Summary: Before Ash runs home to Pallet after saying his goodbyes to Misty and Brock, Misty finds Ash and sees him as he is. Ash is startled to see her again – especially after he thought she was going straight home. Spending the night in Viridian City, Ash and Misty start talking about their past adventures…revealing several things each other.

Gotcha Catch You LaterPresent

Ashton "Ash" Satoshi Ketchum stood there at the fork towards Cerulean and Pewter City for what seemed to be for hours. The road behind him lead back to Pallet Town, the road in front of him lead back to Viridian City, the road to the left lead to Pewter City, and the road to the right lead to Cerulean City. Ash reflected on what had just happened. He and his friend had arrived here so they could rest up before returning to Pallet Town. They had run into Nurse Joy, a different one than from when they were there last. That's when Misty got that dreaded phone call from her sisters. She had to return home to watch the gym…she had to return home!

Ash couldn't believe it. He was really mad and Pikachu – his very first Pokémon and his best Pokémon friend – was sensing that.

Pikachu asked, worried, "Pika pi?"

Ash tried to smile at his electric pal but it wasn't convincing Pikachu. Ash sat down on a rock nearby, sighing sadly. He had to admit that he hadn't felt this sad since…

"Ash," a soft voice asked.

Ash looked up, trying to hide his tears and saw that Misty Kasumi Waterflower was standing over him, holding her bike and Togepi in the basket.

The baby Pokémon asked, sensing Ash's sadness, "Toge?"

Ash was stunned. He never expected to see Misty again, in fact at all.

He stammered, "M-Misty?"

Misty asked, feeling sorry for her best friend, "Ash, what's wrong?"

Ash couldn't help it. He just hugged her, surprising Misty. Pikachu smiled at the sight as Togepi looked at the two of them, a bit confused. Misty finally broke out of her shock and hugged Ash in return, blushing. Misty then felt a cold tear on her cheek and Ash shaking. She checked on him and saw that he was crying. Misty's heart started to break as she saw that the sun was down and the moon was starting to rise.

She said, softly, "C'mon, Ash. Let's go back to the Pokémon Center."

"Okay," Ash sniffed.

Misty took her bike with both of her hands. What surprised her was that Ash took her left hand, making her blush. She laced their fingers together, not to her knowledge, surprising Ash this time. Pikachu smiled at this as they headed back to the Pokémon Center. Togepi was still confused but blew it off.

Nurse Joy was surprised by the return of Ash and Misty. She was more surprised to the fact that they were holding hands. She invited them to have some hot chocolate. The two best friends obliged as they sat together, ironically still holding hands. Pikachu decided to play with Togepi, to give the two trainers some time to talk alone. Misty noticed that she hadn't let go of Ash's hand since she saw him at the fork in the road, looking miserable. Misty felt bad. She didn't want to leave him either but she didn't expect this reaction from Ash Ketchum.

Ash stammered, "W-why did you come back for me, Mist?"

Misty was surprised that he had spoken yet asking her that question.

Misty answered, quickly lying, "Well, I wanted to see if you were okay."

It wasn't the complete truth but he seemed to buy the lie.

Ash answered, a bit coldly, "If you call my two best friends leaving me for home forever then I'm just fine."

Misty almost froze at the coldness in his voice.

She retorted, "Yeah, well, we didn't want to leave, you know."

"Then why did you," Ash asked, upset and sad.

Misty noticed that their lips were inches apart and Ash was tearing. Misty was tempted to yell back at him but the tears made her change her mind. That's when she knew that she had to change the subject, gently.

She asked, smiling a tad, "Do you remember the first day we met?"

Ash slowly smiled as he went down memory lane with that memory.

-Flashback: 'Pokémon, I Choose You'-

Ash had just gotten his first Pokémon from Professor Oak. But since he woke up late, he wounded up with Pikachu, who did not like him at all. Ash dragged Pikachu along with rubber gloves and dragging it with a clothesline. But when Pikachu would still refuse to be nice after Ash let it go, they tried to capture a Pidgey. Ash is eager to catch it, though Pikachu does not want to help him and instead runs up a tree. Frustrated, Ash decides to catch the Pidgey without Pikachu's help. He throws a Poke ball at it, but the Pidgey breaks out easily. The Pokedex explains that a Pokémon should be weakened before it can be caught. Pikachu laughs at Ash.

Ash tries again, this time attempting to throw his pajama shirt on top of the Pidgey, but the bird blows him off with a Gust and then hits him with a Sand-Attack, before flying away. Pikachu laughs at Ash more. Ash turns and sees that a Rattata is digging through his bag. He scans it with his Pokedex, which mentions that Rattata is a forest Pokémon. Just as Ash questions why it came out into the field, the Pokedex explains that it sometimes leaves its habitat to steal from stupid travelers. Pikachu laughs at Ash even more. Ash turns and notices a group of Pidgey in the field. He throws a rock at them, which only scares them away.

However, he sees another bird Pokémon in the field and throws another rock at it, which hits it in the back of its head. When it turns to look at him, however, he realized that he did not hit a Pidgey; he scans it with his Pokedex and learns that it is a Spearow, which is considerably less friendly than a Pidgey. The Spearow swoops down at Ash several times to attack him, and then spots and targets Pikachu instead. The Pokedex explains that wild Pokémon are sometimes jealous of trained Pokémon. Just as the Spearow is about to knock Pikachu out of the tree, Pikachu shocks it with an Electric attack.

With that, Spearow was knocked out of the sky. The Spearow, however, cries for help, and Ash and Pikachu start running away from a flock of angry Spearow. Pikachu runs ahead of Ash and the Spearow fly after it, attacking it until it falls to the ground. The Spearow start swarming around it, but Ash grabs his injured Pikachu and runs straight to a waterfall. He jumps into the river below to escape the Spearow, and is dragged into a large pond, narrowly swimming out of the path of a Gyarados. On the shore of this pond, a girl is fishing, and is excited to find that she has a bite. However, instead of a Water-type Pokémon, she pulls out Ash and Pikachu.

She does not care about Ash, but is very concerned about the injured Pokémon in his arms. She tells him that he needs to take it to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City, and points out the way to go. At that moment, Ash hears the distant cries of Spearow, and turns to see the flock in the sky. Ash saw that the flock of Spearow were flying toward him. He steals the girl's bike, putting the Pikachu in its basket, and rides away, promising that he will bring it back someday. The girl screams at him as he rides away, but he ignores her. What he didn't know was that one action was the birthmark of a life long friendship...

-End of Flashback-

Ash smiled a bit as he laughed, nervously.

Misty smiled herself as she admitted, "That was the best day of my life and I'm glad it happened."

"You know something, Mist," Ash replied, "That was the best day of my life and I'm glad it happened too."

To that, Misty blushed…as did Ash.

AK1028: Well, that's the end to the start of this first chapter! Hope you guys like this and there is more to come! Stay tuned! Oh, and just you case you didn't notice, this is an alternate universe story! Please read and review! Always think outside of the box!