Night shadow

Chapter 1


Lizzy and I have always wanted to live together, ever since we were twelve. We would talk for hours, go over my cell phone bill, and stay up till 3am just planing out what we were going to do.

We thought we were going to go traveling once we were eighteen, and go to college once we were twenty- six... but, you usually change your mind after six years.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, so I have this really thick country accent. My friends all say I have the worst American accent.

When I was 15, I was the weird kid in school. Always dressing weird, laughing in class, Elizabeth and I sat behind the bleachers during launch. Plus, it didn't help that I had an obsession with vampires. The only reason everyone found out was because my friend, Maria, accidently spilled to Jessica, her other best friend, A.k.a the most popular girl in school. Just the way she walked was like a dream... but to actually talk to her, was like a nightmare. She was the bitchiest person you would have ever met, but she was also the prettiest and the smartest.

All throughout high school Lizzy and I were made fun of. And on Tuesday, we would get toilet-bowled (getting our heads put in the school toilet and almost drowning).

It was the worst years of my life, and also the best. Because it made me stronger, I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't suffer for four years. On graduation day, I finally got revenge on Jessica by putting glue on her graduation cap. She looked like a dying poodle. Her hair didn't completely grow back until three weeks ago.

My obsession was horrible... worst then anyone knew. I didn't even tell Lizzy. I loved vampires SO MUCH it was insane. I went insane. Because I was so embarrassed that my family would find out, and I didn't have anyone to talk to, no one to tell me what I was thinking was rash and unhealthy.

But it all turned out ok. 'cause once I found out I was bisexual, I was afraid and it consumed all of my time. By the time I remembered vampires, I was sixteen, and dating Rebecca, my biology partner. She was so beautiful you couldn't help but smile every time she walked in the room.

Anyways, this time I wasn't so obsessed. I was cleaning up my room when I picked up a pile of laundry and found "Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer". It was my favorite book from ages 13-15. I did the laundry then sat down and read the book in four hours.

It was my new favorite book again.

Even still, it didn't consume my entire life this time. It was a healthy memory.

This time when I searched "vampire" on google, I got three million hits. I clicked on a few, and each one said that vampires are real, and that they are just misunderstood creatures that just want to be loved and held and cared for... bullshit. Vampires are predators. They are sadistic, blood thirsty animals that only think about killing peop...will save that for another chapter.

I'm Lucy Lucia. I'm nineteen Years old, I have blonde hair with brown bangs, I'm approximately 5 foot 9", and have exactly 2 friends