally made it up to fit this story. I really really hope you guys like it. This story is dedicated to all of my faithful readers out there :)

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Robin has just tracked down a drug dealer to Jump City High School. He needs someone from the team to go in undercover to catch the man who has been dealing drugs to students. Unfortunately for Beastboy, Robin picks Raven to be the one to go undercover. This doesn't go well with Beastboy who doesn't want his girlfriend to be put in danger. What will happen once Rae's inside the school? Will she be able to catch the man responsible for students deaths due to over dose? Or will she get cought? But most importantly what will happen when someone from her past comes back?


My life wasn't always a superheroes life. Not even a life where I had to be my father's portal. There was a time when I was happy as a child. Long, long ago, so long sometimes I forget that time even existed. That time when my brother was still alive.

I wasn't the first born in the family like everyone thought. I had an older brother, his name was Azur. He looked so much like my father; not his demon form like everyone remembers him by but the form my mother fell in love with, his human form. He had black hair, pale skin, and such a beautiful face, but the only things that he had from my mother were his eyes.

When we were small our parents lived together in Azarath before anyone knew who my father was. We lived a happy life, so peaceful and we had each other. That was when I still believed in love. Everything changed when our parents died.


Azur and I were playing outside not far from our house. We had been playing since morning and it was almost dinner time. He was small, no older than six. I had just turned 5.

"Azur, you can't catch me!" I yelled at him as I ran around a tree.

"Yes I can Rachie, watch me!" he started chasing me around in circles until he grabbed me from behind and we dropped on the grass laughing.

"Azur, do you think dinner's ready?" I asked as we finished laughing and stared at the sky.

"I don't know mommy hasn't called us in to go eat. Are you hun-

He never got to finish because right then screams were heard from our street. Azur got up quickly and as soon as he looked towards our house he pulled me up to my feet. I looked the same way as he was and saw our house on fire.

"Mommy! Daddy!" I screamed as I ran to our house. Azur followed right behind me. As soon as we were close enough he pulled me back so that I wouldn't enter the house that was burning.

"Rachie you can't go in, you'll get burned." He told me as he hugged me back so that I would stay put.

"No! We have to help mommy! We have to help daddy too, or they'll get burned!" I yelled as I tried to get out of his little arms.

"No Rachie I won't let you go. As your older brother I gatta protect you."

"Azur let go!"

"No!" he yelled as he hugged me tighter. That's when I realized that he didn't want to lose me like we were losing our parents. I stopped struggling in his arms and instead hugged him tighter as I cried. I knew why he wouldn't let me go, we had to stick together.

We stayed there just staring as the flames consumed our house. People ran at the house trying their best to turn the fire out. But no matter how much water they brought nothing worked. We watched as our house turned to ashes and the fire finally burned down. Our parents were dead and now I and Azur were alone.

Azar later on brought us to earth. She took us to our aunt Jen's house. Our mother's sister would be taking care of us from that day forward.

*Ten years later*

Azur and I verily talked now. Over the years we had grown apart from each other thanks to our aunt. She would always say I was her favorite because I was like a miniature replica of our mother. On the other hand she didn't like Azur much because he was a living image of our father who to my aunt had taken her sister away and ruined her life. As the years went by I started hating my father more and more by the stories my aunt told me about him. Azur was just a reminder of who my father had been so I didn't spend time with him anymore.

Azur learned to hate me and our aunt. She and he would always fight and I would just sit and hear my aunt blame everything on him, always keeping my mouth shut. Azur would always look at me with sad eyes after each argument almost as if wishing I had said something to show him we were still close. Something I never did. A few weeks after he had gotten his license and a new convertible my aunt and he had an argument. One of the only things I wished I could have changed.

Azur had just come home from school where he had heard that I had snuck out the night before to go to a party he had told me not to go to. He was mad and wanted me to give him an explanation. He came into my room and started yelling at me for going. I told him to keep the secret and to forgive me for not listening to him. Just then my aunt came in and asked us who had snuck out of the house the night before. I guess she had heard a part of our discussion.

When aunt Jen asked us that I went stiff, I looked at Azur begging him with my eyes to not say anything. He then said something I would have never expected him to say. "I was the one to go out last night aunt Jen" he said. I looked down to the floor ashamed of myself. I had ignored and treated my older brother horribly for the last 10 years. Never standing up for him; and what was the first thing he did for me? He took the blame for something I did.

"Why I should have known it was you." Aunt Jen said as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. "You're a disgrace to the Roth family. Always being a trouble maker. You're just like your father!"

I looked up and was about to tell aunt Jen how wrong she was. That it hadn't been him but me. But before I could Azur spoke up.

"Well maybe it isn't such a bad thing to be like my father!" He yelled back. "Maybe I want to be like him. He never gave up on anything and he was never afraid to do or try doing anything. Maybe I don't want to be from the Roth family, maybe I want to become my father!"

I looked up as soon as I heard a loud Smack! Tears ran down my face as I saw Azur hold his cheek where aunt Jen had just slapped him.

"Then get out!" Was all she said.

"Azur you can't!" I whispered to him. He ignored me and grabbed his car keys. I ran down the stairs after him trying to beg him to stay. No matter what we had to stay together. He was all I had left. The only reason why I still believed that love existed. Azur ran faster and once inside his car he drove off just as quickly, leaving me on the front yard, alone.

Azur didn't come home that night and I didn't sleep either. I waited and waited to hear his car in the driveway or his footsteps coming upstairs but I never did. The next day as I sat down in the kitchen eating breakfast I heard a report on the news about a car being found down a ditch not far from where we lived. I grabbed the control remote and turned up the volume of the TV. The only thing that was going through my head was "Please don't let it be him, not Azur." As soon as the picture from the convertible came on I started crying, I would know his car anywhere. He was dead just like my mother, just like my father. I was alone. That day I stopped believing in love. I knew love didn't exist how could someone love when you could lose them any second?

A few months after his death I left aunt Jen's house, I was emotionless; I didn't care about anything anymore. I had known about my powers since I was small. Aunt Jen on the other hand never knew about them. I had a good grip on them but after Azur's death I lost that control. I ran away and found the Titans. By then I had learned that my father hadn't died but he hadn't come looking for me ether. I gave the Titans a whole different story about my life. I didn't want anyone to know anything about what had really happened to me.

From the start I withdrew from the team always being the creepy emotionless girl. I had learned about Sorcery behind my aunts back and had practiced it since I had the capability. I told the titans all I knew about it I had learned it from the monks in Azarath but really I hadn't; I had studied it by myself only Azur had known about it. When my father came back and used me as the portal I noticed that all I had ever thought of him was a lie. He wasn't the great father I believed he was when I was a child. Instead he was the demon, my aunt described in her stories. He was the reason why my brother and I had grown apart; the reason why Azur was now dead.

But not everything was lost. After I got rid of my father once and for all, I had hope. I had hope that love did exist. I never though the one fuelling that hope would be Beast boy.

This is just the proplog so just like a little background info for you guys. the real story will start with the first chap that i will upload as soon as possible i hope you guys enjoyed it :)

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