Okay, this chapter goes back a little bit, just before Dimentio passed out. Okay, now, ON WITH THE STORY!

Mr. L walked over to Dimentio and knelt down beside him. He took Dimentio's hand in his own, softly and comfortingly stroking it.

"I'm here, buddy." He smiled. "I'm right here."

Dimentio slowly opened his mouth. "Why..." He mumbled. His eyes closed, and he fell out of his chair, landing on the ground with a quiet thud.

Mr. L was the first to react. He scrambled over to him, lifted him in his arms and checked his pulse. As everyone crowded around them, the questions started arising.

"Is he okay?"

"Ohmigosh! What happened?"

"Is he alive?!"

"Shut up!" Mr. L commanded, and everyone went silent. Merlon sat down beside Mr. L and placed a hand on Dimentio's neck.

"He's alive," Merlon assured, "But I'll have to take him back to my house to ensure he fully recovers."

A/N: Short but necessary.