The Fox and the Dragon


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"Hey"-normal talking/thinking

"Hey"-Bijuu talking/thinking


The village of Konoha was in chaos! Two huge beasts had attacked and were in fits of rage attacking the village. The shinobi were taken by surprise but had managed to coral both of the creatures. One of the beasts was the legendary nine-tailed fox, it's burning red eyes showed pure rage; the other was a huge dragon with blackish-green scales that covered its body, its bright green eyes flashed through the night as it attacked. Both had white teeth that gleamed in the flames of the burning parts of the village.

As the battle raged on, both beasts suddenly disappeared into the forest a few miles away. And in front of them was a large toad. The toad wore a purple sleeveless jacket, had a kodachi strapped to its back, and a smoking pipe in its mouth. "So this is why you summoned me Minato?", the toad said blowing out a puff of smoke.

"Yes Gamabunta I need you to hold them off until I give you the signal, when I do jump away from them."

"I will hold them off for as long as I can" the chief toad replied. Minato then jumped to a cliff, disappeared, and then reappeared with his wife and child in tow. After he set them down his wife, Kushina gave their child to him.

"Need some help Lord Hokage?", a voice called. Minato turned to see Hiashi Hyuga land beside him. "What are you planning to do?", He asked, but then he saw the little bundle he was carrying. "You're not thinking of-"

"I couldn't ask this of anyone else.", the grave look on Minato's face spoke volumes. Then he looked down and noticed Hiashi had a bundle of his own. Before Minato could protest Hiashi said, "There are two beasts and they must be stopped. I'm sure one day my daughter will be able to forgive me, hopefully." Minato only smiled and said, "My only hope is that they are viewed as the heroes of our village that saved them from the nine-tails and the emerald dragon."

Over where Kushina was, Hiashi's wife landed in front of her. "Hana, what are you doing here?"

"Me and my husband saw the nine-tails and dragon attacking, and I got worried.", Hana replied. "So is he going to do what I think he is going to?" Kushina nodded, "There are two beasts you know? And if I'm right the dragon is on par with the fox itself." Kushina suddenly noticed Hana was without her daughter and looked over to see Hiashi also holding something, and she was certain of what it was. "No way, it's bad enough Minato's going to die, but I'm not going to let you go through this as well!"

"We've already decided, besides you're too weak to restrain them both on your own." Kushina had to admit she had a point. The night's events had left her totally exhausted. Hana then walked behind Kushina and place a hand on her shoulder. She looked to she Hana knelt beside her. "I'll focus my chakra into you and you use that alright?" Kushina nodded and made a ram seal. Chains suddenly shot out from her front and wrapped around the two beasts, restricting them from further movement. Gamabunta took that chance and jumped away. He was mildly scratched but his years of experience kept him alive.

"Well it's now or never", Minato said before crossing his fingers in a cross-ram seal, "Kagebushin no Jutsu!" Another Minato appeared in a puff of smoke, and immediately afterwards he began making the handseals that would change the two children's lives forever.

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