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The shroud of Revenge – Prologue

As the group of three teenagers; two boys and one girl walked down the road, one of the girls struck up a conversation."So Edward, would you mind coming to my party this weekend?" the girl asked.

"Sorry Julia, I can't. Me and Yuri are going down to the cemetery to pay our respects to Nigel, my uncle. He passed away last month." Edward Kobra Fitch was a fifteen year old boy who is very kind and likes to help out anyone he can. He believes that all people should be treated fairly and with kindness; especially children. He had brown hair which is quite long for a boys; it comes down to just above his shoulders. He had dark blue eyes and chapped lips whilst he was quite weak when compared by muscle and bone. He was very tall for his age and stood about 6'1. He was very posh when It came to clothing and made sure his school uniform was always neat and he had shoes that made look all professional.

"Yes Juli, we cannot simply ignore his passing" said the third member of the social group, Yuri Carmin. Yuri was from Russia (obviously) and was accepted to be Edward and Julia's friend when everyone else would treat him badly due to his health condition. Yuri was a cancer survivor who was just starting to reach full health once again but when he first came from Russia he needed constant care and the other kids teased him about it. This eventually led him to Edward and Julia to be his friends.

"Alright, well I'll see you two next week and Edward, again, I'm sorry for your loss" said Julia sincerely. "Me too, Julia. Me too." With those words, Mother Nature suddenly felt like emptying herself and it began to rain as the three teens reached their turning point. "I will see you at the cemetery tomorrow, my friend" Yuri said to Edward; he simply nodded in response. The three then split off to go their separate ways and as Edward passed an alleyway, he noticed something.

There appeared to be a small boy, about 9 years old, crouched behind a bin. He appeared to be very thin and didn't look too good; Edward also noticed he had an unusual skin tone. "Excuse me, kid?" Edward called out to the boy. The boy looked at Edward for two seconds and then began to sprint off. Wanting to help the poor boy in any way, Edward sped after him in pursuit. "Hey kid, come back! I just want to help you!" Edward shouted as he chased the ill boy. The boy rounded an alley corner and by the noise appeared to have stopped. Knowing this was a chance to help the boy; Edward rounded the corner but was not prepared for what happened next.

The boy slashed open Edward's neck with a sharp disfigured piece of metal.

As Edward fell to the ground in pain, the boy dropped the weapon and stood over him. Edward now had a clear view of the boy; all of his features were completely green. His hair, his eyes and his skin were all the strange colour for human features whilst the boy also appeared to be wearing only a small white tank top and black shorts. The boy looked Edward in the eye then at his slightly blood covered hands. The boy then began to cry as he ran away; leaving Edward to die. Edward looked up at the raining sky whilst his life source fled from his body; wondering what he did wrong.

As the green boy ran down the alleyway, he could hear a voice talking to him inside his head; shouting at him. He tried to block it out by putting his hands on his ears but the voice still got through to him.

"Mark my words, green boy, I shall have my vengeance on you; in this world or the next!"

(A/N – for those of you who haven't already figured it out, the green boy is obviously Beast boy. This prologue is set 6 years before the actual story line and as you can see, for the plot to fit with the character and story; I had to change BB's past a little. This event has, in my universe, happened between BB escaping Nicholas Galtry and him being captured by S.T.A.R. Labs.