3. The café

I wake up at 10:30am to the sound of "that's what makes you beautiful" by One Direction on my alarm clock/radio. But today, instead of just hitting it to turn it off and hurting my hand, I full-on smacked it as hard as I could, knocking it off of the bedside table and leaving a huge bruse on my hand. I half screamed, waking Lizzy in a panic.

"Lucy! Are you okay?! What happened!" Elizabeth shouted.

"It's okay Lizzy, I'm okay. Just calm down." I said in as calm of a voice as a could, because I was still a little bit startled myself. "i just hit the alarm clock pretty hard and hurt my hand." I throw the blankets off of me and get up. I threw on my non bright colored cotton V-neck shirt that only covered up half of my stomach, some semi-dark blue jeans and dark black cowboy boots. And since it was October 18th, the middle of fall, I put on my thick black fur coat. I did this so fast that Lizzy hadn't even had a chance to get out of bed.

"Where are you going?" she said quiet and dazed.

"I'm going to La Beanery." I said looking for my purse.

"What are you going to do there?" She said semi-angry.

"Well, since we don't have any food in the frig, I thought I might as well get some breakfast so I don't die. Do you want anything?" I said as I found my purse. I looked through it to see if it had something i wanted in it.

"Yeah. I want a medium hot chocolate and a warm apple strudel."

"Lizzy stop eating so unhealthy, it's gonna kill you. why don't you get something healthy like me. You could get a Saled or a veggie wrap or something."

"I think I'll stick to human food like normal people. Bye!" she stuck out her arms to hug me.

"Bye." I walk over to give her a hug, throw my purse over my shoulder, then leave.

As I'm walking to La Beanery, I see two men lifting a huge piano with a pulley and a rope. I see that the rope is about to break, but just as I'm about to comment on it, it breaks and is headed straight for a cat. I drop my purse and run towards it. Thank god it was falling from the 48 floor or else I wouldn't have had enough time to get the cat out without being crushed. I got up and handed the cat to its owner. She was so grateful that she gives me $15. I tried to decline the money and give it back to her, but she wouldn't hear of it. I gave her a huge smile, said thank you, and went on my way.

When I get to La Beanery I order a veggie wrap with no vinaigrette sauce, and a large white chocolate caramel Late with whipped cream. I pay the worker $11.88, grab a seat and wait for my stuff.

When my food is done, the worker walks over, with a huge creepy smile on his face, and sets the food and drink down on the table. I waited for him to walk away, but he just stood there, as if thinking of something to say. After about a minute i started to get annoyed and started to say something when he finally opened his mouth to say "Would you go on a date with me this Saturday night? Cause i have tickets to an art museum and-"

"I'm really flattered"-i interrupted him-"but i have a boyfriend, and i don't think he would take well to me being with another man so...sorry." I felt bad that I lied to him, but i really didn't want to go on a date with him. Not because of the way he looked-which was short, slightly heavier than the average man, slightly messy black hair that almost looked cute, bad, crooked teeth, and vaguely smelt of gasoline-but because i wasn't really looking for a boyfriend right now.

His smile slowly faded as he said "I understand" and walked away.

As he was leaving to go back behind the counter, I noticed that he had really deep, pretty blue eyes.

I let out a big sigh and riffled through my purse to pull out "New moon, by Stephenie Meyer", and started reading.

"You like vampires?" I had been reading for over an hour and was just getting to the part where Edward led Bella out to the woods to break up with her, when Eric Lee Palmer-AKA sexiest being to ever walk the planet-walked up to me. He walked over to rest his hands on the bars of the chair next to me.

"They aren't the worst things in the world." I look up to him while I put down my book,careful not to lose my page, with a huge smile on my face.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there are a lot of things that are worst then vampires. I mean, if they were real."

"How so?" My smile grew smaller. I didn't like talking about vampires very much because it embarrassed me, even though once you got me started, you couldn't shut me up. He turned the chair around and took a seat with the chair between his legs, and rested his head and hands on the bars on top of the chair.

"Well, people only think vampires are bad because they kill people. But they only kill what to them are animals. We eat animals. It's basically just because we, the humans, are the dominant species. That's why it matters. We think that we're the dominant species. When really, if vampires existed, they would be. Picture them as people. They hunt animals just like we do. If you killed a vampire they would be just as angry as we would be if they killed a human. Is this making any sense? Because, i'm not very good at talking in a way that anyone other than me understands."

He laughed-which made my smile grow full-blown again- and said "Yeah. It was a little hard, but i got it." We sat there for a little bit, and then he looked at me with eyes like he was waiting and said "continue" and made a hand gesture like men do when they open a door for a woman and and gesture for them to go inside.

I continued by saying "Vampires are only evil because they don't have what we call 'souls'. I believe that if you were to give them back their "soul" then they would be almost exactly like a human. Minus the blood drinking,"- he started laughing again and his smile was just so beautiful that I just couldn't help but smile and laugh to-"the super strength and the super speed."

"You sound like you don't believe in souls." He said once he got done laughing, and suddenly, his face was serious.

"I don't."

"Why?" He looked at me with confused eyes that for some reason, looked like he really wanted to know the answer.

"Because there's no proof. It's just something someone made up to explain why we do certain things."

"But you believe in vampires?"

"Well, not exactly. I believe in the hope and idea of vampires. But there's still no proof no, hard evidence that there is anything even like vampires out there."

"And why do you believe in the hope and idea of vampires?"

"Well, why do you want to talk about vampires so much?"

His face quickly shifted to a mixture of pain and holding back a laugh from an inside joke, and then smiling again "I'll answer that question this Thursday, here at 7:00."

"Are you asking me out on a date?" God, I hope he is. I know I said that I wasn't looking for a boyfriend right now-but hey, he found me. And it was almost impossible to say no to a face like that.

His smile got really big, and he kinda looked a little embarrassed as he said "Well if I was, what would you say?"

I jokingly looked like I was deeply considering it, even though I knew from the second he asked what the answer would be, and then finally said "yes"

He started getting up and said "Good. I'll pick you up at 6:50."

"Great" We looked at each other, both wearing huge smiles, and then he left. As he was leaving, I noticed he was about to look back at me, so I picked up my book and hid my face, not wanting him to see the mega excited and fear that had been growing since the second he started getting up, and was now a creepy stalker face.

Once he left i suddenly realized what just happened, since basically the whole time we were talking, I had been on auto-pilot. So only now was I understanding that me, Lucy Lucia, queen of the ugly mega dorks, was going on a date with Eric Lee Palmer, the hottest, most popular man in school.

Help me.