One day Yoshi and Birdo were on a date through the park and Yoshi started thinking how sharp (But pretty!) Birdo's fingernails were. He asked, "Why are your fingernails so sharp, Birdo? I mean, their pretty, but why are they so sharp?" Birdo replied, "Well, you see, Yoshi, I'm a really good tickler in my family. Fingernails tickle because they are sharp. It's called a "spider tickle". Yoshi soon became interested. "I've never had a spider tickle before. Tell me more!" "Okay." Birdo said. "Before I started living by myself I would always sneak up to where my brothers and sisters were, if they were lying down, take off their shoes, and tickle their bare feet. It got them every time! My toenails are really sharp, too. In fact, they are so sharp that they went right through my shoes so I don't wear them anymore." Yoshi and Birdo were quiet for a while, and then Yoshi had an idea. "Birdo!" he said. "I have an idea! How about we get your brothers and sisters over here and you can tickle them AGAIN!" Birdo thought for a moment and liked the idea. "She hugged him and said, "Yoshi, you're so smart!" Yoshi smiled and blushed. Yoshi and Birdo bought some stocks and a mattress and put them in Birdo's garage. Then Birdo called her sister Catherine. She told her that she bought a new mattress and that Catherine NEEDS to try. When Catherine lied down on the mattress that was covered with sheets, Birdo quickly removed the sheets and locked Catherine's feet into the stocks. Before Catherine knew it, Birdo had taken off her shoes and started tickling her feet. Catherine giggled and laughed for a few minutes until tears started coming. Birdo then stopped. Birdo did the same to her other siblings. After that Birdo said that there was one more person to tickle. "Who?" Yoshi asked. "You!" Birdo said. Yoshi sighed and said "Okay." Birdo then put Yoshi's feet into the stocks. She removed his shoes and started to tickle his bare feet. Yoshi laughed and laughed, and even when tears filled up his eyes, Birdo kept tickling. She tickled for seven more minutes and stopped. Yoshi said that that was the best tickling experience of his life and that he could do it again someday. Then suddenly, a rabbit came and hopped away with Yoshi's shoes. Yoshi said that he could buy another pair later and then Yoshi and Birdo held hands and skipped barefoot back to the park.