The shroud of revenge – Epilogue

15 years later...

Beast boy felt tears come to his eyes as he began to walk through Jump city's graveyard. When he got to the gravestone he was looking for, he couldn't hold it in anymore as he read the imprinted writing.

Here lies Richard 'Dick' Grayson

June 17th 1996 – November 2nd 2012

A true friend and a wonderful leader

'We will never forget you' – the Teen titans

After reading his leader's gravestone whilst crying, Beast boy couldn't help but feel a huge barbell of guilt hit him. Even though it had happened 15 years ago, the changeling couldn't help but feel his leader's death at Edward Fitch's hand was his truth because tell you the truth, it was.

Now, Beast boy mourned 6 deaths on one day. Every November 2nd, he would visit the Jump city graveyard to see the graves of the Doom patrol and the boy wonder whilst he would mourn Edward's death through simple memory for he still felt guilty about killing an innocent school boy. As Beast boy placed flowers on his friend's and his family's graves, he couldn't help but look at how far him and his friends had come since the incident. All four titans were now members of the Justice league, Cyborg had an adopted son with Bumblebee, Starfire had finally gotten over Robin and continued to live in memory of him but what made Beast boy happiest of all was he now had a family. A family with Raven.

After a whole week of mourning their leader's death 15 years ago, Beast boy had finally confronted Raven about the kiss she had given him. This led to many things; one of them being a date. After that was successful, the two became a couple and 14 years later at the age of 29; they got married and had twins. The first was a boy who they named Mark Arella Logan out of respect for Beast boy's father and Raven's mother. He had Beast boy's eyes, hair and ears whilst he had Raven's skin colour and powers; he even gained four demon eyes when he got angry. He had gained a little sister called Charlotte Susan Logan who had a mix of their skin colours, Raven's hair and eyes whilst having Beast boy's powers and ears.

After standing at the graves for another half hour, Beast boy decided to make his way home. When he was about 5 minutes from his house, he heard a nearby scream. Still being a hero, the changeling immediately sped off to where he had heard the scream. When he got to where he had heard the scream, Beast boy found himself in a barely lit alleyway. However, with his animalistic eyesight, he could barely see what was going on.

There was a boy, about 12, on the floor. Standing above him was a cloaked figure that had a gun pointed at the boy. Beast boy was struck with both anger and fear at the sight. As Beast boy was about to help, he heard someone speak to him.


Beast boy turned around and almost had a heart attack. Standing before him was Edward Kobra Fitch. His eyes had changed from sea blue to for grey; His school uniform's blazer and trousers had been changed from black to white; His shirt was clean of any blood, his neck bared no scar and he had gained a beard and moustache. Whilst Beast boy just stood there, He just let loose a small smile and said...

"Don't make the same mistake twice." And with that, he was gone.

When Edward disappeared, Beast boy grinned a thankful smile and turned to save the boy from his attacker. With the man in range, Beast boy turned into a tiger and gave a loud roar; that was all it took for the man to drop his weapon and run for his life. With the man out of sight, Beast boy turned back into a human and helped the boy to his feet.

"Hey" he said. "It's alright; I'm not here to hurt you." As soon as the hero said those words, the boy looked up to see his saviour. The boy had black hair about Robin's length, eyes the exact colour of Cyborg's skin and when he stood, came up to Beast boy's stomach. When he was on his feet, the boy began to cry tears of happiness and took Beast boy into an embrace of thankfulness. "Thank you" he said. "No problem" Beast boy replied. "What's your name kid?"

"Danny. Danny Fitch." At this, Beast boy was beyond shocked. "Do you by any chance have someone in your family called Edward, little guy?" he asked. "Yeah, my mom had a brother called Edward but she said a bad man took him away. Why do you ask?" At this, Beast boy simply looked to the sky in absolute happiness as he led the boy back to his home.

"I had an argument with him once but something tells me that now, everything's gonna be okay between us."

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